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THE public endearments of new-married people are unwise as well as indecorous. No wise man counti, his coin in the presence of those who, for ought he knows, may be thieves. RUSSIA AND THE VATICAN.—Dr. Vaughan, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford, preaching at the opening of a new church at Ancoats, dwelt at length upon the oppression to which, he said, the Govern- ment of the Czar had subjected the Catholics of Russia and Poland. He read a memorial, enumerating fifteen grievances drawn up by the Vatican for pre- sentation at St. Petersburg, but which the Russian Ambassador at Rome had declined to forward, on the ground that "his Government was not in the habit of receiving a censure from anyone." They had now, said Dr. Vaughan, the spectacle of an aged Pontiff maintaining the rights of conscience and liberty against a despot who threatened the peace and even the liberty of Europe. KAY'S COMPOUND ESSENCE OF LINSEED, a. demulcent expeo. torant, for Coughs NQoldjL Sold everywhere, 9id., Is. lid. A DANGEROUS RUFFIAN.—At the Croydon Police-court, William Geal, a bricklayer, was commit- ted for trial on a charge of having assaulted and broken the leg of a gamekeeper named Dollin. The prisoner followed the gamekeeper and another man into a public-house, forced his company on them, and committed the assault complained of. On being ar- rested Geal used his feet and teeth freely, and kicked and bit one of the men who were helping the police. He has been only recently discharged from gaol after six months' hard labour for an assault upon the police. IAMPWUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE.—"Have it in your houses, and use no other," for it is the only safe anti- dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, and Headache, having peculiar and exclu- sive merits. The Matter of the Rolls hat granted a perpetual injunction agaimt others using the name and trademark. Sold by all Chemists. THE MEDITERRANEAN FLEET.—According to latest advices, the ships constituting the Mediterranean Fleet were distributed as follows The Alexander and Agincourt (flag ships), Sultan, Hotspur, Research, Temeraire, Cygnet, Rupert, Salatnis, and Swiftsure were at Besika Bay; the Antelope and Flamingo were at Constantinople; the Cockatrice was at the Sulina mouth of the Danube; the Torch had sailed for Rodosto; the Condor was cruising n the coast of Syria, and the Pailas was ex- pected at Alexandria from Port Said. The other ships were undergoing repair at Malta. The Raleigh, which had been despatched in search of the Serapis, troopship, was ready for service, and the temporary refit of the Devastation was drawing to a conclusion. The Cygnet was also just out of the dockyard hands; and the BUtern was to be ready bv the 23rd inst. and the Helicon by the end of the month. The Achilles was also under repair, and it was thought that the Sultan would be ordered to Portsmouth to receive a new set of boilera. BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK.— The above are imported direct by M. LEADER, 9, NEW INN-YARD, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, B.C., from whoir price lists are sent, on application, of every deacrip tion of fancy wools, canvas, filoselle, &c. COLONIAL SYMPATHY.—The Mayor of Auok- land, New Zealand, in sending a contribution to the Lord Mayor for the Indian Famine Fund, writes: The amount is, of course, small compared with that forwarded by larger and more wealthy cities in the The amount is, of course, small compared with that forwarded by larger and more wealthy cities in the Australian colonies, but I am sure that it will be re- ceived as an evidence of that community of senti- ment which animates every part of the Empire, and which gives promise that whenever any great calamity —whether of famine or of hostile armament—may threaten the welfare of any portion of that Empire, the warm sympathy and vigorous effort of tbe British race throughout the world will respond with the force and potency of a united nation." The Lord Mayor in reply, said In this emergency the assistance of the colonies has been most kindly rendered and most practically valuable, and their action fully bears out your belief, that in any great calamity affecting the welfare of the British Empire, colonial aid may be most surely counted upon." THE only black crapes which really will not spot with rain are stamped rain-prqof, and a guarantee is attached to every piece. The black does not come off when wet.