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LADIES' COLUMN. --+-- t. THE FASHIONS. FEATHERS are more popular than ever (says Eliane de Marsy in the Queen) on hats and bonnets, as a matter of course, they are worn, but also on dresses and mantles. Ball dresses are to be trimmed with feathers that have been dipped in silver and gold baths; marabouts are in great favour, particularly the pale blue and pale pink ones. I have already alluded to the monster pins that are seen on bonnets trimmed with feathers these so-called,, 6pingles de nourrice" are now worn for headdresses, and the newest coiffure of this sort is called the Russian headdress. It consists of a coronet of three plaits, in which five large pins with monster ball heads are studded. For blondes jet pins are used; for brunes pale tortoiseshell and dead gold are more becoming. Kid bonnets have had their day, and are passing out of fashion, but they will not be regretted, for they were never pretty. Capotes of drawn satin to match the dress, and capotes made of row upon row of narrow black lace are more popular. Mme. Caroline Beboux is making capotes coquillages formed of a quantity of narrow black lace, whicharemost becoming. She ornaments them with a Princess of Wales aigrette, composed of three feathers, and sells the aigrettes separately, so that they can be easily changed. Pink aigrettes are worn for calls white aigrettes powdered with gold for the theatre, and black aigrettes for the streets. Double faced satin ribb6ns are now in vogue for making up bows that are worn at the throat or in the hair. The ribbons are about an inch wide, and two or three colours are clustered together. Pale pink is combined with garnet, olive- brown with pale blue, moss-green with pink, cream with cardinal. The new Worth bow for the hair con- sists of six stiff narrow loops strapped tightly in the centre, showing the same combination of colours as the bow at the throat. Waistbands for the front of dresses that have Prin- cesse backs are so popular that they are now added- to Princeese polonaises. Some of the latter have a belt of the same material, set in at the first dart, and this belt is so wide that three or four large buttons are required to fasten it. In other polonaises the belt commences under the arms.



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