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Correspondence. We do not deem ourselves responsible for the opinions expressed by our Correspondents. To the Editor of the CARDIGAN OBSERVER. SIR,—Again I take the liberty of trespassing upon your valuable space, in order to reply to the long-promised letter of Well Wisher, which re- cently appeared in the columns of your contempo- rary. In the first place, I should remind your readers that I did not seek this "paper war," but simply took up the gauntlet thrown down some weelcs ago by a person who called himself "Obser- ver," and by the remarks thereon by the Editor of the paper in which that letter appeared. Since I wrote the letter which was crowded out of your last week's issue, I find that two letters have been inserted in your paper, and in that of your con- temporary, which have rendered it unnecessary for me to dwell on those portions of the letter to which they refer, as they evidently prove that "Choir No. 1" was not formed in that straightforward and open manner in which Well Wisher" asserts it to have been; and I may say that it was very wrong of "Well Wisher" to maliciously attack persons by name in the public manner he did, es- pecially as he writes under a nom de plume. Again, Well Wisher seems to have fallen in love with the name of our choir (Tivy-Side), as he haø not only taken the liberty'of appropriating that name to his own choir, but has even had the presumption to endeavour to push upon us another name; per- haps he thinks tnat by this means he might be able at a later date to confuse the public as to which is which, and thereby involve in a mist the underhandedness which he himself could not but be conscious had characterized the formation of his choir; but this I am determined as far as possible to counteract. Choir No. 1" is already called by three different names, as appears by "Well Wisher's letter, but it has, in fact, another name, viz., "The Cardigan United Choir" (which was its original one), but this title he evidently seems anxious to avoid, as every one knows that it is a most inappropriate one. I should call the attention of your readers also to the fact that the Editor of the "Tizer" eschews this name, as I am informed on very good authority that he has suppressed this alias in the letter of the three leaders, which appeared in their last issue, and moreover that he has transposed the words of ano- ther alias, in order, I presume, to suit his own views—by this I mean his insertion of the Cardi- gan before St. Dogmells, instead of after, as in the copy furnished him. I should state, by the way, that the committee of the Tivy-Side Choir chose that name, not out of compliment to the title of your contemporary, but for the simple rea- son that the members of our choir are formed, in a great measure, of persons residing on the banks of the Tivy. Again, as to "Well Wisher" pro- nouncing the committee of the Tivy-Side Choir mean, base, and underhanded, he has evidently used his own yard (with his usual business-like dexterity) to measure others by. As to his state- ment that public opinion still remains unshaken in favour of No. 1 Choir, this remains to be proved. If it be true, (?) it is altogether owing to the false statements with which they have misled the pub- lie; and now the public having seen the two letters in your last number, cannot any longer be led astray by any falsehoods which "Well Wisher," or any other person, may choose to fabricate; and cannot but be convinced that the Tivy-Side Choir has not done anything but what was just and pro- per under the circumstances. Again, in regard to Well Wisher" calling into question "my having obained sufficient knowledge of music to enable me to pass judgment on others, I need scarcely say that very little indeed was sufficient in that case; and for that little, I hold a certificate. As to the eloquent, pathetic, and serge advice contained in his letter, I think the old adages—" Physician heal thyself," and Charity begins at home," are fit and proper retorts. In reply to the last insinuation contained in the letter referred to (there are many irrelevant ones which I have passed, as being im- material to the matter in hand), I can only state that so far as the Committee of our choir is con- cerned, we have decidedly not sent any anonymous communications to the managers of the St. Dog- mells British School, for the very good reason that we would not for a moment entertain such an idea; and if such communications have been sent (which I very much question), they have decidedly not been sent with our cognizance. It is immaterial to us where or when they meet, our motto being "Live, and let live"; but if he chooses to fabri- cate stories, I will decidedly not allow them to pass unchallenged, bearing the proverb in mind that "Silence gives consent"; hence this letter. In conclusion, I hope (for once coinciding with « Well Wisher") that this will suffice for the pre- sent, and not only for the present, but also for the. future; however, should occasion call for it, he will not find me tardy in entering the lists again I remain, yours truly, COMMITTEE-MAN.

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