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LONDON MARKETS. CORN, LONDON.—Owing to the announcement that the armistice harl been signed, the grain trade at Mark-lane been dull. There was a thin attendance. The supply English wheat was not large. Throughout b tsiness pro* gressed quietly, and the tendency of prices was in favour of buyers. Foreign wheat, of which a fair supply was on the stands, sold slowly, at previous quotations. Barley was moderate supply There was a slow trade at droopine cuf' rencies. Malt changed hands at late rates. As regardS oats a moderate supply was on offer. The trade was at previous prices. Maize was a dull market at last week*' quotations. Beans and peas were quiet at about late rateIH The flour market was dull, and quotations were weak. CATTLE (METROPOUTAN).—The cattle trade has ruled quiet and without feature. Supplies were not large, but still sufficient for the demand. The quotations were lIS follows:—Coarse and inferior oeasts, 4s 6d to 5s 001 second quality ditto, 5s 04 to 5s 6d; prime larg* oxen, 5s 6d to 58 10d; prime Scots, &c. 5s lOd to 6s Od; coarse and inferior sheep, 58 fid to 6s Odl 3econd quality do., 6s Od to 6s 6d; prime coarse woolled. 6s 10d to 7s Od; prime Southdown, 7s Od to 7s 2d I lambs. Os Od to Os Od; large coarse calves, 5s Od to 68 Od; priof small ditto, 6s Od to 6s 6d; large hogs, 3s bd to 4s Od; iØaJ small porkers, 4a Od to 4s 8d per 81b. to sink the offal. MEAT (METROPOLITAN).-With an unfavourable change in the weather the trade has not been so good. Inferior beef, 2s 8d to 3s 4d; middling ditto, 3s 6d to 4s 4d; priog large ditto, 4s 6d to 5s Od prime small ditto, 5s Od to 5s 4d; veal, 5s 4d to 6s Od; inferior mutton, 3s Od to 3s M; mrdd- ling ditto, 4s Od to 4s 4d prime ditto, 5s 4d to 6s Od pork, 3s Od to 3s 8d small ditto, 4s 4d to 4s 6d; and lattw Os Od to Os Od per 81b by the carcass. GAME AND POULTRY.—Widgeon, Is 3d to Is gdt woodcock, 3s 6d to 4s 6d; wild ducks, 2s Od to 2s 3d; leverets, 2s 9d to 3s 3d; conies, Is Od to Is 9d ducklings* 3s Od to 4s 6d; dueks, 2s Od to 3s Od; teal. Is tit 2s Od; plovers, 9d to Is; golden ditto, Is 4d to Is 8d; pheasants, 3s Od to 5s Od; capons, 6s Od to 8s Od; chickens, 2s Od to 3s Od; pullets, 5s 6d to 8s Od; haunches of venison, 128 oil to 20s Od each; fore-quarter of ditto, od to 9d per lb.