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BURIAL BOARD.-An ordinary meeting of this Board was held at the Council Chamber, .on Tues- day last. Present-Messrs. J. Lewis, S. Davies, and O. P. Davies. In the absence of the chairman Mr. Lewis was elected to preside. On the motion of the chairman, seconded by Mr. Stephen Davies, it was resolved that a cheque be issued to Mr. Joseph Rees for the sum of £3 18s. for the seal of the Board. The meeting was adjourned for a week. THE LATE F^RE AT GELLYGATY FARM.—We are pleased to announce that Mr. Lewis, Brecon Old Bank, Cardigan, the local agent of the Alli- ance Life and tire Assurance Society, has just received a cheque for £ 1140 18s. in payment of Mr. S. Owens's claim under a policy ot insurance against fire. MARRIAGE OF Miss LEWIS.-As will be seen in another column, tin marriage of Dr. Henry Clarke, of Wakefield, Yorskshire, to Miss Louisa Lewis, second daughter of Mr. W. T. Lewis, Priory-street, took place at St. Mary's Church, on Wednesday morning last. By the time for the departure of the wedding party to Church, a large crowd had gathered along Priory-street, and the marriage ceremony in the Church was witnessed by a large number The bells of St. Mary's Church also rang during the day in honour of the event. FOOTBALL.—CARDIGAN V. NEWCASTLE.-This match was played on the Netpool ground, on Wed- nesday, the 30th ult. The first goal was kicked by Mr. J. M. Jones in favour of the home team but before half time was called, the Emlynians had also succeeded in obtaining one goal. During the second half of the game, each side again obtained one goal, so that the match resulted in a drawn game. The Sheffield Association Rules were played on the occasion, as much foolish prejudice is shewn at Newcastle against the adoption of the Rugby Union. THE S.S. SEA FLOWER.—An ordinary general meeting of the Cardigan Commercial Steam Navi- fation Company was held at the Guild-hall, on londay last, when the Directors submitted a re- Eort of the working of the Company up to Decem- er 31st, 1877, and a dividend at the rate of 15 per cent, per annum was declared. Four of the Di- rectors retired by rotation, viz., Messrs. R. Edgar Rees, B. Evans, G. Davies, and Capt. Gillespie. The following gentlemen were elected to fill the vacancies :—Mr. R. E. Rees, 67 votes; Capt. H. Davies, 63 votes; Mr. D. O. Jones, 50 votes; and Mr. John Esau, 48 votes. MONTHLY MEETING.—The monthly meetings of the Calvinistic Methodists of the lower division of Cardiganshire was held at Aberporth, on Tues- day and Wednesday last. At 10 o'clock the first day, a general committee was held, when the busi- ness pertaining to the district was transacted, and at 2 p.m., the usual conference of ministers and delegates. The public services were commenced at 6 o'clock, when two excellent sermons were preached by the Revs. D. Williams, Lampeter, and D. Saunders, Swansea. On Thursday, at 10 a. m., sermons were delivered by the Revs. J. Evans, Abermeurig, and D. Saunders, Swansea; at 2 p. m., by the Revs. E. Morris, Aberayron, and D. Lewis. Llanstephan; and at 6 p.m., by the Revs. David Lewis and D. Saunders. The sermons throughout were very impressive, and the attendance good. CONCERT.—A conert was held at Penybryn Baptist Chapel, on W ednesday evening last, presi- ded over by the Rev. T. Phillips, Verwig, and conducted by the Rev. W. O. Evans, Cilgerran. The following choirs took part:—Penybryn, Pen- uel and Capel y Babell, Cilgcrran, Greenfield- square, Cardigan, and Glanrliyd, together with Miss Anne Lloyd and Mr. G. Biddyr, St. Dog- mells. Miss Evangeline Evans, Penralltcadogan, presided at the harmonium. During the concert addresses were delivered by the Revs. Seth Jones, St. Dogmells, G. H. Griffiths, Newcastle Emlyn, and J. P. Davies, Ebenezer. There was a large audience, and the proceeds were towards liquidat- ing the debt.on Salem Baptist chapel, Briton Ferry, which church is now under the pastoral care of the Rev. J. Jones (Mathetes.) PONTRESELLY PETTY SESSIONS.—These ses- sions were held at the Nag's Head Inn, Pontreselly, on Tuesday last, before Colonel Lewis (chairman), and J. F. Jones Lloyd, Esq. The following cases were heard :—John Morris, Clyncoch, Llanfirnach, mason, charged William Thomas, late of Henfedd- au, Clydey, tailor, with an assault at Henfeddau, on the 24th January last. Case dismissed. Same charged Jonah Thomas, Brynmeini, Llanfir- nach, farmer, with a similar offence, committed at the same time and place. Case dismissed. Same charged Henry Thomas, Mountain Hall, Llanfir- nach, farmer, and James Thomas, Carmarthen, tailor, with a similar offence committed at the same time and place. Both cases were also dis- missed.-Mary Morris, Clyncoch, Llanfirnach, charged the above Henry Thomas, with a similar offence, at the same time and place. Case with- drawn. James Thomas, Carmarthen, tailor, charged the above John Morris, Clyncoch, Llanfir- nach, with feloniously stealing one door key, from the Llancych Arms, Henfeddau, the property of complainant. Case withdrawn. CARDIGAN SCHOOL BOARD. An ordinary meeting of this Board was held on Monday last, at the Council Chamber, when there were present Dr. Thomas (chairman), Messrs. T. Davies, R. D. Jenkins, Asa J. Evans, and O. P. Davies. RESIGNATION OF MISS LLOYD. The Clerk was requested to see Miss Lloyd, the mistress, and endeavour to prevail upon her to withdraw her resignation until the next examina- tion is over, as a change at present would cause a great loss and inconvenience to the school. We understand that Miss Lloyd has kindly con- sented to withdraw her resignation. A very fine toned bell for the use of the schools, supplied by Mr. William James, ironmonger, was announced ready to be put up on Thursday. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting of this Board was held at the Workhouse, on Wednesday last. Pres- ent Messrs. J. Lewis (in the chair), B. Rees, T. Llewellyn, John Evans, and Rev. D. George. NOTICE OF MOTION. The following notice of motion by Mr. W. O. Brigstocke was laid before the Board, and it was decided that it should be entered in the minute book :— That the Clerk be directed to make a return, shewing the cost per head for the maintenance of each pauper within the Cardigan Union, as well as those within the Unions of Aberayron, Aberyst- wyth, Carmarthen, Llandilo-fawr, Haverfordwest, Narberth, and Pembroke; and that the figures given in Mr. Bircham's return, both as regards number of paupers and amount of relief, be taken as bases of calculation." ARCHIBOLD'S POOR LAW. On the motion of Mr. B. Rees, seconded by the Rev. D. George, it was resolved—" That Archi- bold's Poor Law be ordered for the use of this Board." RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. The monthly meeting of this Authority was held at the Shire-hall, in this town, on Saturday last. Present-Messrs. J. T. W. James (chair- man), T. H. Brenchley, Col. Lewis, Capt. Gower, W. Mathias, T. Davies, Asa J. Evans, B. Rees, T. Jones, T. Llewellyn, O. Thomas, L. Davies, J. Evans, Capt. Minister, Wm. George, and Evan Philipps. A QUESTION TO DECIDE. A communication from the Local Government Board was read by the Chairman, containing an extract from a letter sent by Mr. C. M. Griffith, Llwyndyrys, to that board in reference to the con- dition of the Tivy and the adjoining lands during floods. Mr. Griffith stated that the bed of the river had risen and the width narrowed by the debries from the Quarries carried into it by the floods. During heavy floods the land was sub- merged, and Llechryd budge and the roads ren- dered impassable. Capt. Codrington had surveyed the river, and reported that the bed of the river in some places had risen six inches since last Oc- tober. The river had, at one time, been navigable, but had ceased to be so owing to the debries com- plained of, and must come under the 20th section of the River Pollution Act. The Clerk said that he had replied to the letter in question, and informed the Local Government Board that he could not advise the Authority to do anything contrary to the resolution passed at the last meeting. A reply from the Local Government Board, dat- ed January 19th, was read, which stated that if the Tivy was a tidal river as far as Cilgerran Quar- ries, it would be competent to bring it under the River Pollution Act by an order made under Sec- tion 20th, after which it would be considered as a stream. Capt. Gower contended that it was not a tidal river up to Cilgerran, that Mr. Codrington had failed to observe a rising of the tide there. Mr. Asa J. Evans said that if refuse had been thrown into a river so as to prevent the flow, it did not follow that it ceased to be tidal. Mr. Brenchley I saw Mr. Codrington at Aber- ayron, and he told me that the decision come to by this Authority was quite right, as it had no juris- diction in the matter. Mr. Asa J. Evans The object is to bring it un- der our jurisdiction by an order in the Guzette, and that means a great outlay. The complaint does not rest on sanitary point. Chairman: This is a very old complaint. I re- collect some 30 years ago seeing the whole country about Llechryd, together with the bridge, under water. Had seen marks of the water as high as four feet on the wall of a house at Llechryd. Mr. Brenchley: I recollect seeing Mrs. Lloyd of Coedmore in 1842 or 1843 riding over the Llechryd Bridge when the water was over the parapet. Mr. Asa J. Evans We have no jurisdiction in the matter. The Town Council has been consti- tuted the Port Authority, and its jurisdiction ex- tend over the tidal waters. The river cannot be brought under our jurisdiction without an order, and we must contend against that being done, as it will incur great expense to the ratepayers. Be- sides, Mr. Griffith's statement is incorrect. It has been clearly proved in the Queen's Bench that the obstruction complained of had existed for a very long period. The vital question is this—Are we going to take it up on sanitary ground ? I say No. In order to clear up the mist that seems to hang about th<f question, I beg to submit the fol- lowing for your consideration and adoption:- "That this Authority, while deploring the con- dition of the river Tivy as affected by the immense quantities of quarry refuse thrown into it during many past generations, principally from the Car- diganshire or northern side, beg to submit for the consideration of the Local Government Board the following points or queries :-(I.) Whether or not the tidal part of the river is not already subject to the jurisdiction of the Port Sanitary Authority by virtue of the Order, dated the 15th day of Septem- ber last, and properly so, as far as sanitary objects are concerned, by reason of the continual passage of barges carrying the produce of the Cilgerran Quarries, either to sailing vessels moored, or b cts wharfs, within the Borough. (2.) Sanitary objects clearly not being the primaiy incentives of the present action, and, in fact, so remote, that it might be proper for the Board to consider whether or not, in the terms of the 20th Section of the River Pollution Act, that Section even impliedly fives power to make an Order, so as to impose on this Authority and their officers increased and on- erous duties, and probably much expense, but for objects foreign to their understood functions. The Board will notice that sanitary grounds are not at all alluded to in the statement of Mr. Marshall Griffith." Mr. Brenchley: I entirely agree with Mr. Evans* suggestion. ,) i i Capt. Gower contended that it was a sanitary question, as it affected many houses at LlechrycL The bargemen could prove that the bed of the river had risen lately. Several other members having expressed their opinions on the matter, 0 Chairman: As the matter stands at present, it evidently does not belong to us. Equitably, my opinion is that the parties who had the Quarries- those who made large profits out of them, or the gentlemen who have them in their possession now -ought to go into the expense of clearing the river, and not shouldering the burden upon the ratepayers of the various parishes. The taxes are heavy enough already. I Capt. Gower: They are dead. Chairman: Their heirs then. After some further discussion, Mr. Asa J. Evans resolution, seconded by Mr. B. Rees, was put to the meeting and adopted. UNITED PARISHES PLOUGHING MATCH. On Thursday, the 31st ult., the annual plough- ing match for the united parishes of Eglwyswrw, Meline, Llantood, Whitechurch, and Llanfair- ) Nantgwyn came off this year at Frochest, Eglwys- wrw, with the following result. In the double-furrow class, four competed, the first prize (25s.) being awarded to W. Richards, Pantyderi 2nd (17s. 6d.) T. Rees, Tregaman 3rd (12s. 6d.) Rowland Watkins, Cwmeog. In the Champion Class, the prizes were awarded as follows:-Ist (20s.) Dan Davies, Penpedwast; 2nd (7s. 6d.) J. Williams, Pantyderi; 3rd (2s. 6d.) J. Davies, Pontyficer. In the general class the first prize was awarded to D. Griffiths, Parkmeirig (20s.); 2nd (17s. 6d.) W. Selby, Penpedwast; 3rd (15s.) T. Davies, Gawse; 4th (12s. 6d.) E. Davies, Spite; 5th (10s.) W. Thomas, Tyddynpistyll; 6th (7s. 6d.) Daniel Edwards, Trewilym; 7th (5s.) J. Thomas, Tre- wilym 8th (2s. 6d.) John Daniel, Panteg. In the junior class, the first prize was awarded to Evan Watts, Treclvn (20s.) 2nd (15s.) Thomas Davies, Penlan 3rd (10s.) J. Williams, Pencnwc. The stewards were-Messrs. J. Evans, Nant- gwyn; W. Evans, Palle J. P. George, Rhydgarn- wen; J. Hughes, Penybenglog O. Thomas, Clyn- meredith; Caleb Morris, Berllan; John Morris, Tyllwyd; T. Colby, Pantyderi; and W. Evans, Tyllwyd; T. Colby, Pantyderi; and W. Evans, Nantyrhelygen, who discharged their duties to per- fection, as did also the indefatigable Secretary, Mr. W. Thomas, Croesyforwyn, and the treasurer, Mr. Caleb John, Eglwyswrw. The Judges were Messrs. J. Evans, Tyhen; Griffith Griffiths, Pantygroes George Llewellyn, Esgyrn; and Eli Davies, Bryncws, whose decisions gave entire satisfaction. The weather being fine there was a large attendance of spectators on the ground. The proceedings being over, an excellent dinner was partaken of by a good number of the company, at the Plough Inn, Eglwyswrw, provided at the expense of Mr. G. Mathias, Frochest. Dinner over, Mr. T. Colby, Pantyderi, was voted to the chair, who in his remarks dwelt at some length upon farming, and the present improved imple- ments, and concluded by saying that he hoped to see the present mode of tilling, &c. supplanted by steam power. A very enjoyable evening was after- wards spent.


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