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SAL* OY OLD ITALIAN ENGBAVINGS.—The collection formed by Mr. A. G. Dew-Smith, recently sold by Messrs. Sotneby, Wilkinson, and Hodge, con- tained some notable examples of the rarer, wasters. Baccio Balding of & design by Botticelli, being a page with text at the bade of the Dante Inferna,"Florence edition, 1481 (Bartsch, 38), sold for £2 10s. By the Master H. F. R, the Marine Gods (B. xv., 3), in poor condition, .61 8s. The Master I. B., Frieze of Child- ren (Passavant, 35), £5 5s. Baldini, Sibylla Cumana (B.161 .6&5s. Barbarij, "the Master of the Oada- ceus/ Judith (B., 41), a beautiful but modern impres- sion, JI0 2s. 6d. Giulio Campagnola, St. John Baptist (B.. 3), an early and fine impression, in good condition, from the Liphart collection (£20), j624 10s. Jaoopo Francia, Bacchus and his Followers (B., 7), .£8. Andrea Mantagna, Soldiers carrying Trophies (B., 14), fine, with the column, £10. Bacchanalian scene with the Wine press (B., 19), unusually nne, but in poor eondxtton, .620. Mocetto (1454-1000), a young man seated on the ground (B., 6), .£9 12s. 6d. Nicoletto Ad tfodena, Punishment of the Evil Tongue (B., 27), alukoetleBt impression of this rare print, £22 10s. Antonio Pollajuolo (1426-98), Battle of the Giants (B., 2), hot remarkable for quality, .£8 6a. Marc Antonio Raimondi, Adam and Eve (B., 1), alae impression of this splendid print, £111. God appeal- ing to Noah, slightly cut at the top, £10 10s. The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, after Baldini (B., 104), .£30 10s. Death of Dido, from the plate as retouched £7. Lucretia (B., 192), fair impression from the re- touched piate, £51. Cleopatra(B., 199), £ 7. Alexander depositing the Books of Homer, £5 ôs; The Basso- relievo (B., 249), £20. Parnassus (B" 247), £10. Poetry, £5 5s. Apollo Belvidere (B., 330), with small margin, £5. Apollo, in a niche (B., 334), with a margin added, £5125. 6d. Young Man with Cornu- copia (B., 360).. a very rare print, £33. Trajan be- tween Borne and Victory (B., 361), £5 5s. The Plague (B.. 147), £5 5s. The Two Sons of Noah, after Michael Angelo (B., 464), £10 15s. Other engravings of the German and Dutch School sold were: Hans Sebald Beham, the Woman Re- clining (B., 315)..61 2s. The Judgment of Paris (B., 89). The Triumph of Christianity (B., 128). Death and the Woman (150), £ 5 2s. 6d. Albert Durer, Adam and :JÐve..£5 5s. St. Hubert (B., 57), from He Mariette Collection, a fine and brilliant im- pression, .660. St. Jerome, £10 10s. Melancolia, rich and good impression, £18. The Great Fortune, .£I4. The Knight of Death, a fine impression, £32. Hollar, Antwerp Cathedral, first state, :£10 5s. Lucas Van Leyden.—Of the. nine prints br this master, the Magdalen was the finest (B. 122), and this sold for .£20 10s.; in the Galichon Sale an exceptionally he one sold for £300. Israel Van Meekessen, the four naked women after Albert Durer, .£10. Death and the Virgin, after M. Schongauer, £20. The Organ Player (B., 175), £13511. Rembrandt, Triumph of Mordecai (Wilson, 44), J66 6s. The Angels and Shepherds (W., 49), 4th state, £8 15s. Village near the high road (W., 214), £8 5a. Martin Scbdngauer, Christ with Cross (B., 26), £ 39 10s. Dirk Van Staren, St. Luke painting the "Nfcirgin, J65. Adrian Van de Velde, Venus and Cupid (B., 286-). £6. Les Grimpeurs (B., 423), £5 5s. Martin Zasinger, the Gentleman and Lady embracing, £1051. The whole collection of 353 prints, with a portfolio of Mr. Seymour Haden's etchings, pub- lished 1866, which sold for .£24, and a few ifeter- colour drawings, realised £1145. A VUlT BY PBBMZSSIOIT.—-The Government have given permission to Dr. John O'Leary, one of the former chiefs of the Fenian conspiracy, to revisit Ireland for a brief period. Dr. O'Leary was the editor of the Irish Republican organ, the Irith Peojple, which was sgised in 1865, when he was arrested. He was subsequently tried along with the leaders of the Fenian movement for treason felony, and on con- viction sentenced to penal servitude for life, it having been proved that he, O'Donovan Bossa, and J. Olarke Luby had been appointed by Stevens as the Executive of the intended Provisional Government in Ireland. Dr. O'Leary, since his release by the amnesty of Mr. Gladstone's Government, has resided in Paris, as it was made a condition of his release that he should reside outside her Majesty's dominions. One singular fact connected, with hint was that his ability and sincerity were held in such esteem by the leaders of the conspiracy that he was admitted to their confi- dence without formally becoming a Fenian. The permission now granted to him is the result of a re- presentation by bis solicitor that his presence is required in Ireland in relation to the settlement of some family properties. The only conditions made are that he gives his word of honour that while-he remains in Ireland he will not interfere in politics nor be a party to any political demonstrations in his honour. A TmtATM Busier Dowry.—The Qneea's Theatre at Wigan has been completely bunt down, the are being one of the most serious which have ever occurred in the district. The theatre was built en- tirely of wood, and was opened about two years and a half ago. The auditorium was capable of holding over 2000 persons. The stage was a very large one, and there were extensive dressing-rooms. The per- formance concluded shortly after half-past ten, the place was locked up, and everybody had left but about eleven o'clock flames were seen issuing from the roof of the building over the stage. When the firemen arrived the place was one mass of flames. It was found impossible to save the building, and efforts were mainly directed te prevent the flames extending to the surrounding pro- perty, and in this the Fire Brigade was successful. By twelve o'clock the fire had almost burnt itself out. The proprietor and lessee of the theatre was Mr. Robert Fowter. The cost of the building was about £2000, and the loss is partially covered by insurance. TBra RUSSIAN TEBMS.—The Vienna corre- spondent of the Manchester Guardian telegraphs an outline of the terms on which Russia is said to have granted an armistice. The conquerors demand, in effect, that the whole of European Turkey, with the exception of Gallipoli and Constantinople, shall be placed in their hands. The positions wbich are to be occupied comprise the lines which have been con- structed at Tchakmadje for the defence of Constan- tmople, a position at the entrance of the Bosphoms, and portions of the coast not only of the Sea of Marmora, but also of the iEgean. From the same source we learn that the Bussian bribes to Boumania for the cession of Bessarabia were extraordinary high, SreatyofP1™° '"pality "takei* ^«*WD. OR the AN old bachelor wrote the following: Twixt | women and wine man's lot is to smart—'tis wine I makes his head ache, and woman his heart."


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