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LLINELLAU Ãr Briodas Mr. John Thomas, Argraffydd, Aber- tatDe, A Miss Mary Ann Rets, College Row, Aberteifi. DAU yn un ni chydia neb—ond oaxiad, Coron pob gwir undeb; Ie cloi yn ngnyd mewn cwlwm cred, A'u clymu braidd heb glywed. Dwy galon a gylymwyd-mewn cadwyn Wych euraidd gadwynwyd; Hir oes 1'1' ddau dyner fryd, Ac yna'u dwyn i wynfyd. Mae rhai yn myn'd yn mlaen drwy'r byd. Heb ganddynt 'run cyfeiriad, Ond dyma ddau wnaeth gwidd yn nghyd, Yn hollol o'r un broflad; Sef ein John Thomas cywir, cu, A Mary Ann anwylaf; 01 ddau mwy dedwydd fu erioed, A'r ddau fach hyn, mi goeliaf. Angyles fwyn yw Mary Anne, Ie r tlysal o hil Efa, Mae heddyw'n eiddo iti, John, t Cei sranu'n lion dy wala; t A thithau, loan Thomas hofif, Bachgenyn gwiwlan, lion, Fo'n amddi&ynfa yn mhob Rhag gofid blin i leddful bron. Ond boed Miss Roes, yn Hysdy Bench, |t* Yn eiatedd ar ei gonwdd,— 0 ™ Lie na ddaw awel chwerw loes I chwythu'n groes i'w hagwedd; « Bhyw gylch anfertbol ydyw, Ie, diddos gylch yw hwn, Sef cylch o gariad cywir, O'r fynwea-Uetty hwn. Tra caerau Caercystenyn Yn aefyU fyny fo, Bydd caerau cariad loan, 'Nghylch Mary Anne yn do; o gwlwm annatadol Wnaeth glymu'r ddau yn un I 'Does dim a all ei ddatod Ond angeu hyll ei hun. Tra t'wyna haul yn entiych nen, Tra'n rhoddi o'i belydrau, o bydded haul dedwyddwch pur, Yn gwenu ar eu penau; O'r diwedd adref cant eu dwyn, I freichiau eu Gwaredwr,— Lie na fydd 'madael byth yn bod.. O'r nefoleiddiol gyflwr. Penpara a DA. TIm ALWAYS AT A PREMIUM. To this fifth quarter of the globe," as an Irish writer has called it, the mother country sends many things its people do not want, and the consequen- ces too frequently are an overstocked market and depressed trade. From this category, we beg leave, however, to cxclude two articles—the two celebra* ted remedies of Professor Holloway. Throughout Australasia they are at a premium. The Pills and Ointment are considered the most profitable com- modities that can be taken to the mines, as their efficacy in the diseases common in the gold region is well known to every nugget-hunter, and they are therefore eagerly bought up at any price by those toilers after the mammon of unrighteousness For the bilious fevers, and all the disorders of the liver and bowels, which prevail on the auriferous soils of the interior, the Pills appear to be a positive, immediate, and invariable remedy. We have seen returned gold hunters from the "diggings," and their reports on this head are uniform. Nor is the testimony less conclusive in reference to the Oint- mentas a means of relievingrheumatism, neuralgia, healing the wounds, abrasions, contusions, &c, in- cident to a hard life in the wilderness. In short every one in "the bush" looks upon Holloway's two preparations as sufficient "medicine" for his outer and inner man. He knows, for he has win- tered with them and summered with them beyond the settlements, that they are his surest reliance in sickness at all seasons, and under all circumstan- ces. Almost every miner has some anecdote to relate of the cures they have performed. Limbs saved from mortification, ulcers preserved from gangrene, contracted joints relaxed, liver disease arrested, dysentery and diarrhoea cured—these are their trophies. In fact, they are among the good things, of which we cannot have too much, and although the imports at present are so large as al- most to be incredible, still the demand keeps in advance of the supply. Furnished with these rem- edies, the-miner and the settler have little need of medical adyiee,. for it seems beyond question that their curative effects cover the whole circle of dis- eases, and a large portion of the chapter of acci- dents. Of what use is success to the digger, if, when fortune is achieved, he dies beside hisnoard, and how many lives that were sacrificed in the early days of the gold discoveries, might have been saved by these inestimable preparations ? In Cali- fornia, we understand they are considered an in. dispensable item, and a most important one, of every miner's outfit, and we can only say, with a. knowledge of what they have been accomplishing throughout the world for the past 40 years, that to be without them is almost to De without the "staff of life."—The Traveller..

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