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I CARDIGAN COUNTY COURT. The bi-monthly sitting of this Court, was held at the Shire-hall, on Thursday last, before his Honour Judge Beresford. There were 80 plaints entered for hearing, but the majority were disposed of by the Registrar. His Honour the Judge entered the court at 11.30, and Mr. W. W. Mitchell, on behalf of the advo- cates of the court, greeted him on his first appear- ance at the court. Mr. Mitchell said I hope your Honour will per- mit me, on behalf of my fellow advocates at this court, to greet you on your first appearance amongst us. I have been in practice here for about 24 years, and it has been the rule, at all times, to assist the Judge in every possible manner; and we as advocates, are desirous of shewing our kind feelings towards you on the present occasion. I understand that your Honour is an Englishman; but, at the same time, I trust that your Honour will endeavour to acquaint yourself with the Welsh language, to such an extent as to be able to under- stand it for court purposes, which will greatly as- sist you in your duties. Bishop Thirlwall, though an Englishman, mastered the Welsh language thoroughly. I am a Scotchman by descent, and have acquired the Welsh language. His Honour, in thanking Mr. Mitchell for his congratulatory address on this, his first visit, said: When I was first appointed, I made up my mind to study the Welsh language, so as to dispense with an interpreter; but I have been told it would be of no use to me, as the English language was spoken freely everywhere. Hitherto I have not met with any case that required a knowledge of the Welsh language on my part. However, after your remarks, I shall endeavour, though I am in years, to acquaint myself the best I can with the language, especially if I find it will be a help to administer the law. I trust that the advocates will render me every assistance they possibly can, so as to facilitate the work of the court. CONTESTED CASES. Thomas Griffiths, Auctioneer, v. Evan Thomas, Llain, Blaenporth. Mr. Picton George appeared for the plaintiff. The defendant did not appear. This was an action to recover fA 3s., value of lots purchased at a sale. An order for the payment of 5s. a month was made. James Evans, Dinas, v. John Thomas, Newport, Pem. Mr. W. W. Mitchell appeared for the plain- tiff. Defendant did not appear. This was an action to recover a sum of money for work done, and for the maintenance of defendant's wife, from Janu- ary to September last, at 5s. per week. It appears that defendant had left his wife, who is an invalid, and was co-habiting with another woman that he was the owner of a vessel, lately wrecked, but in- sured, and that he had, in order to prevent the payment to plaintiff, placed the insurance money in the name of his lady love. An order for imme- diate payment was made, the same to be paid out of the insurance money. Joseph Harper, Rhydyfuwch, v. Thomas Wil- liams. Mr. Mitchell appeared for plaintiff. An action to recover possession of a dog-cart, from the defendant, who had taken the same away from the premises of one David Davies, whose goods were under an execution by plaintiff. The defendant claimed the dog-cart on the ground that he had lent David Daviea iElO to buy it at Carmarthen, and that David Davies had only the loan of it. Judgment for the plaintift., with costs. Hannah Thomas & Son, Pendre, Cardigan, v. James & Morris, Auctioneers, Fishguard. This was an action to recover the sum of JE20 from de- fendants, due from William James, Bayvil, an ex- ecution debtor. Mr. J. A. G. Evans appeared for the plaintiffs, and Mr. Mitchell for the defendants. The defendants proved that a bill of sale was ex- ecuted on the 28th December, 1876, by William James to them, and that they had to pay JE434 7s. Id., in rent, taxes, &c. The sum realised by the sale fell short of 971 4s. 7d. of discharging their claim. Mr. J. A. G. Evans contended that the bill of sale was given in order to defeat other creditors, and objected to the generality of the assignment. Judgment was given for defendant, with costs. The above were the only contested case*. MANERDIVY AND CAPEL COLMAN » PLOUGHING MATCH. The annual Ploughing Match, limited to the above parishes, was held on Thursday, the 7th instant, on the land of Mr. W. James, Felinwen, being a field belonging to Fachendre farm, in the Parish of Capel COlman. The competitors being 25 in number, were divided into five classes. The following is the result:—■ In the Champion class, two competed, the best was William Lewis, Kilrhue-fach, 208. In the General Class 12 competed,—1st prize, Simon James; Pentre, 20s.; 2nd, David Rees, Cil- fowyr, 18s.; 3rd, John Griffiths, Parkneithw, 16s.; #&, James Williams, Glanpwll-du, 13s.; 5th, Dan Thomas, Clynfiew, 10s.; 6th, John Jones, Pentre, 8s.; 7th, David Griffiths, jun., .Ffosyvicar, 6s.; 8th Evan Jones, Cilgwyn, 4s. In the Junior Class 4 competed—1st prize, Evan Thomas Griffiths, Ffosyvicar, 16s.; 2nd, Ebenezer Richards, Vaynor, 13s.; 3rd, John Jones, Cilfowyr, 10s. In the Single-wheel Plough Class 3 competed- 1st prize, Thomas Rees, Castlemalgwyn, 16s.; 2nd, John Thomas, Kilwendeage, 10s. Four competed in the Extra Champion Class— 1st prize, David Jones, Clynfiew, 20s.; 2nd, Ed- ward Thomas, Clynfiew, 10s. The special prize of 5s. for the best ridge in the field was awarded to Simon James, Pentre. The sum of Is. 6d. was given to each of the nine unsuccessful competitors. The judges were Messrs. Thomas, Yet; Evans, Tyhen, Cilgerran; and Sandbrook, Whitechurch farm, whose awards were very satisfactory. The work was excellently done with the excep- tion of three of the ridges, and the weather was very fine. The subscriptions were liberal, especi- ally from CoL Lewis, Mrs. Saunders Davies, Capt. Saurin, Mrs. Colby (Ffynone), R. F. Gower, Esq., and Rev. H. Jones, rector. The amount collected and distributed in prizes was JE12 9s., for which the committee and the ploughmen are thankful. Mr. W. James deserves thanks for his kindness in placing such a good field at the disposal of the committee; and Mrs. James for her kindness to the judges and others during the day. Mr. James thanked the team owners and ploughmen lor the good work done in his field. D. G.


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