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USEFUL HINTS. SPRING SOUP. -Out some new carrots and some new turnips in the shape of peas, put them in separate saucepans with enough stock to cover them, and a pinch of sugar; keep them on the fire till the stock has all boiled away, but mind they do not catch or burn. Cook some peas and some asparagus points in the same way. You should have equal quantities of each of these vegetables. Out out of lettuces and sorrel leaves pieces the size of a sixpence, let them have one boil in some stock. Put all the vegetables so prepared in the soup tureen, add a few sprigs of chervil, pour over them some well-flavoured con- somme. and serve. WHITING A LA YENETIBNNE.—Out a large whiting into fillets, put them into a deep dish, with some salt, pepper, and the juice of a large lemon; let them marinade for an hour, then drain flour the fillets well, and fry of a golden brown, serving them with whatever sauce is preferred. A good white sauce, with the squeeze of a lemon added at the last moment, is excellent with this dish. A GOOD PLAIN PIE CRUST.—Sift one quart of flour into a bowl; chop into the flour (using a chopping- knife) one-half pound of good firm lard chop until very fine; pour in enough ice-water to make a stiff dough, and work it with your hands; flour your hands; work your dough into shape handle it quickly and as little as possible; flour your pastry-board; and roll out your dough very thin always roll from you have ready one half-pound of good butter that has been washed in two or three cold waters to rid it of salt; spread the dough with butter; fold it up, then roll it out thin again; spread again with butter; fold again, and repeat the operation until the butter is all used up. To PRESERVE EGGS.—A very good brine to pre- serve eggs may be made by mixing one peck of lime, jIb. common salt, and 12 drams of Cream of Tartar with as much water as will make a liquor in which an egg will float. To SOFTEN THE SKIN AND IMPROVE THE COMPLEXION. -Mix a little flowers of sulphur in afternoon milk- about a wineglass full. Let it stand all night, to be used before washing the next morning. The milk only is to be applied to the skin, without disturbing the sulphur. It must not be used when kept longer than the morning.—CasselVs Household Guide. HOW TO EXTRACT GLASS STOPPERS.—When a glass stopper is tight, pass a strip of woollen cloth round the neck of the vessel, and see-saw it backwards and forwards. This friction heats and causes the neck to expand, so that the stopper becomes loose. On this principle of expansion by heat a tight screw may be withdrawn from a metal socket, by surrounding the latter with a cloth dipped in boiling water. ACCOMPLISHMENTS should be chiefly valued for their influence in rendering the domestic circle more cheer- ful and refined. Some accomplished young ladies seem to consider them as attainments only intended to excite the admiration of society the idea of merely entertaining their relations seems to them unreason- able but such views are destitute of domestic hap- piness. --u- h_-

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