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THOUSANDS OF DELICATE CHILD KEN and consumptive persons are said to have acquired sound constitutions I and permanent strength by taking that most ayeeabit and efficient steel preparation, Dr. Guinle's Steel Tablets, procurable of all respectable chemists, in boxes or post free on receipt of postage stamps for Is. lid. or 2s. 9d. "v O. AUAn. Chemist, Kilburn. London. A LAZY fellow failing a distance of fifty feet and escaping with only a few scratches, a bystander remarked that he was too slow to fall fast enough to hurt himself." My brains are on fire exclaimed an excited lady to her husband. Well, my dear," said the un- feeling man, taking a revolver from a drawer, just bold still a moment, and I will blow them out." THE MAN who enters into the enterprise of Manufacturing ASrated Drinks, in any district where they are required, renders a real service to the public, and no business offers J him a better return for a comparatively small outlay. lo those who propose investing in this lucrative business, the first object to ascertain is where such a district exists, the next for success is to have the proper Machines and Appli- ances for producing the different Waters in the best condi- tion.—Catalogue and all information sent upon receipt of six stamps to Barnett, Son and Foster, 21A, Forston- street, Hoxfou. London, N. COMBKD ROBINS.-A contemporary lately gave an account of the trickery by which common field birds are dressed up and decorated, and then pissed off as strangers from the tropics. This kind of trickery was in vogue some forty years ago, when the plan adopted was of a much more transparent nature. The bird chosen for the experiment was the robin, and his decorations consisted of a neatly-cut little comb and a pair of wattles of the shape worn by the 'Spanish fowl, but much smaller in proportion to the size of the birds. Shallow as the device was, it was suffi- ciently clever to cheat many people, till the red-breast managed to moult his ornaments, in spite of the tenacity with which they were made to adhere.—Z<M Stock Journal. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSE LAmpLouein's PTBSTIC SALIH-and use no other. The only safe anti- dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, Small-pex, and Headache; having peculiar and exclusive merits. Use no substitute. See per- petual injunction against imitators; also the unani mous judgment before the Lords Justices Bramwell, Brett, and Cotton, 22nd Jan., 1878, in Lamplough's favour. 113 Hoi born-hill. London. OF STONEWALL JACKSON'S first examination at West Point, General John Palmer writes: The poor fellow waB in a most unhappy state of mind. His whole soul was bent upon passing.' When he went to the black board the perspiration was streaming from his face, and during the whole examination his anxiety was painful to witness. While trying to work put his example in tractions the cuffs of his coat, first the right and then the left, were brought into requisition to wipe off the perspiration which streamed from his face. But he passed creditably, and I shall never forget how pleased he looked as he was told that he could take his seat; and I think every member of the examining board turned away his head to hide the smile which could not be sup- pressed. After that his whole life was devoted to the one thing of preparing for the January examination. Here he was again successful, but the scene at the blackboard, although in midwinter, was a repetition of the one in June. He found himself rather low down in his class, but he had learned how to study, and he had the hearty sympathy and good- will of all the professors and instructors. At the second June examination he passed so well that he was well up in his class and out of all danger. But he never relaxed his hold. Through the whole four years he was one of the hardest students." WHELPTOITS VEGETABLE PCKIFYING PILLB V" during the last 40 years have proved their value in Diseases of the Head, Ohest, Liver, Kidneys, and Digestive Organs. They are a direct Purifier of the Blood, and in all Skin Complaints one of the best Medicines known. Sold by G. WHJCLPTON & SON, 3, Crane court, Fleet-street, and may be had of Chemists and Medicine Vendors. Sent free to any part of the kingdom on receipt of 8,14, or 33 stamps, I


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