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l.: JEWEL ROBBERY.—A robbery of jewels of great value has been effected at Broom-hall, Betch- worth, Surrey, the seat of Sir Benjamin Brodie. The robbery was almost immediately discovered, and in- formation was given to all the stations of the Surrey County Constabulary in the district. Constables were at once despatched to watch the railway stations, with the result that at the Leatherhead Station a man who gave the name of Wilson was apprehended. On his being searched the whole of the stolen jewellery was found upon him. There have been numerous jewel robberies in the district, but hitherto the thieves have escaped detection. SERIOUS KIOT.—A serious riot took place near I Pontefract, between the names and the police. Several of the ringleaders are in custody. The riot was not between the English and Irish labourers, as was the case <om<r months back, but befrweea the police skationedet Boyd.Moor and the navvies. W oon Aid> IVBBT, Lwiran (J. W. Ivery, manager), Albion -Blue Brick and Tile Works, West Bromwicb, Staffordshire, manufacturers of vitrified blue bricks, garden border tiles, flooring quarries in blue, red, or huff colour. Illustrations and prices on application. REVENUE RBTITBNS.—The receipts on account of revenue from the 1st April, 1877, when there was a balance of £ 5,988,650, to March 2 were £ 71,633,629, against .£71.268,300 in the corresponding period of the preceding financial year, which began with a balance of £5,119,587. The net expenditure was • £ 7},625J003, against £ 69,857,887 to the Same date in th» previous year. The Treasury balances on March f^pounted to £ 4,274)563, and at the same date in 18J6 to £ 5,568,797. CHEMICAL CHEQUE FRAUDS.—A correspondent writes: A rather dangerous discovery has been made (and in more than one instance has been known to have been put into practice) that will require all the knowledge and taot possessed by bank dfefrks and others to detect, and from which discovery very serious consequences may arise. By a certain 'chemical' being applied to writing on a cheque or draft, and the paper placed between a couple of sheets of blotting paper in a copying press, and repeated pressure brought to bear upon it, the writing which has been wet by the •chemicals' at once entirely disappears, and other writing may be substituted. This knowledge must have been possessed by a man who last week obtained a draft in London for £ 8 at Parr's Bank, at Sandbach. The whele of the writing was cleverly obliterated, and the draft converted into one for £ 200, This was cashed at the Commercial Bank, Manchester, went through the hands of the Lendon agents, and also at Parr's Banking Company; through all these it passed muster, and was not detected until the draft got back again to Sandbach, 60 effectively had the fraud been perpetrated." BELLOW. FEVER AT RIO JANEIRO.—A tele- gram from Rio Janeiro, dated 1st March, states that the yellow fever had been raging there. From forty to forty-five deaths in the city had been registered in the first fortnight of February. FATAL PHAETON ACCIDENT.—MR. C. J. Cart- tar hdd an inquest at the George public-house, Maze- hill, Greenwicd, on the body of Mr. Edward Bernard Louin, 67, residing in Wanstead, Essex, but at the time of hia death visiting his niece, Mrs. Green, of 18, Vanbrugh-park, Blackheath. On Wednesday Mr. Louin accompanied Mrs Green for a drive in a park phaeton drawn by a pair of cobs, the lady having the reins and the coachman sitting behind. While going at a quiet pace down Hyde vale, Greenwich, one of the cobs started from some un- accountable cause and the vehicle was brought in con- tact with the kerbstone, causing both animals to dash off furiously down the bill. The coachman jumped wut, but Mr. Louin and Mrs. Green retained their seats and endeavoured to stop the horses. In this they were unsuccessful, and the vehicle ultimately came in contact with a coal waggon and was com- pletely overturned with its occupants. Mr. Louin fell forward on his head, the phaeton turned over on his legs, and he was extricated much injured. Mrs. Green suffered some severe external injuries. Dr. Theobald stated that Mr. Louin died on Sunday from the in- juries which he had received, there being a contused wound at the back of the head. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death." THOCSANNS OF DELICATE CHILDEEN and consumptive persons are said to have acquired sound constitutions and permanent strength by taking that most ag»eeab]9 and efficient steel preparation, Dr. Guinle's Steel Tablets, procurable of all respectable chemists.m boxes or post free on receipt of postage stamps for Is. lid. or 2s. M. by C. Allen, Chemist, Kilburn, London.



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