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CARDIGAN CHOIRS. SIR,—Referring to that part of Well Wisher's" letter in your contemporary, which referred to me, I hope you will allow me to say that the state- ments made by him are altogether untrue, viz., that I had received an invitation to the commit- tee of Choir No. I." A few weeks before that choir was formed, Mr. G. Higgon talked to me about the advisability of forming a choir to compete at the Coming Eistedd- fod, and the best way to bring that about. I gave him my humble opinion that the first step was to call the different conductors of singing in our var- ious places of worship, and others connected with singing in the town, to a committee called for that purpose. Shortly afterwards, I was surprised (not having heard anything further in the meantime) to find that a choir had been formed, and that the Guild-hall had been granted for its use,, and to hear afterwards that they had met on the follow- ing Thursday to commence practice. Saturday evening following, I again happened to meet to Mr. G. Higgon, when I was asked to join the choir (which then had been formed); I an- swered in the negative, and hinted to him that all had been brought about in a very private and one- sided way: and asked him why was I not informed of the meeting of the choir like the others I He answered that he had intended to inform me of it, but that he had no time, having been very busy. I leave your readers to judge how much time it would take to let me know. It was no wonder that I 1n return said that I had no time to attend the practices of the choir. The above are the true facts in relation to me, and I positively deny that 1 had any invitation whatever to a committee of their choir. I hope this will suffice to prove that I am not to be blamed in the matter. Hoping that Well Wisher will be much more careful in future not to attack persons publicly without firm grounds, and that both choirs will do credit to the town of Cardigan,—Yours, &c., Pendre, Cardigan. THOMAS EVANS.

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