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K*r*sTic PILLS, for Neuralgia,Faceache,9 £ d., la lid Postage Id. Sold by all Chemists. Kay Bros., St>okport THB New York Herald estimates that Stanley's expedition brough| to light 15,000,0^ heathens, and as his expenses amounted to ab0^ $115,000dollars ( £ 23,000)," he thus discovered savago at the rate of six for five cents.(2^d.)—a very reaso11' able rate for heathens." INTERNATIONAL PRISON CONGRESS. — The Swedish Government having forwarded invitations the other Governments .to send official delegates to tb International Prison Congress to be held at Stockholm in August, a valuable collection of information statistics OH the prisons and criminal systems of world is being prepared for the Congress. The cb^ portion o? this labour falls upon the secretary of International Prison Commission, the Rev. Dr. WIDO* of New York. Some delay has, however, bten casioned by the eevere illness of that gentleman. in a letter iust received from him by the HoØJ'¡ Association, London, he asks the secretary of tb',1 body to notify to English and Continental corresp?11. dents that he is now convalescent, and is resunii^ the labours which the approach of the Oong^f* renders needful. Dr. Wines hopes soon to arri*e Europe to arrange yarious preliminaries of the 0°^ Europe to arrange various preliminaries of the (Joø gress. THE RIGHT OF LOPPING TREES IN Eppnre FOREST.—A case came before the Master of the Rol^ in which it was sought to restrain the Corporation °, London from cutting down trees in Epping FotfØ, within the parish of Loughton. It was contended tb\ the inhabitants had a right to lop those trees for at certain periods of the year. The Corporation mitted the existence of the right, and it was stated W both parties that the Epping Forest Commissi had allowed it. Moreover, there is a bill before liament to secure compensation in respect of j right. His lordship, however, said that the rifr could not exist at law, and he refused the ine^ made for judgment on the admission of the Corpof* tion. CORONATION OF THE POPE.—The CoroBa^j, of His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, was J the Sistine Chapel, with the pomp and circumsta11^ formerly attending the ceremonial in St. Peter's, it was not public, inasmuch as the limited space not permit general admission, and for the same no tickets were issued. The names ot those allo^j to enter were inscribed beforehand on a list by the Master of the Ceremonies. All traced a the Conclave had disappeared and the chapel | in every respect restored to its ancient splend"^ V The Sala Ducale was fitted up as a chapel, and Pauline Chapel arranged for those preliminary Pj^e j tions of the ceremonial formerly performed io- I Clementine and other chapels of St. Peter's befor^u# I Pope went up to the high altar to be crowned. [ Clementine and other chapels of St. Peter's beforOThe I Pope went up to the high altar to be crowned. [ ceremony was attended by all the Ambassador? *5^ K Ministers accredited to the Holy See, with their 1 1 and suites, by all the Boman nobility counted I the faithful, by the Duke and Duchess of Parma* 1 who occupied the Royal tribune, and by ^0 400 ladies and gentlemen, as many only as filled tribunes without crowding. to THE SUBSCRIPTIONS for a sword of honoOr ex-Major Labordere has been divided, at his sug^ { tion. between the distressed Alsatianj.' Fund and for the familiee ot political prisoners. t18- MR. CLARE READ AND THE CONTACT" DISEASES (ANIMALS) BILL.—Mr. Clare Bead. :M:l\bØ the Norfolk Chamber of Agriculture, spoke on Contagious Diseases (Anitnals j Bill, and expressed opinion that it is by far the best measure ever introdu on that subject, and that it ought to be supp°rt all agricultural societies. Oa his motion, the c*ia^ey' approved generally of the bill, and resolved to P tion in its favour.