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CONTINUOUS BRAKES.—Major-General Hutch" inson has lately held inquiries into the circumstances connected with two accidents wheh Occurred on the Great Eastern Railway. The first of these happened ) on the 20th December at Chobham Farm Junction Stratford, on the Great Eastern Railway. In this case, during a fog, an up passenger train from Loughton to Fenchurch-street came into collision with a goods train from March to the London Docks. II This collision was caused, first, by the driver of the up passenger train having approached the up home signal of Chobham Farm Junction at a 8Peed which prevented him from stopp'11^ train at the up home signal, which r w.. at danger; and scondly, by the ggoal- RIM in the Chobham Farm cabin having V- lated the block telegraph rules by giving Line clear" for the passenger train to Loughton Junction before the goods train was off the main line and clear in the siding. The second accident was a double collision between three passenger trains, which occurred on the same day, at Stratford Station. A passenger tra'n from Loughton to Fenchurch-street was standing ftt Stratford Station when it was run into by another up passenger train, also from Loughton to Fail- chnrch-street, and with the tail of this latter train the up passenger train from Ongar to Liverpool-street, due to pass, but not to atop, at Stratfcrd at 8.50 came into slight collision. In his reports to the Board ?f Trade, Major-General Hutchinson points out that If the trains bad been furnished with an efficient con- tinuau, brake in the handa of the driver, the accidents wouJdprobably have been avoided. I 8 COMPOIRNB ESSEHCE or LIWSKKD, a demuloent erpec wnajt, for Coughs *Qolds. Sold everywhere, 91d., Is. lid- Two BLACKBURN POLICEMAN IN A FIX.-— Two Blackburn policemen had a rather unusual chase the other day. Armed with a warrant, they Proceeded to some large buildings in course of erection, for the purpose of apprehending a man who had been negligent in the payment of a fine. The man was discovered working at the top of the bnildings, and 10 answer to the demands of the constables to coIJle down he told them to "go to Jericho," or some other distant region. The police at once decided, if the man would not come down of his own accord, to fetch him down. Some labourers below volunteered to fssist tbem to go up aloft. The twe constables in a hoist used for the purpose of elevating bricks and mortar, and they began to ascend towards the regio"0 above. But before they had ascended half bi?^1 enough something went wrong with the hoisting Machinery, and our two policemen were poised in mid air, and had then the additional chagrin of seeing their wished for prey step into another hoist before their faces, and rapidly make his descent. When the hoisting machinery had been got into order again-if it was ever out-the policemen found that their man had escaped. It it not expected that they will again resort to the same method of seeking to procure his capture. WEIGHT'S COAX TAB SOAP (SAPO Carbowi* Det&rgtn*)* Antiseptic, Detergent rWsmiectant. The most healthful agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. By Its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured 5 thu complexi • n improved} pimptes, blotches and removed: and the skin made clear, smooth, and lustrous j In our tmnrta it has proved most effective in skin diseases* —TheLane«L It is the only true antiseptic soap."—British Medical Journal. In Tablets, 6d. and is. each of all Chemi8t'i• W. V. WBI»» "ind Co.. S^nthwnrk-ptreet. London. ACCORDING TO Vanity Fair no less than £ 10,000 have been expended on the repairs and re- organisation of the Marlborough House drains. A new wing is to be added to the house, but the building operations will not be commenced till the autumn of the present year. IN THE DEPARTMENT OF TRE DOME, Madame M., the wife of a colonel in the French army, has been arrested for fraud. Her husband has gone out of his mind in consequence, and her son of 18 has blown his brains out. KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES oontaln PO OpiniKs, Morphia, nor any violent drug. It is the most effective remedy known to the Medical Pro- fession in the cure of Oceans, ASTHMA, BRONCHIT18 —one Lozenge alone relieves. Sold by all Ohemis in Boxes, le. lid. and 21, 9d. each




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