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KA-esTic PILu. for NearaIgia,Facea.che, &c., 9ld., Is. ltd Postage Id. Sold by all Chemists. Kay Bros., Stockport THE BUFFALO AND DOMESTIC Cow.-The fol- lowing account may be relied on: A cow buffalo in calf was purchased from the late Lord Combermere by the late Mr. Norcop, of Betton Hal), and placed in his park. She produced a bull calf, which, with its mother, was allowed to roam at pleasure. Getting access to a Longhorn bull, the cow brought further produce, which at last attained to a herd of about fifty. The practiee was to castrate all the male calves soon as dropped, the old man in charge of them being able to go among them at will, though with strangers they were very wild and untractable, the cows being served by the bulls of the neighbouring farmers, most of which were the old-fashioned Longhorns. The animals thus bred grew to a large size, more especially those which bad a less proportion of buffalo blood these, too, gradu- ally lest the delicious Lump of fat that characterised the pure and half-bred ones, though even to the last the conformation of the back showed where it should have been, and the quality of the meat was markedly superior to the ordinary stock of the district, the fat being perfectly delicioos.-Live Stock Journal, BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK.- The above are imparted direct by M. LKADKB, 9, Nzw IHH-TAKD, SHOBKDITCH, LONDON, B.O., from whoir price listo are sent, on application, of every descrip tion of fancy wools, canvas. filoselle, Ac. A CHINAMAN INDICTED FOR FORGERY.—At the Hampshire Assizes, Tom Fat, a young Chinaman, was indicted before Mr. Justice Mellor on several charges of forgery, with intent to defraud his master, Lord Charles Beresford, commander of H.M.S. Thunderer. It appeared that the prisoner was bought of his father in China by Lord Charles some nint years ago for S25. He proved an apt servant, and under his master's tuition became an expert penman, and his duties included the care of Lord Charles's cheque-book. He began forging in 1874, since which time he has defrauded his master of upwards of £14,000, his plan being to tear out a cheque and counterfoil, and make the former payable to self, and signing Lord Charles's name, the forgery being such as almost to defy detection. He would destroy the vouchers as they were returned from the bank, and it was only by an accident that the frauds were dis- covered. He pleaded guilty to three charges, and sentence was deferred. WRICIHT'B COAL TAB SOAP (Sapo Carbonit Detergens), Antiseptic, Detergent ,Disinfectant. The most healthful, agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. By ita daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured j the complexion improved; pimples, blotches and roughness removed; and the skin made clear, smooth, and lustrous. In our hands it has proved most effective in skin diseases." —TKe Lancet It is the only true an tiseptio soap."—British atedical Journal. In Tablets, 6d. and is. each of all Chemists. W. V. WRIGHT and Co.. South wark-street. London. A CURIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE wAs mentioned at the opening of a new cocoa room in Liverpool. One of the speakers stated that the frontages of the public- houses within the borough had been measured, and it had been found that if they were all placed together they would form a line eighteen miles in length. KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES oontaln no Opium, Morphia, nor any violent drag. It is the most effective remedy known to the Medical Pro- fession in the cure of COUGHS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS -one Lozenge alone relieves. Sold by all Chemis in Boxes. Is. Ud. and 2a. 9d. each MR. H. M. STANLBy.-It is said to be in con- templation by the Corporation of London to confer the honorary freedom of the City upon Mr. Henry M. Stanley, in recognition of his discoveries in Central Africa. Mr. Stanley is already a Freeman of the Turners' Company, as are also Sir Bartle Frere, Dr. Moffatt, Commander Cameron, Colonel Grant, and other distinguished travellers. In accordance with a standing order, the matter will first be discussed by the Corporation in Committee. COMPOST WITH ECONOMY secured by purchas- ing one of the Russian Home-spun DresAMg Ocw; f at 12s. 9d, or an Italian Flannel one at fa J lo. Patterns post free of E. Avis, and Co., Ladies Out- fitters, 213, Upper-street, Islington N. AMENDMENT OF THE VACCINATION LAw.- A bill before the House of Commons has been printed to amend the law relating to vaccination so far as ac- cumulating penalties are concerned. It is proposed to enact that after the passing of this Act no parent of a ehild shall be liable to be convicted for neglecting to take or cause to be taken such child to be vacci- nated, or for disobedience to any order directing such child to be vaccinated, if either he has been previously adjudged to pay the fall penalty of 20s. for any of such offences with respect to such child, or he has been previously twice adjudged to pay any penalty for any of such offences in respect of such child." The names of Mr. Pease, Mr. Walter James, Mr. Mun- dell&, and Mr. Leeman appear on the bill, which is appointed to be read a second time on the 3rd of April. DYEING AT HOME.—Jndson'a Dyes are most useful and effectual. Ribbons, silks, feathers, scarfs, lace, braid, veils, handkerchiefs, clouds, bernouses, Shetland shawls, or any small article of dress can easily be dyed in a few minutes without soiling the hands. Violet, magenta, crimson, mauve, purple, ponceau, claret, Ac. Ask for Judson's Dyes. Sold by chemists and stationers. Sixpence per bottle. SELLING CHILDREN IN FAMINE TIME.—Owing to the famine in the Nizam's territory, which has now happily passed away, parents were a short time ago only too happy to sell away their children this was the case not only in mofuesil towns, but even in the Presidency capital. The Secunderabad paper says that at the village of Shadum, about fifty miles from Hyderabad, a jemadar purchased fifty children at the rate of Rs. 3 each, but that forty died from disease contracted previous to purchase. An Arab purchased fifteen children at Rs, 1-8 each. In parts of Shadum distress is still' keenly felt; the poor people content themselves with eating jungle roots and herbs, and the death-rate is very high. „ best cement for Broken Articles. 6d., Is., Zi. Postage 2d. Kay Bros., Sto«kport Sold everywhere.



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