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-n WAR ITEMS. The Danube has at length been frozen over, and „ p.. U8 "tores of food and other supplies which f ,,118 .had accumulated on the Roumanian over the ice6 £ be-Dg!?nVeyed int° Bulgaria if it should provAT?-mDg C0TUmCatl°n81'6-Cn J; .;6 but temporary, will enormously im- SaL^lr" 'nBulgaria quote, an article of Proff-aaor f Pu^bshed by the Rmski Mir, proving that command!^ of the Dardanelles without a fort IPSA advanf ^trance of the Black Sea would be sent system. 8 for fiua8ian intereets than the pre- arms^nd g^!T?Pa larg« quantity of ancient weapons, found. Thev ° 8uPerior, wwkmanship have been Belgrade MuseS 14 u- t°l_be ,conJ67f to the, standing, boaS?' ^th4?ugh coins found in tu ich collectlon> especially of ancient yinces. Principality and neighbouring pro- remabed?\h^Msiaa famiIy.05' B88bl'-BaoZ0uihas Like locusts occupied by the Servians, vanished. came an(* locusts they have burst fromMthflSlrc.humli an outcry ,0f,indufi:1ati0Jn less bodies of t Vlans when they beheld the head- them LI'A.« enty-six of their countrymen, among Mashich. Petrovich and Vladimir have treated C^traat to 8UCb barbarity the Servians humanity to fk -^ur^'8b wounded with signal off their sometimes of even stripping their enemiea ,to warm the balf-frozen bodies of It ia alleged arn*nthebattle'fi.eld^ • u • to chocse bet Constantinople that Russia having clash with thtT'6611 con<tions of peace which w«uld clash with the 1^ere8'a °f Austria, and such as would latter alteraaHDtere8t8 of EDSland» bas selected the quiringthan0Ufr\ and» abandoning the idea of re- instead the riPU cautonomy of Bul8aria>wiU demand the cession of Paaeage through the Dardanelles, guarantees for P°rtion of Armenia, and material An Odessa Payment of a war indemnity, ironclads hav C01"resP°n<lent s'ates thit two Turkish Sebastopol, iQ6 as8umed a permanent blockade off steamer Russi °r<*er 40 prevent the egress of the war k arrived from& n <->dessa a &reek steamer has passed throui>k having successfully < 8b the line of Ottoman cruisers. Pre- < parations are being made at Kertch to resist the ) attack of a Turkish squadron, which the naval authorities are informed intend to bombard that fortress. Admiral Arkas has received the cross of Alexander Nevsky from the Cz»r in recognition of j his services in connection with the organisation of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. i' On the night of the 18th instant Colonel Panjutin was sent with the Eighty Regiment, eleventh rifle battalion, and two guas against a Turkish train which bad been observed by Russian scouts. Colonel Panjutin overtook the train twelve versts from Harmanli and found it escorted by six tabors of in- fantry aided by large numbers of armed inhabitants. After a severely contested engagement lasting two hours, the Turks were defeated and d ispersed, and the Russians captured the whole train consisting of 2000 waggons. The Russian loss was four officers and forty-six men. 8 There are immense stores of siege artillery ammuni- tion in and around the buildings of an old Roumanian monastery on the bank of the Danube above Simnitza. This collection of heavy projectiles is rather indica- tive of a serious intention to bpsiege the fortresses of the Quadrilateral; but the artillery operations around Plevns were not such as to furnish much encourage ment to attempt the reduction of positions protected by heavy Runs and well defended by earthworks; besidts which the process of masking or outflanking such positions has been found to be much more practi- cable.

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