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USEFUL HINTS. A GOOD BKEF> STEAK.—There is an appropriate thickness for a steak, and we do not remember to have ever seen that reached with any one served up at a public table. Let the steak be cut from one to one and a half inches thick, and .the superficies reduced three-fourths; so that it will not fill a large dish, but will be accommodated in a small one. The juices and nutriment of the steak are thus preserved, and it is fit to eat, which it never is under the present bar- barous mode practised in our hotels and eating-houses. Never put butter on a steak. Avoid as a pestilence othe nasty greases which form the basis of vulgar cookery. MAsHED TURNIPS.—Peel and slice some turnips, leave them to soak in cold water, drain and stew them in some white stock or salted water until quite tender, drain, and pass them through a fine sieve then add pepper and salt, a good-sized piece of butter, and a small quantity of cream or Bechamel sauce (just sufficient to make the turnips of the right consistency); stir all together over the fire until hot, and serve. POMONA JELLY.—Take half-a-dozen good-sized and rather acid apples-Keewicke will answer excellently for the purpose. Pare, core, and slice them, and as they are done throw them into cold water to keep them .from turning yellow. Drain them, and put them into a saucepan with six ounces of loaf sugar and a very small quantity of water, to keep them from burning, and let them simmer gently until they are quite soft. Press them through a coarse sieve. and mix with them half an ounce of isinglass or gelatine which has been dissolved in less than half-a- pint of water. Rub three large lumps of sugar upon the rind of a fresh lemon till the yellow part is taken off; add this to the jelly. Stir the jelly over the fire, until it is quite hot, put it into a mould, and set it in a cool place to stiffen; turn out before serving. Time to stiffen, twelve hours. Probable cost, lOd. if made with gelatine. Sufficient for a pint of jelly.—CitsselFs Dietionary,of Cookery.

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