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COAOULINE.The best cement for Broken Artiotes.M., Is., 28. Postage 2d. Kay Bros., StoekpoTt Sold everywhere. THE ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETy.-The anni- versary dinner of the Boyal Historical Society was held in the St. James's Hall, Regent-street, Dr. B. W. Bichardson, F.B.S., presided. Mr. E. J. Reed, C.B M.P., spoke at some length on the Eastern Question in Mknewledging The Houses of ParHament." In proposing "The Boyal Historical Society," the Chairman alluded to the remarkable success of the institution—a success which had constantly attended it since its commencement ten years ago. The forma- tion of its historical library, mainly founded by the Baroness Burdett-Coutts, would, he held, be found of inestimable advantage. The society already exchanged transactions with the principal historical associations of Europe and America. The Bev. Dr. Moffat felici- tiqusly referred to his late distinguished sonyn- law, Dr. David Livingstone. In proposing jhe toast of The Grampian Ctub," Mr. Vans Agnew, M.P., spoke of the club as an associate of the Historical Society, both having been originated by Dr. Bogers about the same time. The club had been so successful that of its sixteen issues a majority were out of print. The other speakers were Mr. Robert Ferguson, M.P., the Bev. Prebendary Irons, D.D., Alderman Hurst, Mr. Cornelius Watford, Dr. George Harris, and the Rev. A. H. Wratislaw. THE HEDGEHOG.—We were disturbed at night by such a continuous and persistent barking that there could be but little doubt of my house being the object of a midnight attack. Having left my bed- room I distinctly heard the sound of a noise as of filing, or rather sawing, and having aroused the servants outside, and some in the house, we proceeded carefully to search for and examine any point of in. gress or access. Nothing, however, was discovered to indicate the presence of marauders, and being driven to reflect as to what could be the cause of the still grating or filing noise, J be- thought me to ask if a cat were missing, or if there had been any indication of the presence of rats in the house. Upon this arose an exclamation from one of the women servants, I wonder where that little edge-og has got to, he hasn't been in the kitchen for nearly a fortnight." With this gleam of anti-ghostly light I made a succes- sion of inquiries, which brought out the fact that the foresaid hedgehog had been whilom a member of my establishment, having been introduced for the object of clearing us of black beetles, which object being success- fully accomplished he had,aft-r a few days, secretly dis- appeared. Now commenced a pursuit which I take credit far having conducted in a scientific and sports- manlike manner—as became both the fun and the seriousness of our condition. Following, therefore, carefully every scent of sound, we reached an en- closed recess under one of the principal staircases, and there found a large roll of brown paper, tightly tied round outside, but hollow within, which had been placed there in preparation for a paper lining under a carpet. Holding up this to a light, an ob- struction was visible, which left no doubt as to the adopted home of our truant friend; and as I could not shake him out, I untied the bundle, and found little" Prickles" so tightly wedged that he could neither "pass on or go back, and so he had settled down to the steady sawing process by means of which he was tunnelling his way out, in doing which he had already accomplished a piece of engineering which en. titled him to be regarded by all bis discomfited pur. suers as a true bore." Now, how he got into that hole and corner, and how he subsisted with strength enough to bring down the wbcle house upon him by his noise, is to me a puzzle, and certainly suggests a curious inquiry as to the time of fasting possible.—ZtM Stock Journal. THE WILD FOWL ^RESERVATION ACT.—The Secretary of State for the Home Department has varied the close time for wild fowl in the county of Carnarvon so as to be from the 1st of March to the 1st of August, instead of from the 15th of February to the 10th of July, as enacted in the above-named Act. The followinir is a complete list of the close times now in force in the United Kingdom In Nor- folk and the Eastern Division of Suffolk, from March 1 to July 10. In Brecon, Carnarvon, and Southamp- ton, Devonshire, and Dumfries, from March 1 to August 1. In Queen's County, Wicklow, and Somer- set, from March 1 to August 12. In Essex and Kent, from March 15 to August 1. In Dorset, from February 15 to August 1. Other applications for variations of the close time in different counties are • still before the Secretary of State,



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