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11 WILLS AND BEQUESTS. {From the Illustrated London Neu>a.n) I The will (dated October 11, 1876) of Lieutenant- General Lord Henry Hugh Manvers Percy, V.O., K.O.B., late of No. 40, Eaton-square, who died on the 3rd of December last, was proved on the 31st ult. by Lord Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy and Lord Hatherton, the personal estate being sworn under £140,000. The testator bequeaths to his orother, the Duke of Northumberland, 'o be placed either in Sion House or Alnwick Oastle, and kept as heirlooms, the picture of Oatesby, the conspirator, said to be by Porbus; all his works in and upon Oriental lan- guages hie military books, the straight sword he used at Inkerman, with the words, Es- pirance 818 Diett" engraved on the blade, and hia Victoria Cross and other decorations, except the Bath, which is to be returnfd to her Majesty; t8 his nephew, the Hon. Algernon Charles Littleton, his house in Eton-square, with the stables, furniture, and effects to his nephew, Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy, £20,000; to his sister, Lady Louisa Percy, an annuity of £400 for life; and there are several other legacies and annuities and liberal gifts to his servants. The residue of his property the testator leaves upon trust for his brother, Lord Josceline William Percy, for life, and then to his said brother's son, George Algernon Percy. The will (dated April 21, 1870) of the Bight Hon. Louise Denise Adele, Baroness Graves, late of Gravesend House, Torpoint, Cornwall, who died on the 21st of November last, was proved on the 30th ult. by the Hon. Miss Jane Adele Graves, the daughter, the acting executrix, the personal estate being sworn under £1500. The testatrix leaves all the real and personal estate to her two daughters, Jane Adele and Louisa Eleanor. The will and six codicils (dated May 23 and June 19, 1872; May 22 and June 7, 1873; October 7, 1874; July 24,1875; and March 26, 1877) of Lady Oatherin3 Julia Harcourt, one of the three daughters and coheiresses of the last Earl of Liverpool, late of Buxted House, Uckfield, Sussex, who died on the 5th of December last. were proved on the 23rd ult. by, her husband, Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Vernon Harcourt, the personal estate being sworn under £120,000. The testatrix bequeaths to the Royal Isle of Wight Infirmary, Ryde, £1000; to the Sussex County Hospital, £1000; to the Albion Home, Brighton, £500 and there are several legacies to the governors of Queen Anne's Bounty and the official trustees of charitable funds for certain churches, schoo s,and almshouses in which he was in- terested upon trust for her sister, the Viscountess Milton, and her children by her present husband, Mr. Foljambe, j635,000 Consols; upon trust for her sister, Lady Louisa Harriett Cotes and her children, £35,000 Consols. The Buxted property she devises upon trust for her niece, the Hon. Mary Selina Charlotte Portman, for life, with remainder to her said niece's eldest son other than the one who will succeed to the Portman estates. All her diamonds the testatrix gives to her said niece, the Hon. Mrs. Portman. There are many other legacies and annuities, and the remainder of her property she leaves to her husband. The will, dated Aug. 23,1877, of the late Sir Charles Forbes, of the Oastle Newe, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, and Broomwood, Surrey, was proved in the Principal Registry on the 11th inst., by his two sons, Sir Charles John Forbes, and Mr. George Stewart Forbes, and by Mr. Horace B. T. Farquhar, and Mr. B. P. Davies, the four executors. The testator died on November 2 last; he was senior member of the firm of Forbes, Forbes, and Co., of London, and Sir Charles Forbes and Co., of Bombay. The whole real estate in Scotland, of large extent and value, descends to the present baronet, as heir, who takes, as legatee, the Bombay service of plate, the whole of the personal estate in Scotland, and the freehold residence in Queen's-gate- terrace. Mr. G. S. Forbes has a legacy of £25,000, and the testator's stock in the firm of Forbes, Forbes, and Co., and the leasehold house in Eaton-place West, and stables. The value of the real and personal estate in England, Scotland, and India exceeds £250,000. The will and codicil (dated November 15,1870, and November 27, 1875) of Mr. Bobert Hollond, late of Stanmore House, Great Stanmore, who died on the 26th of December last, were proved on the 24th ult. by Mrs. Ellen Julia Hollond, the widow, and John Bobert Hollond, the nephew, the acting executors, the personal estate being sworn under £850,000. The testator bequeaths to Ira wife, for life, two pictures by Arv Scheffer, Saint Augustin and Saint Monica," and on her death to the National Gallery; the por- trait of Charles Green, the aeronaut, by Hollins, engraved by Payne, is also left to his wife for life, and then to the National Portrait Gallery to his wife he leave.£IO,OOO, his properties in Devon and at Cannes, the lease of his town residence in Upper Berkeley- street, with all the furniture and effects in any of his residences; and there are some other bequests, in- cluding £20,000 to his nephew, John Robert Hollond, and £10,000 to his nephew, Edmund William Hol- lond. The will (dated December 16,1872) of Mr. Joseph Mortleman Eastty, late of Wellesley House, Wellesley- road, Oroydon, who died on the 5th ult., was proved on the 39th ult., by Alfred Eastty, the son John Eastty, the brother; Job Ashton, and Frederick Thomas Edridge, the surviving executors, the personal estate being sworn under £120,000. (From the "Oity Press.") The will of Mr. George William Oolhns, late of 11, New-square, Lincoln's-inn, bajf^ter at-law, who died on the 11th ult., was proved on the 4th inst. by Mrs. Lydia Boux, the sister and sole executrix; subject to four complimentary legacies of 19 guineas each, the testator gives his property to his said sister. The will and codicil of Dr. Francis Hawkins, for- merly of 18, Bolton-street, Piccadilly, but late of 16, Ashley-place, Victoria street, who died on the 13th December last, were proved on the 18th ult. by Miss Sarah Jane Hawkins, the widow, the sole executrix. The testator, after leaving some legacies to his chil- dren, leaves the rest of his estate to his wife. The will of Mr. Edwin Adolphus Tamer, late of High-street, Marylebone, and of St. John's Lodge, 1, Tilbury-place, Brighton, who died on November 16th last, was proved on the 29th ult. by Mr. Edwin Til- bury Tarner and Mr. Arthur Tilbury Tarner, the sons, and Mr. G. E. Tarner, the nephew, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £80,000. The testator gives £100 to his said nephew, one year's wages to his servants, and the residue of his property to all his children in equal shares. The will of Mr. John Stephen Banning, late of Great Tower-street, of Ogbourne St. George, Wilts, and of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, who died on December 30th last, was proved on the 4th inst. by Miss Elizabeth Jane Banning, the widow, Mr. F. T. J. Knapp, and Mr. E. S. Judkins, the acting executors, the personal estate being sworn under £18,000. The testator bequeaths £50 each to Mr. Knapp and Mr. Judkins, in acknowledgment of their trouble as executors. The remaining provisions of the will are in favour of testator's wife and his two children, Stephen Thomas Banning and Edith Spencer Ban- ning.

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