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AT A COUNCIL held by her Majesty at Osborne the Duke of Northumberland was sworn in as Lord Privy Seal, and Sir Michael Hicks-Beach as Secretary of State for the Colonies. By the last-mentioned appointment three out of the five Secretaries of State now have seats in the House of Commons, whereas up to the resignation of the Earl of Carnarvon, this proportion was possessed by the Lords. REDUCTION OF WAGES.—The movement for the reduction of wages has been begun by the manu- facturers of North and South Lancashire. The 5 per cent. proposition was finally abandoned some weeks since, but that now in vogue is 10 per cent. Circulars to that effect have been addressed to operative spin- ners, weavers, and card-room hands, fixing 10 per cent. as the basis of the reduction; but, in pursuance of the old resolution, masters will first meet representa- tives of the factory workers. The meeting will be held in the Exchange Hall, Blackburn. CeAOTOiNE. -The best cement for Broken Articles,6d., Is., 2s. Postage 2d. Kay Bros., Stoekport Sold every where. THE NEW MEMBERS.—Mr. James Stewart, of Garvoch, N.B., who has just been returned to Parlia- ment in the Liberal interest as M.P. for Greenock, in the place of Mr. J. J. Grieve, resigned, is the eldest son of the late Mr. James Stewart, by his marriage, with Joanna, daughter of the late Mr. Donald Shaw, and was born in the year 1827. He is a merchant and shipowner in the North of England and a magistrate for Ayrshire and Renfrewshire. He now enters Par- liament for the first time. Mr. Stewart has been twice married; first in 1855, to Margaret Parker, daughter of the late Mr. Duncan Darrock, and secondly, in 1868, to Margaret Sandilands, daughter of the late Mr. William Stirling, of Jamaica. As Mr. Grieve was a Liberal the return of Mr. Stewart leaves the political representation of the constituency unaltered. Mr. Charles Stewart Parker, of Fairlie, near Largo, Ayrshire, who was on Tuesday elected a member for Perth, in the place of the Hon. Arthur Kinnaird (now Lord Kinnaird), is the eldest son of the late Mr. Charles S. Parker, of Aigburth, Liverpool, by his marriage with Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Sand bach, of Hafo- dunos, Denbighshire, and grandson of the late Mr. Charles S. Parker, of Fairlie. He was born in 1829, and was educated at Eton and at University College, Oxford, where he took the usual degrees, obtaining a Fellowship and First-class Honours. He was private pecrotary at the Colonial Office from 1864 to 1866, and subsequently one of the Special Commis- sioners for Public Schools, and a Commissioner for Endowed Schools and Hospitals in Scotland, and a member of the Royal Commission on Military Edu- cation. Mr. Parker is not new to Parliamentary life, having sat as M.P. for Perthshire in the last Parlia- ment. He was, however, defeated in the last general election by the late Sir William Stirling Maxwell. Mr. Parker's return leaves the representation of Perth unaffected, Mr. Kinnaird having been a Liberal. Lord Charles Bruce, who has just been returned for Marl- borough in tha "Moderate Liberal" interest in the plaee of Lord Ernest Bruce, now Marquis of Ailesbury, is the youngest son of Charles, first marquis, by his second marriage with Maria Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Hon. Charles Tollemache, and granddaughter of the late Countess of Dysart. He was born in the year 1834, and was formerly a captain in the 1st Life Guards. He is a magistrate for Wilts and Middle- sex, and captain in the Royal Wilts Yeomanry Cavalry. Lord Charles Bruce is not new to Parlia- mentary life, having represented the Northern Divi- sion of Wilts in the Parliament of 1865-74. He married in 1860 Augusta Georgiana Sophia, third daughter of the late Mr. Frederick Charles William Seymour. He is the 94th new member who will have taken his seat in St. Stephen's since the general elec- tion of four years ago, and his return on the present occasion leaves the political representation of the borough unchanged. WEIGHT'S COAL TAB SOAP (SapO Carbonis Detergent), Antiseptic, Detergent .Disinfectant. The most healthful, agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. ^By its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured { the complexion improveil; pimples, blotches and roughness removed and the skin made clear, smooth, and lustrous. In our hands it has proved most effective in skin diseases." —TheLaneeL It is the only trueanriseptic soap."—British itedical Journal. In Tablets, 6d. an d is. each of all Che mists. W. V. Weip" ",«nd Co.. Southwirk-street. London. REWABDS FOB SAVING LIFE.—A large number of cases of saving life have just been brought under the notice of and investigated by this society, which has conferred its rewards in the following cases The society's medallion was unanimously voted to Robert Deane, for saving the life of a woman named Alice Geoghegan, who had accidentally fallen in the river Barrow, Kilkenny. The medallion was given to a boy of 14 named John Forar, for jumping into the canal at Clondalkin to the rescue of a young woman named Julia Lloyd; and also to Alfred Dick, for saving a woman and child who were in danger of drowing in the river Maerewhenna, Otago, New Zea- land, on the 19th of January last year. On the recom- mendation of the Lords of the Admiralty, a testi- monial inscribed on vellum, recording the services rendered and the thanks of the society, was awarded to Mr. Lawrence M'Carthy, boatswain, and William Blow, ordinary seaman, both of her Majesty's ship Valiant, for attempting to save W. G. Thomas, of the same vessel, who fell from the maintopsail yard, and striking the main rigging, fell into the water 300 yards from shore at Rathmullen, in October last, the tide running strongly at the time. KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES contain no Opium, Morphia, nor any violent drag. It is the most effective remedy known to the Medical Pro. fession in the cure of Cocoas, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS —one Lozenge alone relieves. Sold by all Cheans in Boxes. Is. 14d. and 2& 9d. each TRADE MARKS.—A Parliamentary paper has jus*; been issued showing that on the 24th of October last a declaration between Great Britain and the United States for the Protection of Trade Marks was signed by Lord Derby and Mr. Pierrepoint with a view to the reciprocal protection of the marks of manufacture and trade in the two countries. The agreement is as follows: The subjects or citizens of each of the contracting parties shall have in the dominions of the other the same rights as belong to native subjects er citizens, or as are now granted, or may hereafter be granted to the subjects and citizens of the most favoured nations, in everything relating to property in trade marks and tradelabels. Buttoentitle any person to the aforesaid protection itwill be necessary that ho shall have fulfilled the formalities required by the laws of the respective countries." We under- stand that owing to the difficulties experienced in registering all the trade marks in textile fabrics that it is not unlikely the time will have again to be ex- tended. Already the time for registering such trade marks has had to be extended twice by an amending Act of Parliament. The time limited by the Act of last session expired on the 1st ult.; but the Act of 1877 provides that an extension might be made by an Order in Council, thus saving the trouble and delay of seeking another amendiag Act. VOTE OF CONFIDENCE.—APPEAL TO THE COUNTRY.—OVERWHELMING MAJORITY.—The country having been appealed to, has, by a decisive majority, declared its confidence in the policy of the Willcox and Gibbs Sewing Machine Company in introducing their renowned "Automatic" Machine, and has estab- lished the fact that the "Automatic is the simplest, handiest, and most efficient sewing machine made. All who have not yet recorded their decisions, should do so at once and, that every one may have the amplest facilities for investigation, the Company offer to send their superb "Automatic" Silent Sewing Machine to anyone in the United Kingdom for a month s free trial at home, carriage paid. This trial involves no expense of any kind or obligation to buy. Lists post free. Apply to any of our certified agents, who may be found in all important towns, or to WILLCOX AND GIBBS, London (Oheapside and Regent- street). j


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