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WAR ITEMS. The St. Petersburg, newspaper Pravda is informed that Osman Pasha has received from-the Sultan 1000 hre. The allowance made to- the general by the Russian Government, which is calculated at the rate of 2000 roubles, or X225 per annum, Osman Pasha has refused. On his arrival at Kharkoff, the Turkish officers captured at Nikopoli waited upon him, but the Pasha gave them a "freezinglycold reception." His wound is progressing favourably. It is rumoured that an English comoany has ob- tained permission to construct a railway from Festh to oemlin, to join the projected Servian railway con- necticg Belgrade, Alexinatz, and Nish. From Nish head quarters great demands are being made on Belgrade for officials to meet the re- districts ^"ministration in the newly-occupied Great anxiety is felt regarding the disposal of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian refugees, of whom there 105,000 ir> Austria, 26,000 in Servia, and £ >u,uuu in Montenegro, 20,000 being under arms. Qnn N<WW CanQP has been formed at Erzingan, and omcers and non-commissioned officers are on their j ir ,mountain road for that place. Reis Mehmed, Eazim, Ghazi Mebmet, the son of Schamyl, Jidhem Pasha, and Hassan Pasha passed through the Russian lines during the night. ine Montenegrins, completing the conquest of the territory they have overrun, have planted batteries commanding the Boyana, cutting off Scutari from the sea. They have taken successively the Turkish island fortresses at the bead of the Lake of Scutari, • ng cappied, and Lesenkra surrendering, i 1™ i ai?s Vranjana on the north side of the laice. Another Montenegrin force occupies the line of e leveno River, cutting communications between Fodgontza and Scutari. Three serious engagements have been fought in ■, f The army under General Leschjanin has defeated the Turks at Guilana. General Beli- Sfnoi.J/ vr keen victorious at Petrova-Gora, and o-enerai iiorvatovitah on the lines of Radomir, and vu8 uP°n the Uskup road. By these battles a riri«eFV1wn8 ^ave obtained possession of all Old 6 • 0 has reached here of the armistice havmg been concluded. A special telegram to the Golos from Tiflis, dated i t that all the medical staff attached j al ponging to the 9th, 42nd, 43rd, 47th j ropol regiments, together with several ? io fho 8j "with typhus fever. In some hospi- -j-t-f?'1 c m^c kas stricken down everybody, from e °f Herey and hospital dressers to the pro- flT ™* S,' majority of cases are fatal. At Ale equally with Tiflis, the military hospi- tals are absolute peethouses, and in neither town is it easy to find a house free from disease. Typhus is spreading broughout the Caucasus and Armenia with such rapidity and deadliness that it has assumed the proportions of a pIague jObeleff announces that the fortifications of Adrianople are excellent, all being substantially face l stone, and provided with escarpements and counter scarps. it i8Fnot yet known ho £ many gun8 were un but it l8 g^jd to be more than twenty-six, thec £ Z"W^^nouiflsed. 3? ^^opoitchinsky has addressed a telegram £ Kherson, requesting hiia to have n ,u Pfovince nearly a million articles of warm clothing for the Russian army. The chief -of the Russian staff urges the utmost despatch in the fulfil- inent of this order. A contract has also been entered into between the chief of the Russian Intendance and Mr. Rodonaebi, a Greek merchant of Odessa, for the transport of 7000 tons of provisions from Yassy to Buchareat; The conveyance is to be effected solely by waggons in order to relieve the traffic on the Rou- manian railways, -i Au8t/it kaVln £ remonstrated at' St. Petersburg against the continued occupation of Bulgaria, the in- °u Servia and Montenegro, and theplacing or tne uapnbe under Russian control, the German Court is endeavouring to mediate between the two Eastern Powers. It should be understood, however, • uJ ♦ ?rtnan Government has not relinquished its 5 ai} active part in the contemplated altera- tion of the Paris Treaty of Peace. Warlike demonstrations are being made in all the towns of Greece. On the frontier, near Surpi, a com- bat has occurred in which the Turks fled into a monastery, where they are besieged. From the Drina it is reported that owing, to a t li? QSnoyj communications are interrupted and that tbe Servian troops there have at present no other food than biscuit. An official despatch received here from General Zimmermann, dated Medjidie, Jan. 28, gives details of his engagements with the garrison ef Bazardjik, and states that the Russians advanced right up to the fortifications of that town. On account of the thaw the roads were impassable, and the transport of sup- plies was rendered very difficult.. The Russians had no provisions, and also suffered from want of water. The Golos publishes a telegram dated from Kars, saying The Turks in Erzeroum are subject to most horrible sufferings. About 200 die daily from typhus fever alone. There are no provisions and no firewood in the place. Ismael Hakki Pasha is dying. The ) Turks have repeatedly offered to surrender, but insist upon the condition that the troops be allowed to leave with their arms. It is reported from Athens that a corps of 10,000 Greeks and many thousand volunteers havo crossed the frontier into Thessaly. The troops ) ave orders not to attack the Turkish forces. They are simply to prevent any massacres from taking place. This has been announced to the Turkish Minister at Athens, who does not, it is said, appear to consider it a suf- ficient cause for the rupture of diplomatic relations, as he is making no preparations to leave. I A hundred armed Circassians are to be seen about the streets of Constantinople w)th chalices from the churches, robes, horses, cattle, and other booty, which they are selling at absurd prices. No attempt is made to disarm them. They are as much distrusted by the Turks possessing property as by the Christians. The Turks recognise that they are powerless to maintain erder. Immediate steps ought to be taken by the Powers jointly to preserve order.