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A PROPOSED TESTIMONIAL.—We are pleased to learn that several ladies connected with the church assembling at the Tabernacle, in this town, have signified their intention of presenting the Rev. W. Mydrim Jones with a testimonial, as a small token of their esteem of him as a pastor and their sympathy with him in his present afflictions. The promoters are-Mrs. Phillips, Bridge House; Mrs. M. A. Stephens, St. Mary-street; Mrs. Williams, Stationer; Mrs. D. Jones, Pendre; Mrs. Lewis, Draper; Mrs.John Williams, High-street; and Mrs Morgaw, SMIora! Home, wilt Krill IhmtfnHj rw- ceive any voluntary donation offered. DARING ROBBERY.—On Saturday night last, the sum of jE14 was stolen from the shop of Mr. David Griffiths, grocer, Pendre^ in this town. As yet, no identical clue to the robber has been found. We also understand that several other robberies have been made in the same locality of late. The Gazette announces the appointment of Capt. J. S. Segram, of the 95th Foot, as Adjutant of the Pembrokeshire Battalion of Volunteers, in the Elace of Capt. W. Lewes, whose period of office ad expired. THE VOLUNTEER CORPS.—The first full-dress drill for the present year took place at the Corn Market, on Monday evening last. There was a good muster, numbering 45, and Major Evans, in addressing the members, complimented them upon their attendance at drill during the past year, and expressed a hope they would continue so during the present year. We understand it is the inten- tion of the members to form a choir for the forth- coming Volunteer concert. THE NAVAL RESERVE.—The members of the Naval Reserve, now training at the St. Dogmells battery, paraded this town, and from thence to Llechryd, on Wednesday last, under the command of Capt. Herod, Lieutenant Gillespie, and the drill-instructor. At the Carpenters' Arms, Llech- ryd, the men were supplied with a glass of beer each, at the expense of Lieutenant Gillespie, from whence they returned early in the afternoon. THE VICARAGE OF ST. JOHN'S, PEMBROKE DOCK.-By the death of the Rev. Dr. G. F. Kelly, incumbent of St. John's Church, Pembroke Dock, which took place at the Vicarage, on Friday last, the above living has become vacant. The living is the gift of the Lord Bishop of St. David's, and it is the desire of the parishioners, who intend mem- orialising the Bishop, that the present curate, the Rev. T. Jones (formerly curate of St. Mary's, in this town), be appointed for the vacany. Holloway's Ointment and Pills.-None except the uncommonly hardy can hope to escape contin- ued, unsettled, and unusually wet weather with- out some bodily discomfort or actual disease. Holloway's remedies have won a name and fame previously unknown in medical science for their ability of successfully contesting with colds, coughs, quinseys, rheumatism, and neuralgia. This formid able list of dangerous and painful affections is com- pletely under the control of these inestimable spec- ifics which, used according to their accompanying directions, will soon mitigate the tortures, suppress all inflammatory tendencies, and secure the sound- est health. The very moderate price charged for these never-failing remedies places them within the reach of the most humble sufferer, whose ill-health by producing poverty exaggerates his personal 1.9 pangs. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held on Monday last, at the Council Chamber, before the Mayor and Mr. T. Davies. ASSAULT. Benjamin Morgan, Middle Mwldan, charged John Samuel Williams, merchant, Middle Mwldan, with assaulting him on the evening of the 19th instant, by striking a pipe out of his mouth, and otherwise injuring him. Defendant did not appear. Benjamin Morgan, sworn, said On the 19th inst., about 4 p.m., I was standing just inside my own door, when Mr. Mitchell and defendant came up together. The defendnnt had a conversation with Nicholas Isaac Davies, grocer, about what had happened that day. He then turned round towards me, and said "Here's an old Russian," and struck the pipe out of my mouth, which caused it to bleed. I aid not say anything to him. After committing the assault, the defendant went into his house. By the Bench Had not said anything to defen- dant at any time to irritate him. Defendant calls every one a Russian" who does not follow him. The case was adjourned for a week for the atten- dance of witnesses. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE. The usual monthly meeting of this. Committee was held at the Shire-liall, on Saturday last. Pre- sent-Messrs. R. D. Jenkins (chairman), W. Buck, Capt. Gower, B. Rees, S. Jenkins, John G. George, and Rev. 1. H. Jones. MANERDIVY RETURN. The number of children, of school age, returned from Manerdivy parish was 238, out of which only 12 were returned as "neglected." The Chairman This parish seems to be in a very satisfactory state respecting attendance, and the re- turn is made out in an excellent manner. After some conversation respecting the neglected children, it was resolved that the local committee see to those returned as neglected," and call upon the parents.. If they could not afford to pay the school fees, the parish would do so for them. Mr. J. G. George was given the return for perusal. DINAS RETURN. The number of all the children in the parish, 296; of school age, 192; average attendance in school, 70. The return also showed the regular, irregular, fair, pretty fair, and non-attendance at school. The Chairman The attendance is very deficient according to this return, and it is a thousand pities that it is so irregular.: Rev. I. H. Jones: Out of 192 children on the books of the school, only -70 could be presented for examination, -owing to. irregular attendance. I have mentioned this state of things here before. The Chairman You have been asked to name a person to see to the attendanqeof children atschool. Rev. I. H. Jones' Tha$,t cannot do, as I have failed to get 0jae. The Chairman: Have you attempted to take proceedings in the matter ? Rev. I. H. Jones No; but the question has been spoken of from the pulpit of both Church and Chapels. The Clerk suggested the adoption of a form of notice prescribed by law, and cause the same to be served upon those parents who neglect sending their children to school Mr. Buck We ought to be supplied with names by the local committee before we take steps in that direction, so as to be satisfied there is no reason- able excuse. The Chairman The parents of children who are marked "irregular," and "very irregular," should be served with a notice forthwith. Capt. Gower Have we power ? The Clerk Yes. The board of guardians can authorise me to take proceedings. Rev. I. H. Jones We must, before incurring expenses, give notice to all the members, and then apply to the board of guardians for power. The Chairman That is the machine. Mr. B. Rees: I am afraid there is something wrong in the state of Dinas school. The fees, for one thing, are much too high, being higher than any school in the district. Capt. Gower suggested giving the parents 14 days' notice, and a special meeting to be called to authorise the clerk to take proceedings. The Chairman The necessary information can- not be gathered in less than a month, consequently it would be better to delay proceedings till this day month. Rev. 1. H. Jones was requested to supply the committee with the names of the parents who had no reasonable excuse for keeping their children from schooL Mr. B. Rees The school fees being so high un- doubtedly militates against the attendance in Dinas schools. The managers refused to assimi- late their fees with other schools when the question was before the board of guardians. The fees range from Id. to 4d. per head, according to standard, which is more than poor people can afford to pay. Mr. Buck That is a consideration. Poor people cannot afford to pay 4d. where there is three or four children. I should like to know if the fees are higher than any other school in the district. In the days of free trade like these, would it not be much better for the managers to lower their fees, say to 2d? 2d? Rev. I. H. Jones When I first came into the parish, there was a debt of jE80 on the school. That was paid by subscription. When the fees were low, the attendance was much worse than it is now when the fees are high. The Chairman I am of opinion that unless we give the parents notice, we are not doing our duty. Mr. Ja. Jtsm lam nat.agajftst doing my dtitv. but I do not feel disposed to spend the money of the Union on Dinas parish alone. The Chairman We are not doing our duty now. We have been formed as a committee to see the Act carried out, but we are not doing so. We have obtained returns from the parishes, and find that in Dinas a great number of children are returned as "irregular," and some "very irregular." Is it not better to send notices than stultify ourselves here every month ? Mr. Buck: If the fees are higher than other schools, that might be the reason for the irregular- ity complained of. The matter should be investi- gated. On the motion of Mr. B. Rees, seconded by the Rev. I. H. Jones, it was resolved that the school- masters be requested to furnish the Committee with their school fees by the next meeting. On the motion of Capt. Gower, seconded by Mr. Buck, it was resolved that the returns of children in the various parishes be returned to the local committees, so that the names of the refractory parents might be marked out by that day month. CHILDREN OF FIVE YEARS AND UPWARDS. In order to comply with the requirements of the Act, the Clerk was requested to order a number of blank forms, and ask the schoolmaster to furnish the Committee with the names of all children of five years and upwards, who attended school du- ring 1877. INCURRING EXPENSES. Inasmuch as the Committee might be under the necessity of incurring expenses in prosecuting pa- rents for neglecting to send their children to school, it was resolved that a notice to that effect be given to each member of the Committee, so that the question may be decided that day month. LOWER HUNDRED OF TROEDYRAUR PETTY SESSIONS. The monthly sessions for this hundred were held at the Shire-hall, on Tuesday last, before Messrs. W. Buck T. H. Breuchley, T. Davies, and Capt. Jones-Parry. The rate books of the various parishes within the district were signed. PETTY SESSION DAYS FOR THE YEAR. As the days of holding these sessions at present clash with those of Penrhiwpal, and prevent the Superintendent from attending regularly, it was resolved that they be held henceforth on the sec- ond Tuesday in the month, and to be held the fol- lowing week when they fall on the same day as the Quarter Sessions. STRAY ANIMALS. Inspector Davies charged John James, Penypark Cottage, Llangoedmore, labourer, with allowing two cows to stray on the highway on the 10th of September last. Defendant's wife appeared, and pleaded that the cows were being taken to the water. By the Bench Why did you not take proceed- ings in this case before now ? Inspector Davies The husband was from home. P.C. David Jones (32), proved service of sum- mons on the 9th inst. T. H. Brenchley, on oath, said: On Monday, the 10th of September last, I was driving into Cardi- gan. About 60 yards on the Cardigan side of the house, on the road leading to Aberystwyth, which is the opposite of where the water is, I saw a black cow grazing on the road side. Having ar- rived opposite the cow, I saw the back of another cow-a grey one—standing in a ditch, which was a very deep one, with only a few inches of its back to be seen. When the cow moved in the ditch, the horses took fright, and nearly upset the carriage. The gates of the fields were all closed. It was between 9 and 10 a.m. The cows belong to defen- dant, as I have seen them in his field many times. I directed the police to take out a summons against defendant. Defendant admitted the offence. Same v. same defendant, for allowing a pig to stray on the highway, on the 26th September. Defendant admitted the offence. Same v. same defendant, for allowing a pig to stray on the 7th of October. Defendant again admitted the offence. Fined 27s., including costs. During the hearing of the above cases, Mr. Brenchley retired from the bench. P. C. David Jones (32) charged Elizabeth Davies, Pontrhydarberth, with allowing a sow to stray on the highway, on the 10th January. Defendant pleaded justification, as she was about taking it to Cawrence, and had only gone into the house for her apron. P.C. David Jones, on oath, said r On Thursday, L fhe 10th inst.* I was on. duty at Pontrhydarberth^ j I saw a sow, the property of defendant, grazinu the side of the road, with no one in charge or i It was about 15 yards from the house. Defendant came to the sow after she saw me, and made the same statement as she did here to-day. I have cautioned her before. The pigstye does not open into the road. I could see tne sow for upwards of 200 yards before I came up to her. Fined 8s. 6d., including costs. P.C. John Richards charged David Lewis, Waunifor, with allowing a donkey to stray on the turnpike road, on the 8th of December last. Defendant did not appear. P.C. D. Jones (28) proved service of summons. Fined 8s. 6d., including costs. TRESPASSING IN PURSUIT OF GAME. Thomas Jones, mariner, Cross Inn, Thomas Owen, thatcher, and Owen Owens (his son), were charged on the information of P. C. Lewis Davies with trespassing on land in the occupation of Grif- fith James, Ffynonllygoden, Llangoedmore, with a dog and gun,'in pursuit of game or conies, on the 15th of December last. Defendants pleaded guilty. Fined fl 12s. lOd. each, including costs, in de- fault 14 days' imprisonment. The fine was paid. Thomas Jones was fuither charged with trespas- sing on land belonging to Mrs. Brigstocke, and in the occupation of Evan Davies, in pursuit of conies, on the same day. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined £1. 12s. 10d., including costs, in default 14 days'imprison- ment. The fine was paid. ♦■«■» CARDIGAN TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Corporation was held on Thursday last, at the Council Chamber, present- The Mayor (in the chair), Aldermen Davies and Thomas, Councillors Asa J. Evans, J. Lewis, W. Woodward, L. Evans, O. P. Davies, and Rev. W. Jones. THE LOWEFT MARKET. The Mayor said that he had not received any tender for the lower market, but had been told that parties were aaixious to get it, and were willing to give £25 rent for it. Town Clerk If the central portion of the upper market be closed up, Messrs. Davies Brothers are- willing to give JE25 yearly for it. Mr. J. Lewis If I am in order, I will give no- tice that I shall bring on a motion at the next meeting to close the central portion in order to ex- tend it, render it more comfortable, and secure the lower portion; when I hope to be prepared with a plan, and an estimate of the expense. The Mayor: The question bears a new aspect now, and it should be considered. Mr. Woodward: Are Messrs. Davies Brothers prepared to give JE25 Town Clerk: Yes, provided the place be rendered secure. THE WATFR SUPPLY. The Mayor said that this matter had been de- ferred for a month, in order to enable Mr. L. James to obtain the opinion of a scientific man upon the scheme. A committee had met on Wednesday evening, but owing to pressure of business, Mr. James wished to adjourn the matter for a fortnight. On the motion of Alderman Davies, this was agreed to. THE BRIDGE-END ANNOYANCE. Alderman Davies said that he had called upon Mr. D. G. Davies, respecting the question of di- verting the water course by the Tar House into the Pentood meadow. He had failed to induce Mr. Davies to allow that to be done. He (Alderman Davies) had carefully examined the spots in ques- tion, in company with the surveyor, and found that the drain in Mr. Edwards' neld was not large en- ough to carry off the water, and thus partly con- tributed to this nuisance at Bridge-end. The Ridge-way water course required to be put in pro- per order. If these improvements were made, he had no doubt the nuisance at Bridge-end would be abate. Should this not answer the purpose, Mr. D. G. Davies was prepared to entertain any legiti- mate plan, but not before. It was resolved that the surveyor take the ne- cessary steps to accomplish the improvements re- commended. FINCH'S SQUARE DRAIN. In answer to the Mayor, the Town Clerk said that Mr. William Davies, grocer, had refused to pay his share towards the above drain. Mr. J. Lewis He is quite right too. We should have demanded the money before we undertook the job. I spoke against doing it when the applica- tion was made. If the money are recoverable, I move that an action be taken in the county court to recover the amount due. After some remarks from Mr. Woodward and Alderman Thomas, the matter dropped. THE RATING QUESTION. The Mayor: The rating case has at last been completed by the Town Clerk. I am anxious to have it submitted for examination to Mr. W. P. Evans, so as to be certain that it embodies his views. Mr. Asa J. Evans This is a very important question for the ratepayers, and I am very glad to find that it has been approached in a friendly spirit. Great care is necessary so as to settle the matter once for all. I beg to move that the case, as drawn out by the Town Clerk, be submitted to Mr.Picton Evans, and a committee be afterwards called, so as to arrange matters, prior to submitting the case for opinion thereon. Alderman Davies seconded the motion, and it was carried. THE NEW RATES. The Town Clerk was requested to proceed as far as he could with the new rates. CORPORATE PROPERTY. In reply to the Mayor, the Town Clerk said that the deeds would be completed as soon as Mr. W. W. Smith would recover from his present illness. THE SLAUGHTER-HOUSE. In accordance with a notice of motion, Mr. Wood- ward moved that the present state of the slaughter- house be considered. He said it was high time to move in the matter, as the nuisance was some- times intolerable in the Brick Works. The matter was referred to a committee of the whole Council, Tuesday morning being agreed up- on to visit the place. GAS BILLS. A cheque for dE50 on account of the public lamps, and fl3 lis. on account of the buildings, was drawn in favour of the Gas Company. NEW HOUSES. The Town Clerk was requested to supply, by the next meeting, a list of all the new houses in the town. so as to charge the contractors for the water used for building purposes. NEW WHEELBARROWS. Mr. John Lloyd, tanner, having purchased two wheelbarrows at Llandysul, at lis. 6d. each, for the use of the slaughter-house, a cheque for the imount was ordered to be drawn in his favour. BUTTER UNDER WEIGHT. Mr. Woodward: Is it true that a person wat detected a fortnight ago selling butter in the market, which, when weighed, was found short? Town Clerk One pound was found deficient. Alderman Thomas: I have been told that two pounds had been found, which caused a general hubbub in the market. The Hallkeeper was called in, who said that, on weighing the butter in question, he had found one pound a quarter of an ounce short, and another of even beam. The remainder was correct. After further conversation, the Hallkeeper was requested to test the butter every market day, HIGHWAY ESTIMATES. The Surveyor presented his estimates for the ensuing quarter-January, £ 20 14s. February, £ 20; March, £21. A NUISANCE. The Inspector was ordered to take proceedings against Evan Williams, in order to remove an ob- noxious pigstye in Quay-street. t PENILLION A gyfansodduryd ar gyflwyniad Tysteb i'r Parch- D. George, arei ddettgeinf-ed jlwyddyn o'i Wein- idogaeth yn Ca-crsalem, Penfro* MAE'R hybarch dad yn haeddu 'R parch uchaf allwn roddi, Fel dyn ymdrechgar dros ei Dduwr A ffyddlon yw i'r Iesu. Nid elw'r byd a'i denodd I draethu'r lawn i'r cyhoedd, Ond calon gynhes at y gwaith,. Yn unig a'i cymhellodd. Hyfforddia bechaduriaid At Grist, i gael ymwared, Ei ddagrau dreiglant dros ei rudd, Mewn dwysder prudd i'w gwelec'. Hir einioes yma gaffo, I wneyd daioni eto; Atllralit cael aros yn y byd, Nawdd lor o hyd fb drosti. A phan gyrhaedda adre', Caiff dysteb gyda'r seSitie, Mae mewn addewid, 'nol y gairr Yn ngwlad yr am delynau. Rhosybayvill. JOHN EVANS;

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