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A TELEGRAPH CABLE.—It is announced that the Government has entered into a contract with the Eastern Telegraph Company for the laying and work- ing of a telegraph cable between Tenedos and Bcios. The work will be taken in hand immediately, the want of more direct communication having been much frit of late. DRUNK AND INCAPABLE CHILDREN.—Two little girls, each 13 years of age, were charged, at the Marylebone Police-court, with being drunk and in- capable of taking care of themselves. They were found on Saturday evening with a crowd of soine 100 persons about them. One of them, who cried loudly all the time she was in the dock, said she had 3s. given her to take to her mother, and that another girl made her spend it in buying a bottle of whiskey. Mr. Mansfield ordered the defendants to be put back. At the rising of the Court in the evening they were discharged. THE INQUIRY INTO THE CAUSE OF DEATH of Mr. William Baron, who was killed by the fall of his house in the Haymarket on the 17th of January, has been concluded. The jury returned a verdict That the deceased met his death through the falling of the houses in the Haymarket, caused through building a new wall on part of a defective old party wall, and that great blame was attributable to both the architect and the district surveyor for permitting such wall to be built upon THE ttjuf who enters into the enterprise of Manufacturing Agrated Drinks, in any district where they are required," renders a real service to the public, and no business offers hIm a better return for a comparatively small outlay. 10 those who propose investing in this lucrative business, the first object to ascertain is where such a district exists, the next for success is to have the proper Machines and Appli- ances for producing the different Waters in the best condi- tion.—Catalogue and all information sent upon receipt of six stamps to Barnett, Son, and Foster, 21A, Forston. street, HOT ton, London, N. SERIOUS GAS EXPLOSION.—A serious gas ex- plosion took place on the King's- rofld, Brighton, some time since, which wrecked two business establishments, besides sevditely injuring an hotel. The Insurance Company allege liability on the part of the Corpora- tion, by reason of the town steam roller fracturing the street gaspipe, and so causing a leakage to escape into the basement of the damaged premises. An action was commenced on the denial of the liability, and the case will be heard at Lewes Assizes, <ivil side. KKATING'S COUGH LOZENGES contain no Opium, Merphia, nor any violent drug. It is the most effective remedy known to the Medical Pro- fession in the cure of Oceans, AsrjMMA, BaoNcaiTta —one Lozenge alone relieves. Sold by all Ohemia in Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. oacb PAPER EXHIBITION.—On the 16th of JulylUl International Exhibition of -the Paper Trade will be opened at Berlin, and will last until August 31. The programme of the exhibition is already finally settled, and the objects exhibited will be divided into eight different groups—viz., 1, raw materials and articles used for making paper, paste-board, &c.; 2, machines and tools usei for making and working paper; 3, paper and boards of all descriptions; 4, paper, as far as it is employed for printing, paper-hangings, &c.; 5, articles made of paper or papier-mdehS 6, p.per as used for technical or building purposes; 7, writing and drawing materials; 8, objects, books, &c., re- lating to the history and literature of paper. A num- ber of prizes will be awarded for the best contributions. —Nature. WEWHT*S COAL TAB SOAP (Sapo Carbonis Deter gens), Antiseptic, Detergent .Disinfectant. The most healthful, agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap m the world. By its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured the complexion improved; pimples, blotches and roughness removed; and the skin made clear, smooth, and lustrous If In our hands it has proved mast effective in skin diseases. —The Lancet. "It is the only true antiseptic soap."—British Medical Journal. In Tablets,6d. aD d is. each of all Ghemist¡¡, W. V. WMftr-ud Co.. Sonthwark-stre .London. DEATH OF THE APCHPUKK FRANCIS CHAELKS —The Archduke Fr nz Karl, the father of the Emperor of Austria, di 1 p few minutes afternoon on the 8th inst. Up till thr prrvious night, although some alarm was felt, no immediate dange- waa appre- hended, but during the night the patient grew wofse, and in the morning the danger was so imminent that the Crown Prince Rudolf waa telegraphed for, and, at his own request, the patient had the last Sacrament adminstered to him. At eleven a.m., when their Majesties came to the sick-bed, the last agony had I already set in and an hour afte-itwaaaUover. Aa may be remembered, the deceased Archduke, born in 1802, was the younger brother of the late Emperor Perdinand, and on the abdication of the latter re- nounced the right of succession in favour of his son, the present Emperor. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSE — LAMPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE-and use no other. The only safe anti- dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, Small-pox, and Headache; having peculiar and exclusive merits. Use no substitute. See per- petual injunction against imitators also the unani mous judgment before the Lords Justices Bramwell, Brett, and Cotton, 22nd Jan., 1878, in Lamplough's favour. 113 Holborn-hill. London. SINKING OF AN ENGLISH STEAMER.—A tele- gram received from Lloyd s agent at Constantinople, dated 7th March, contains the intelligence that the British steamer John Middleton, Oapt. Robson, from Odessa, grain lt*den, whilst lying at anchor, was run into by a Turkish man-of-war. The John Middle- ton by the force of the impact, was forced from her anchors and drifted against the Antelope, British gun- boat. causing eome injury to the latter. The John Middleton sustained so much damage that she sank in the harbour the crew were saved by the English man-of war. The John Middleton is the property of Messrs. Watts, Milburn, and Co., of London- She is an iron screw, of 1200 tons gross. In the early part of the year she arrived at Constantinople with a cargo of military stores from the United States, after dis- charging which she went to Odessa to take in a grain cargo for Antwerp. The Antelope was stationed at Constantinople at the disposal of the British Ambassador. STIMULANTS AND INSUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF EXERCISE frequently derange the liver. Eno's Fruit Salt is peculiarly adapted for any constitutional weakness of the liver. A world of woes is avoided by those who keep and use Eno's Fruit Salt. "All our customers for Eno's Fruit Salt would not be without it upon any consideration, they having received so much benefit from it."—Weod Brothers, Chemists, Jersey. Sold by all Chemists at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. Examine each bottle and see the capsule is marked Eno's Fruit Salt," without it you have been imposed on by a worthless imi- tation,


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