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1-, WILLS AND BEQUESTS. (From the "Illustrated London jS/ewt") The will and codicil (dated the 6th of May, 1876, and the 18th of January, 1877) of the Rev. Francis Swan, late of Sausthorpe, Lincolnshire, who died on the 5th ult., were proted on the 2nd inst. by the Rev. Charles Trollope Swan, the son, and the Rev. Thomas Henry Lister, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £ 350,000. The testator leaves to his wife, Mrs. Susannah Swan, -pecuniary legacies amounting to £ 2000, and a rent-charge of X500 per annum for lifp; to the Lincoln County Hospital, the Society for .the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, £100 each upon trust for his daughters, Mrs; Mary Blenkm and Mrs. Mary Charlotte Lister, S25,000 each and a few other legacies. As to the residue of the personalty, he gives one half to his Bon, the Rev. Charles Trollope Swan; one moiety of the remainder to his son, the Rev. Francis Henry Swan and the other moiety upon trust for his grand- children, Francis Edward Lister Swan and Florence Swan. All his unsettled real estate at Aswardby, Lincolnshire, including the advowson, the testator devises upon trust for his eldest son, the Rev. Francis Henry Swan, for life, with remainder to his son, the said Francis Edward Lister Swan, for life, with remainder to his first and other sons, according to priority of birth in tail male; the rest of his unsettled real estate, including the advowson of Sausthorpe, he devises upon trust for the said Charles Trollope Swan, for life, and then to his eldest son-in strict settle- ment. The will (dated Jan. 12,1872) of Mr. Sydney Smirke, R.A., formerly of Regent-street, and Grosvenor-street, Grosvenor square, and late of The Hcllies, Tun bridge Wells, who died on Dec. 8 last, was proved on the 30th ult. by Thomas Lambert, Miss Margaret Jane Dobson, and Simon'Adama Beck, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under fSOPW. The testator bequeaths all the honorary medals presented to him or any of his family in his possession, to his daughter for liie, and then to the President and Coun- cil of the Royal Academy, to be by then preserved for ever; his furniture and household effects to his daughters to Mr. Beek X200 per annum for manag- ing his property; upon trust for each of his daughters, Isabella Lange, Mary Oetavia, and Margaret Jane, such a sum as will produce £ 650 .per annum; and upon trust for his son, Albert John, for life, £ 5000 Consols the rest of his property he gives to his three sons, Sidney, Edward, and Alfred. The will and four codicils (dated Sept. 24,1874, Nov. 21, 1876, and March 8, June 28, and Sept. 6, 1877) of Miss Mary Carpenter, late of No. 24, Begent- street, whodiedfOnjQet. 301ast,were proved op the 28th ult. by William Benjamin Carpenter,'O.B., and Russell Lant Carpenter, the nephewsj Joseph 1 Car- penter Lewis, atid Joseph Estlin Carpenter, the executors, 'the personal estate being sworii under £ 25,000-. Among Numerous other legacies the testa- trix bequeaths: £ 200 each to the Ministefs' Uenevolent Society, established at Birmingham, 1853, and the Governesses' Benevolent Institution, Harley-street, MarYlebone; tloO each to the Hospital for Con- sumption and Diseases of the Obeét, Brotnpton, and the London Domestic Mission Society; and .£50 each to the British Home for Incurables and the Portland- street British Schools. (From the City Press.") The will of Mr. Woolfrey Middleditch, late of St. Paul's Churchyard, and of 31, Crown-street, Bury St. Edmunds, who died on December 11th last, was proved on the 1st February by Mr. A. B. Bayfield, the sole executor. The testator gives, devises and bequeaths all his real and personal estate to his wife, Mrs. Ann G. Middleditch, absolutely. The will of Mr. George W. Collen, of the Heralds' College, Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms, who died at his residence, 52, Oamden-square, JjLW., on the 9th January was proved on the 28 th.'ult. by Mrs. Elisa J. Collen, the widow, Mr. C. E. Cree, and Mr. G. St. Mark Bishop, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £ 10,000. The testator bequeaths to Mr. Bishop X100 as an acknowledgment for his trouble in acting as an executor and; trustee; to his wife, his furniture, residence, and £ 100 together with the residue for life jonhei4 death the residue is to go to his children, if any, but if none, then he gives legacies to three of 'his fttobdol,land the ultimate Ksidoe to his nephew, Mr. G. H. H. Oollen. The will of Mr. Michael Rodoconachi, late of 2, Angel-court, Throgmorton-street, Exchange, broker, who died on the 1st ult., was proved on the 5th inst. by Mr. A. A. Rallii the acting executor, the personal estate being sworn under f 10,000. The testator give. a certain special fund standing in his books upon trust for his late wife's daughter, Laura Fanny Georgiana Canning. The Residue of hia genera estate is divided into two portions; one of them is given upon trust for hii -daughter Despina and her children, and the other portion for his daughter Vierou and her children, but each gift is conditional; upon their not Becoming a professed member of a Catholic institution. 1 vi The will and Codicil "of Mr. Jamteg F. Bum, late of Kirby-street, Hatton-garden, bookbinder, and of 5, Upper Phillimore-gardens, Kensington, who died on Nov. 23rd last, were proved on the 1st inst., by J^r- J. R. Burn, the son, and Mr. J. Bain, the nephew, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £ 30,000. The testator lfeaves legacies to his brotber> Mr. G. Burn, to his sister, Mrs. Bain, to his sons in" iaw, to his daughters, Mrs, Mercer, Mrs. Mills, *n<* Miss Emily J. Burn, and to others, and. the rest his property to his said son. .p..



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