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KAT*STIC PILLS, for Neuralgia,Faceache, Sea., 9td., Is. 1 JD. Postage Id. Sold by all Chemists. Kay Bros.. Stockport SERIOUS EXPLOSION.—A serious explosion haa occurred in a colliery belonging to the Wigan and Whiston Colliery Company, at Whiston, near Pres- cot. Taking advantage of the cessation of work at the week end, some men were sent into the pit to do some work, the object of which was to prevent an explosion. While they were thus engaged, however, an explosion unfortunately took place, and sixteen or seventeen men were very seriously burned, and three— one of whom is named Donnelly—have since died. It is feared, too, that other deaths will follow. Amongst those injured the following names are given: Makin- son, Hayes, Oarlow, Oritchley, and Anderson. The cause of the explosion is unknown. A DESPATCH FROM CALCUTTA reports a re- newal of the Jowaki war. On the previous day some English cavalry attacked the Jowakis, one of whose leaders waa killed, while three more were taken prisoners. DR. KBNBALT'S ELECTION FUND. — The learned member for Stoke, who, five months ago, issued an appeal asking for a million sixpences to form a fund for the purpose of returning to Parlia- ment men favourable to the Olaimant's release and the principles of Magna Oharta, has published a statement in which he says the fund "has not yet reached to the million sixpences, which at the last con- gress of Magna Charta it was thought only had to be asked from the Tichborne petitioners, and they would have flown in like a river of silver, a river that would float the poor captive from prison. It is evident that without help in Parliament we can do nothing, but can that help be got for .£70 or £80? Nothing less thin a large turn can be of any use. A million sixpences, which no one would miss, would secure Tichborne's release and make the Magna Charta the law of the land. If this were so, the people would no longer be ground down by taxation. But, then, the people will not help themselves. They have forgotten the old proverb,' Help yourselves and God will help you. The learned doctor announces the full amount subscribed towards the million six- pences (or £ 25,000) as £82 2s. GORED TO DEATH BY A BULL.—An inquiry was held at the Hope Tavern, near Ludlow, by Mr. H. Weyman, coroner for the district, as to the death of John Pearce, 34, in the employ of a farmer named Fletcher, of High Walton. Pearce, who was in charge of a large bull, was coming from Ludlow Fair in the evening, and the bull, which had a ring in its nose, to which a stick was fastened to guide it, was allowed to walk over Ludlow racecourse without being led. The animal suddenly attacked Pearce, tossed him in the air, and gored him severely. A man named Wall rescued Pearce, and another man named Price got the bull away. It then turned upon him, but was eventu- ally beaten off. Pearce was removed to his home and Dr. Higgins was called in, but he died at night. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidentally killed." WEI»HT*3 COAL TAB SOAP (Sapo r:Ca.rbonis Detergem), Antiseptic, Detergent,Disinfectant* The most healthful, agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. By its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured the complexj-.il improved; pimples, blotches and roughness removed; and the sldu made clear, smooth, and lustrous In our hands it has proved most effective in skin diseases." —The Lancet. It is the only true antiseptic soap."—Brituh Medical Journal. In Tablets, 6d. an d Is. each of all Chemists. W. V. WMW send Co.* Southwark-street. London.



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