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SATIRE is an ugly weapon in the work of reform. It tears asunder, it cauterises, it blisters. No one is really made better by it. The one assailed, though he may fear the sting, will never be better through its application, though he may seem so. A satirist lives all the time in boiling water. JESUS AT THE FBAST OF TABBRNACLM.— And suddenly, in the midst of all the murmurs and discussions of the Jews, in the middle of the feast, Jesus, unaccompanied apparently by His followers, unheralded by HiB friends, appeared in the Temple, and taught. By what route He had reached the Holy Oity-how He had passed through the bright thronged streets unnoticed—whether He joined in the innocent mirth of the festival—whether He too lived in a little succah of palm-leaves during the remainder of the week, and wandered among the brightly-dressed crowds of an Oriental gala day with the lulab and citron in His hands—whether His voice was heard in the Hallel, or the Great Hosannah-we do not know. All that is told us is that, throwing Himself, as it were, in full confidence on the protection of His dis- ciples from Galilee and those in Jerusalem, He was suddenly found seated in one of the large halls which opened out of the Temple courts, 'and there He taught. For a time they listened to Him in awe-struck silence but soon the old scruples recurred to them. He is no authorised Rabbi; He belongs to no recognised school; neither the followers of Hillel nor those of Sham- inai claim Him He is a Nazarene He was trained in the shop of the Galilsean carpenter; how knowelh this man letters, having never learned?" As though the few who are taught of God-whose learning is the learning of a pure heart and an en- lightened eye and a blameless life-did not unspeak- ably transcend in wisdom, and therefore also in the best and truest knowledge, those whose learning has but come from other men It is not the voice of erudition, but it is, as the old Greek thinker says, the voice of Inspiration-the voice of the divine Sibyl —which, uttering things simple and unperfumed and unadorned, reacheth through myriads of years.— .Dr. Farrars Life of Christ,


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