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A REFUTATION. To the Editor of the CARDIGAN OBSERVER. SIR,—In the reply written by H Well Wisher," in your contemporary's last issue, he states that the Committee of No. 1 Choir, alias Cardigan United, alias St Dogmells and Cardigan United, alias Tivy-Side (2) Choir, had invited, the differ- ent leaders of the various places of worship to attend their committee, even condescending to ask our personal opinion," &c. We, as leaders of the singing in our respective Chapels cannot allow such a deliberate falsehood to pass without being em- phatically contradicted. We never were asked by anyone to attend their committee, nor did anyone condescend (mark the word) to ask our personal opinions. We may say that some of us were asked to join their choir after the rumour had been spread that another choir was about to be started. (Signed), JOHN EVANS, Bethania. THOMAS EVANS, Capel Mair. DAVID DAVIES, One of the leaders of the singing at Tabernacle.


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