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CAPTAIN BOYTON ON THE TAGUS.—DURING his swim up the Tagus, Captain Boyton was compelled to stop twenty-four hours at the village of Puebla dO Montauban, in order to repair his dress, which had become torn. He has been everywhere well received by the villagers. Captain Boyton was to continue hit voyage without his boat, which he had sent back to Madrid. KAT'sTic PILLS, for Neuralgia,Faceache, &c., 94d., Is. lid Postage Id. Sold by all Chemists. Kay Bros., Stoekport THE VOLUNTEERS.—The results of tile vieWO arrived at at the conference of officers of the regulsj army and volunteers, held at the Boyal United Service Institution, to consider the "requirements of the force, have now been forwarded to tbO War Office, and it is anticipated that the attentio" of the Government will shortly be directed to tlJl urgent necessity which exists for placing the forco on an established footing, by proper organisation and equipment, so as to render it what it aims at being-a thoroughly reliable auxiliary to the aroll Since the matter was first taken up by 001. Howard Vincent, who has devoted much time sAd attention to it, suggestions from all parts of th' kingdom have been received bearing on the question and in some of the large counties meetings have held and resolutions carried, the substance of which embody the general idea of the wants of the force e** pressed at the conference. Theto appear to be-I. The necessity of an increase in the capitation grant. 2. The necessity of additional Government assistant in the formation of camps. 3. That funds for thO, building of drill o^ieda should be advanced by GoverO^ mert. 4. That rifle ranges in each locality should bØ provided by Government; and 6, that the force should be armed with the same weapon as the regular army* At the same time that these concessions are asked for, it is generally agreed that the volunteers will be willing to have the terms of efficiency extended. A PUBLIC-HOUSE BURGLARY FRUSTRATED. At Marylebone Police court, London, Walter SWithl 14, Charles Newport, 21, and Charles Whelburn, 17, were charged, on remand, before Mr. Mansfield, witØ conspiring together to burglariously break into an<i enter the Albert Edward public-house, Bolton St. John's-wood, and with intent to steal tberefroo1* It appeared that the prisoners Newport and WhelbutØ lived in the mews at the back of the on the night of the 24th ult. tLt-y left the house accompanied by a man named Fo^den, after having had something to drink there. As they were home Fogden heard Newport remark, I have him away under the settle in the tap-room, and put tWo scuttles and a board in front of bim." Fogden went doors, and subsequently he heard the words repeated* He thereupon told Newport and Whelburn that should go and tell the landlord what had been said. Newport answered, For God's sake don't, > you will get us all into a bother." Fogden went round and called up the landlord, and the pr" softer Smith was found concealed in the tap-roof' When asked what he was doing there he replied th., he was going to sleep there. A constable was seøfi for, and Smith was given into custody, and he told the officer that he had been put into the house b1 Newport and Whelburn, whom he was to have let The prisoners, who declined to say anything in aDB"et to the charge, were committed for trial. THE MAN who enters into the enterprise of Manufacturing Aerated Drinks, in any district where they are require renders a real service to the public, and no business o him a better return for a comparatively small omtlay. T" those who propose investing in this lucrative business, first object is to ascertain" herè such a district, exists, the next for success is to have the proper Machines and Appji* ances for producing the different Waters in the best condi" tion.—Catalog a e and all information sent upon receiptoI six stamps to Barnett, Son, and Foster, 21A, Forsto*" street, Hoxton, London, N. THE NORTHUMBERLAND PITMEN.-The strike of the Northumberland pitmen still continues. Inttf views were held between the masters and deputa" tions from the men last week, but with no satisfactory results. A meeting of the Northumberland Btea.Ø1 Coalowners* Association was held in Newcastle-on* Tyne on Saturday to consider the suggestion from the Executive Committee of the Miners' Association th** the 2^ per cent, difference between the parties be submitted to an umpire. It was resolved to refuIØ j to accept the suggestion, the owners being convinced that the state ot trade was such as to demand the fid* | reduction asked by them. Earl Grey, writing to the Newcastle Daily Journal, urges upon ,miners a settlement of the present disastrous j strike, urging the unreasonableness of the supposition that the colliery owners are insisting upon the reduC" tion of wages merely to obtain a higher rate of profit since it is plain that they are losing more by the pito being kept closed than the difference between any possible increase of profits they may derive froul lower wages. He also points out that the men, b1 loss of wages during the strike, are sacrificing roore than they could gain even ii they were to force th* colliery owners to grant the wages they are standing out for. Earl Grey encloses. letter which he baa: written to Mr. Burt, M.P., seer tary of the Minert Association, in which he strongly recommends the men to accept the inevitable. He states that, accord' ing to his information, several ships which had coØle to the Tyne for cargoes of coal, being unable obtain them, owing to the stoppage of the pits, been obliged to go to Cardiff, where they had S° them at Is. 6d. a ton less than the price of the TYvel and had found that ten tons of Cardiff coals equal to eleven tons of those from the Tyne, therefore sold better in the port to which they taken. Still, he says, ships would probably continue to come to the Tyne for coals, because the freightS gained by cargoes brought there might make up fot the other disadvantage; but everything will depend upon their being able to obtain an abundant and cheap supply. Lord Grey, at the same timf, compliment the miners on their orderly and good behaviour during ihe strike. EXECUTION AT MANCHESTER.—Pigotfc, whO was found guilty of the murder of Florence Galloway* at the Manchester Assizes last month, has })eeJ1 executed in that city Marwood was the executioner. Tbe culprit walked to the scaffold with a firm step' but sobbed very bitterly while the noose was adjusted' and repeated hurriedly several prayers. The dr^P was LODG—eight feet—and when tbe bolt was dra*' death seemed to be almost instantaneous. Pigott b been very docile during his incarceration, and attended attentively to the ministrations of the testant chaplain. The execution was witnessed by reporters and as many warders. bS KAY'S COMPOUND ESSENCE OF LINSEED,for oures 9 oases out of 10. Sold everywhere. SHd., Is. li<»«