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THE RAILWAY.—At a meeting of the local ex- tension committee, held on Tuesday evening last, it was decided to renew the efforts in furthering the object, as only one good pull" and a pull altogether" was necessary to secure the amount required prior to commencing operations. CARDIGAN ART CLASS.—We are authorised to state that Capt. A. W. Mackworth, R. E., Inspec- tor of Science and Art Schools, will meet the Art Class Committee, and will visit the Art Class on Friday, February 22nd, at 7 P-NI. It is trusted that all the students of the day and evening classes will be present on that evening. ST. DAVID'S DAY.—We are requested to state that on the above day a grand dinner will be given at the Guild-hall, intended as a social gathering of the Rifle Corps, tradesmen, farmers, and others, of the town and neighbourhood. A meeting to pro- mote this object was held at the Town-nail last night, and was adjourned until next Monday eve- ning, when the attendance of tradesmen, and others generally, is invited. It is said the gathering has no political motive, but simply a mutual demon- stration of loyalty. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS.—At a petty session held on Monday last, at the Council Chamber, be- fore the Mayor and Alderman Davies, P. C. John Richards charged William Phillips, labourer, Tre- forgan-fach, Llangoedmore, with being drunk and incapable at Eben's-lane, on Saturday night, the 9th inst. Discharged on payment of costs. P.C. David Jones (28) charged David Davies, haulier, Pendre, with being drunk whilst in charge of a horse and cart. Discharged on payment of costs on condition that he became a total abstainer. For the next offence he Would be sent to prison without the option of a fine. THE BIBLE SUNDAY SCHOOL CONCERT.—A very successful concert, in connection with the above School, was given at the Guild-hall, on Wed- nesday night last. The chairman was the Rev. W. C. Davies, vicar of St. Mary's, who introduced the programme with some pertinent remarks rel- ative to the school and its object, viz.Bible teaching. The programme was then gone through as follows :—pianoforte duett, Misses Nicholas and Rowlands; solo and chorus Please give me a penny, sir," Children's choir; solo "The slave mother," Mr. Pryse Mitchell; glee" Ffynon fach," Penpark party; duett Convent bells," Misses Mitchell and Harper; chorus Cydgan y morwyr," Mr. D. G. Phillips and party; solo "The birds will come again," Master Heale; duett The larboard watch, Messrs. J. Evans and 0. Thomas; part song "Dos ato Ef," Children's choir; glee Haf," Mr. Morris and party; chorus "Mulliganguards," Master Heale and party; part song "Norah, the pride of Kildare," Penpark party; duett "Gipsy Countess," Miss Thomas and Mr. Phillips; part song Sleep, lady sleep," Mr. Morris and party; song "Bradwriaeth y don," Mr. Jenkin&, Penpark; part song "Sleep, gentle lady," Mr. James Evans and party; song The man of many names," Mr. Ethel Lowther; "Sleighing glee," Children's choir; finale "God save the Queen." The whole of the programme was well rendered, and where all ac- quitted themselves so creditably it would only be invidious to make any special remarks. Before the national anthem was sung, a vote of thanks to the chairman was proposed by Mr. Mitchell, and sec- onded by Mr. Smith, and the Rev. gentleman briefly responded. The audience densely packed the hall, and a good sum must have been realised towards the above excellent institution. BURIAL BOARD. An adjourned meeting of this board was held on Tuesday last, at the Council Chamber, for the pur- pose of considering any claim against the board. There were present—Messrs. T. Davies (chairman), L. James, James Williams, J. Lewis, and Stephen Davies. CLAIMS. A bill from Messrs. Jenkins & Evans, of £3 4s. 4d., for professional services rendered, was pre- sented. The Clerks also presented a bill for jE21 148. 5d., for professional services rendered to the board, together with the cost of books, and a transfer stamp. The Clerk said that the duties performed by him were very onerous since the formation of the board, and such that could not have been performed by any but a solicitor. The professional charges were the lowest possible that could be charged and as regards his general duty as a clerk, he would leave that entirely in the hands of the board. He would be quite willing if they gave him nothing for his services as clerk; but he did not think that the public expected him to do so. The question of salary having been considered in the absence of the Clerk, it,.was agreed that the sum of jE30 be given the Clerk in discharge of his bill, and in consideration of general services ren- dered up to the close of last year, the chairman re- marking that the clerk had steered them clear of many difficulties since the formation of the board. A cheque was also issued in payment of Messrs. Jenkins A Evans' bill. The Clerk thanked the board, and said that he would be contented if they had witheld from him any consideration for services as clerk, as he had taken great interest in the matter from the com- mencement. ;— CARDIGAN TOWN COUNCIL. The quarterly meeting of the Town Council was held at the Council Chamber, on Saturday morn- ing last, presided over by the Mayor. There were present—Alderman Davies, Councillors Asa J. Evans, L. James, John Lewis, Lewis Evans, W. Woodward, Stephen Davies, 0. P. Davies, and Rev. W. Jones. COVERING THE CENTRAL SPACE IN THE MARKET. Mr. John Lewis produced a plan and specifica- tion of the work OF covering the central space in the market. The additional space afforded there- by would accommodate 207 persons, and would be an improvement as well as an enlargement. He did not wish to enforce his own plan, but thought the space was wanted for the sake of the market people, and the good of the town. The work of covering could be done complete for EW, but it would cost another dE50 to roof the top with glass and slates. The whole work could be done com- plete for H100. In four years it would pay £30 per annum to the revenue of the Corporation, and not £25. Alderman Davies thought the matter should first be well considered before it was determined upon. They could scarcely enter into the matter then, and he suggested that a committee of five or six be appointed to digest the matter thoroughly. Some ratepayers out of doors were already loud in their dissent against the proposal, and it should be re- membered also that the buildings have some pre- tensions to architectural beauty. They could not be too cautious in the matter, as it would involve an outlay of JEIOO, and should have some consider- ation at their hands. They should not also aban- don the idea of the lower market being darkened, which would render it apparently valueless The buildings were designed for market purposes, and they should not lose sight of this, by doing any. thing that would occasion inconvenience at any future time, should the lower market again be re- quired for market purposes. Mr. Woodward thought it a step in the right di- rection. He believed it would be advantageous to cover it, as he could not see the utility of having the space there. In case of the lower market fal- ling back to its original use, he could not see it would be.,disadvantageous. Mr. J. Lewis was prepared to answer the ques- tion about the light. TFhey could put glass win- dows in, which would give ample light. He could not see it would be much darkened. Mr. Woodward seconded the appointment of a committee to consider the subject, and it was agreed it should meet the following Tuesday after- noon. "9 THE CARDIGAN BRIDGE. A letter was read from Mr. W. Vaughan James, Haverfordwest, calling attention to the state of the approaches on the Pembrokeshire side of the bridge. THE WATER WORKS SCHEME. The Mayor said the committee appointed to con- sider the above matter were desirous of consulting a Civil Engineer, so as to be satisfied with the ef- fectual working of the scheme, as it would involve a great outlay. Mr. L. James had recently been talking with a person from Haverfordwest, and the gentleman they consulted on the subject down there was Mr. Szlumper, of Aberystwyth; and as Mr. Asa Evans had seen Mr. Szlumper, perhaps he could give them some information. Mr. Asa J. Evans: I met Mr. Szlumper lately at Conwil, and in consequence of what Mr. James told me, I mentioned the matter to him at once, and asked him would he come to Cardigan at a moderate charge, to consider the levels and alti- tudes in connection with the new reservoir, and to give his professional opinion on the scheme., Mr. Szlumper said he would do it for five guineas. The Mayor: Mr. Szlumper is an authority on the question, and his terms are moderate. Alderman Davies said that Mr. Szlumper was an Engineer fully qualified to do the work. He did not see they should go further, and perhaps not get one so good. Mr. Szlumper came down here occasionally in his capacity as county surveyor to inspect the bridge and Mr. Szlumper was the en- gineer of the Railway extension, but whether it would come or not, he did not know. IT was therefore resolved that the Mayor should write to Mr. Szlumper, and specify the terms which he had promised Mr. Evans to do the work for. THE RATES. The Mayor said the case which had been pre- pared on the question of the rates had been sub- mitted to Mr. Picton Evans, for his perusal, and had now been returned. As it was an important case, it was only proper that each legal member of the Corporation should examine it, and if there VAS any amendment made, to re-submit it again to Mr. Picton Evans, before obtaining counsel's opinion thereon. Mr. T. Davies seconded the proposition, and added that the draft should then be handed over to Mr. Asa J. Evans, and by him to Mr. Smith. APPLICATION FOR THE GUILD-HALL. An application was made by Major Evans for the use of the Guild-hall, during the Assize week, to hold a concert in connection with the Volunteers. Granted, on the usual terms. UNSOLD CORPORATE PROPERTY. The Mayor read a letter from Mr. Griffith Davies, Warring, asking whether the field he held under the Corporation was to be let to him for the ensu- A.Tderman Davies here asked whether the pur- chases of the Commons property were completed yet. Messrs. Davies Brothers had been speaking to him on the matter, and he should continue to repeat the question, at every meeting, until they were completed. The Town Clerk handed in a letter, received that morning from Mr. Smith stating that through illnesslle had been unable to attend to the deeds, but would do so the following week. After a little discussion, it was resolved on the motion of Alderman Davies, seconded by Mr. L. James, that the field referred to be again let to Mr. Davies, until the 29th September. THE OLD CORPORATE SEAL. Mr. Asa J. Evans wished to know why the old seal of the Corporation had not been deposited at the Aberystwyth University Museum, m accord- ance with the resolution passed. The business then terminated.



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