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PAIR-OAMED RACK PO. £ 60.—A boat race for the above amount took place from Putney to Mort- lake, between O. and L. Gibson, of Putney, and H. Messum, and J. Chitty, of Richmond, lads who, al- though comparatively young, hftye acquitted them selves very creditably in the races in whu^i they have taken part. It was nearly high water when they got off, and hence the Richmond lads, who won the toss for choice of station, took the centre, the betting being 2 to 1 and 5 to 2 on them. Mr. Tjightfoot, of the Sporttnum, was the reieree. The favourite* had decidedly the best of the start, in fact, placing a length to their credit before they had covered 200 yards; but jut below Simmonds's Boat- house they were level, and then, before they had got to the top of the concrete wall, the Richmond men had got away again, but losing the service of their cutter had to look after their own steerage, and conse- quently ran into a barge below the Soap Works, and before they could get clear the othera were by. Off the centre of the Soap Works, however, they were level, and then the Richmond menwtllt away again, and passed under Hammersmith-bridge dear. After this they had no difficulty in going ahead as they liked, and won by four lengths. THE PANTOMIME having been withdrawn at the Royal Aquarium, Westminster, the afternoon í performances have been resumed in the theatre, with Mr. Phelpe appearing as Riehelfeu. The old Canlinal of Lord Lytton was never more efficiently or correctly presented, for Mr. Phelps is now the ouly surviving actor who can pourtray the traditions associated with the part in the mind of the author and its first repre- sentative, Mr. W. 0. Macready. The present per- formance brings to the memory the acting of the late Mr. Macready, in whoee hands the Cardinal was made to appear a political statesman and priest The wit, the sarcasm, the duplicity, and the intellectual power of the Cardinal are all presented by Mr. Phelps with an accuracy that leaves nothing to bedeaired. On alternate daya Mr. Phelps haa been personating the other great Cardinal of history, the only great English Cardinal—Wolsey—a part in which Mr. Macready used to delight, and in which he made the proud priest to appear more vividly than the atateaman. Miss ManeLittoa is a very excellent Julie de Morte- mar, and with Mr. Phelps, divided honours. AT A HSCBNT MEETING of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution rewards, amounting to .£260, were granted to the crews of different lifeboats of the institution for services performed during the put month, in which period the boats had beeninatrm- mental in aaving nfty-mne lives from shipwrecks on our coast The Kingstown lifeboat gallantly saved the crew of twelve men from the Austanan brig Olinka, whieh x was wrecked on the Xiah Bank during a strong wind and heavy aaa, accompanied by aleet and snow shewers on the 25th alL The Crown Prince of Austria, who was in Dublin at the time this service was rendered, presented .£80 to the lifeboat men as a mark of hi8 appreciation of their praiseworthy services on thia occasion. The thanks of the institution, inscribed on vellum, were voted to Mr. James McOandlish, of Greeneastle, Ireland, in acknowledgment of his highly laudable conduct in putting off with some fishermen in a shore boat, and saving six of the crew of the Norwegian brig Hilding, which was wrecked near that place in a gale of wind and a heavy sea on the 26th ult The thanks on vellum were also granted to Mr. Fletcher, master of the steam tug Hotspur, and .£5te his crew, for their services on the occasion of that wreck. Payments to .£1974 were likewise made on different lifeboat establishments. AN UNPRECEDENTED THEATKICAL RUN.—AS moat people who take an interest in, playa has seen "Our Bon," or, at any rate, have had plenty of opportunity of seeing it, and as in its essentials the east remains very much as it was at first, it is sufficient to sav that a very numerous and enthusiastic audience assembled in the Yaudeville Theatre for the 1000th representation, laughed uproariously, and applauded to the echo. After the third act, Messrs. James and Thorne opened a rhymed address, in whieh they were subsequently joined by Mr. H. J. Byron. It alluded to the success of the comedy, and announced the intention to keep it to the fore so long as the public should and it attractira. There was a suggestion, too, that Mr. Byron was to snpply the next piece. The address was received in the same spirit as the vert of the entertainment which Mr. Farren announced had secured something over £ 900. This sum. he said, would be apportioned among the Royw General Theatrical Fuid, the Metro^litan Free %"Pital. tha Oharing-cross Hospital, «he G*»t Northeni Hospital, and other charitieS. The Lord Mayor and Sheriff., with the City Marahal and suite, lent their patronage, which naturally added to thepecuniM-r success ef the performance. 'i MU&DKB AT Htrax.—A mnrder has been per- petrated at Hull by a joiner named Vincent Knowles Walker. This man was under bca&to keep the peace towards his wife, who had been csfcpelled to leave him and take refuge with a Mr- ana Mrs. White, in Nile-street A little after four in the afternoon Walker went to White's houae to see his wife, but die, fearing his violence, made her way out of the house by the back door. Walker thereuponatabbed Mrs. White on the face and also about the body, and in a few minutes ahedtaet. Before her death Walker was arrested, and while in cuatody he tried to kick her. At the police-station Walker expressed regret that he had not met his wife, and said that, had she come near him, he would have served her in the same way. POSITION ia something, but not everything. The eyes are in the rear of the nose, but can see much further than it can ameli. OVERDUE—The Waterloo sailed from Quebec on October 24 with a cargo of timber for Liverpool. She arrived off Bi<v before the 29th of October, and has not been heardftfcsince. It is thought probable that she has been ice-bound and crushed, and that the crew, like other crews in former times, may be heard of on the island of Sic. The Waterloo was formerly owned by Mr.Harward, of London. In 1875 she went ashore near New Orleans, and was subse- quently got off and taken into port, where she was condemned and Sold. She afterwards underwent extensive repairs, and was sent to sea again. She is now the property of Mir. J. H. Allen, of London. She was built at Quebee in 1865,and was originally classed at Lloyd's, but that class expired five years ago. She was a wooden ship of 1155 tons register, tad worth, with her cargo, about .£18,000.


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