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11UT. 0 COMPOUND ESSENCE OF LINSBED, a demulcent expec* torant, for Coughs VQolds. Sold everywhere, 9;d., Is. lid. DEATH OF A BONAPARTIST SENATOR.-The death is announced of a Bonapartist Senator, St* Mege, who was Minister of Public Instruction in the OUivier Cabinet of 1870. He was a fellow-townsman of M. Rouher, being born at Riom in 1817.—Theo- phile Schuler, one of the most eminent Alsatian painters, has also just died at Strasburg. SHOCK OF EARTHQUAKE.—A powerful shock of earthquake has been felt in the island of J eney. It was so strong as to cause houses to totter and bells to ring. Its course was from east to west. There was at the time a heavy gale from the Bouth-west in the English Channel. LAMPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALRNX-" Have it in your houses, and use no other," for it is the only safe anti- dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, and Headache, having peculiar and exclu- sive merits. The Master of the Rolls has granted a perpetual injunction agaimt others using the name and trade mark. Sold by all Chemists. GREENOCK ELECTION.—Mr. James Stewart# the extreme Liberal candidate, has been elected for Greenock, having polled 2183 votes. The votes given for his competitors were: Sir James Ferguson (Conservative), 2124; Donald Carrie (Liberal), 1648; and Scott Moncrief (Radical), 108. The town was in a fever of excitement during the polling. A LONDON CORRESPONDENT learns from trustworthy source that the conduct of Cardinal Manning in refusing to permit a Requiem Mass for the late Victor Emmanuel has formed the subject of an autograph letter from King Humbert to the Pope. Two IRISHMEN, On a certain occasion, occupies the same chamber. In the morning one of them in- quired of the other," Dennis, did yoa bear the thunder in the night ? "No, Pat; did it really thunder ? Yes; it thundered as if heaven and earth would come together." Why the deuce then, didn't y» wake me, for ye know I can't slape when J thunders ? Is Mrs. Bobblums in ? inquired a gentle- man of the servant who responded te his knoc*; "No, sir, she's not at home." "Wet), I'm sorry> I e said the gentleman, in a regretful tone, "111 I ovr her some money, and called to pay it." Where"po" a voice from over the stairs is heard, Oh! I am lU ? to be sure I am why, Sally, didn't you know that ? Ask the gentleman to walk in." Unfortunately J1 gentleman bad called for arrears of taxes. HAT'S COMPOUND ESSENCE OF LINSEED,for Colds & COUSW cures 9 cases out of 10. Sold everywhere, 9id., Is. lid.