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RESIGNATION OF LORD DERBY. Affairs regarding the Eastern Question look very black, and a very serious complexion has been placed upon the situation owing to tne resignation of Lord Derby, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, and the calling out of the Reserve Forces of the country by the Government. There is no mistak- ing the signs of the growth of warlike feeling both in Great Britain ana Russia. We have been informed that the Good Templars of the town and neighbourhood intend having a procession and public meeting early in May next. MISSIONARY SERVICES.-The annual services in aid of the Baptist Missionary Society were held at Bethania Chapel, in this town, on Sunday and Monday evening. The ministers who officiated were the Rev. B. D. Johns (Periander), York Place, Swansea, and Rev. Seth Jones, Blaen- ywaun. The sermons were throughout really able and effective, and, considering the inclemency of the weather, the congregations were large. This yeai the Society stands in need of additional sup- port to enable it to continue operations as at pre- sent. It is feared however that the general de- pression of trade will be a great drawback to this year's collections. The general collections on Sunday fell short of last year's amount, but we believe the deficiency will be made up in the in- crease of private subscriptions. WORKMEN'S DINNER.—On Saturday evening last, the workmen employed in the re-building of Mr. Woodward's house at Pendre, were entertained by that gentleman with a substantial dinner on the completion of the work. Mr. Woodward's liber- ality to the working class deserves the highest commendation. THE NEW PRISONS ACT AND THE CLOSING OF WELSH GAOLS.-The provisions of the Prisons Act, which was passed last year, will come into operation on the 1st of April. The practical fea- ture of the new Prisons Act is the closing of a number of gaols, by the grouping of several coun- *ies together, and the incarceration of the prisoners °*u # joint counties in one establishment, by which it is anticipated that a reduction of expen- diture with regard to the gaol will take place, as the services of a number of chaplains, doctors, male and female warders, &c., will, under the new arrangement, be dispensed with. The effect of this grouping together of counties in South Wales will be that the county gaols of Cardiganshire, Pem- brokeshire, and Radnorshire will be closed. The Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire prisoners will be sent to Carmarthen, mtd those of Radnorshire to Hereford County Prison. In North Wales, the changes will be more numerous. The county gaols of Mold, in Flintshire, Beaumaris, in Anglesea, Dolgelley, in Merionethshire, and the Montgomery .,v gaols will be closed. The Beaumaris prisoners will go to Carnarvon, those of Montgomery to Shrews- bury, and those of Dolgelley and Mold to the Denbighshire County Gaol at Rhuthin. Under the new Prisons Act, the following gentlemen havebeen appointed Inspectors of Prisons:—Capts. Griffiths and Lennox, from the convict establish- mente; Capt. Wilson, Governor of Maidstone; Dr. Briscoe, a former Inspector of Prisons; Capt. Fenwick, governor of Shrewsbury Gaol, and CoL Hankin, governor of Hereford GaoL AMONGST the April Monthly Parts, one of the most useful and entertaining for those who study fashfon is THE YOUNG LADIES' JOURNAL-it is a marvellous production for its price, 9d. The en- ormous sheet of fashions which accompanies this Part has between seventy and eighty figures of la- dies' and children's dress. Then there is the col- oured panorama of Paris fashions, and many illus- trations in the pages, full-size patterns, and an enormous variety of fancy work, a coloured sheet of embroidery designs is also included. The new music, new stories, and conscientious answers to real correspondents should commend this magazine to all readers. -<—————<—————







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