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WAR ITEMS. There is a great feeling of bitterness in Constanti- nople against England owing to the belief that the Porte was induced, by, English advice Waak JStigiisb intervention, wEuch has wasted tonch vaVabte #in^ftt » critical' irfoment, making the Russians fix harder terms. A train nlled with fugitives ran off the line near Tchataldja,.and about fiftv were killed and wounded. Baron Mundy, with a medical staff, st arted imme- diately to the scene of the accident, It is calculated thafc 20,000 fugitives in ona week have arrived at Constantinople f rom Roumelia, suffer- ing horrib|y from want and exposure to the coldi Several deaths occurred on the journey. The Turk Compassionate Fund and tim 'Stafford House-Co.; fidfttee, under the able direction of Major de Wmiott and Mr. Stoney, are doing tueir utmost: to relieve the ffluffering. A telegram from the Constantinople correspondent of the J)ailu News dated the 15th inst, Bays:* have just finished a conversation with your occ»" slonal correegon'dent at Erzeroum, who ki t that eitf on the 27th ult. He reports i,hat every thing is losti and that the Russians can take the place wlaeilc:vef they 'lii'b. Disaster has followed disaster during the week (tel"grapha a Constantinople, correspond rat on the 15th instant).. The Turks loifc 18,060 toen near the mouth of the Shipka Pass and "eighty 'Jvriip? cannons, after a %ht of three days. Si^ieitno11 telegraphed here that unless an armistice were ob- tained .immediately the Russians would be Adrianople in five days. There is an utter panic at Adrianople. The population is A}" ing towards Constantinople as fast aa the train3 i and other conveyances can bring them. It is rS' | ported to-iday that 13,000Turks, under Shakir FMha,. have surrendered at Olti. It is supposed that Baker t Paiha is;anWngost them. It is rumoured also, but 11 am ignorant oi^what authority, that the Cossack* have cut the railway at Karakiliss i. To-day -we ore!, in great ;^Qu^t^ whether the armistice has accepted By Rusaip. Everyone regards the Turkish j, i cause a^HUtNr^y Cpnstaiitiaopie Íi! fit,the- begIn- ¡ W#8:Qfk» paflfHW- The Grand Vizier reaignoi yeater* ^'day .EU)iri?7,OVT 'A The portion of the*-two Servian Corps which be' ^Ifc&ed-wA 4fc^Aiftsh-; has been r directed 'to' Sofia form a re^ff^e'ffitf-' the advancing Russian army of loGottrlgfe wtoibttth&'feab are reporrcd So' have' §dite up ikhe Btdgamai Mdt&ya, in the idirection of 5iilWskupv«ttd;Pristhiai, in Old Servia-, .sa.' possi-bly the iE»liiioe: (-JBdackbiWs 4t fiosoa/ Whifch bfts! so Oftet1 ^playjBd a-pact-iHpilervian history, may orice m^re b6 destined to become ionapicuoug^• ;■ .■ •• J—Lord Derby haa-aent-Mr. Layard a despateh reply ) ing, on behalf of Queen Victoria, to u message froo the ^|Jp^Mi«/d^pBteh.^preaB^jthe. 9ympatb/ of tne Queeil with Ms Imperial Majesty, and says iwiH follow t^;pounsfh of hef'Go^rlilnent. f". 0 py^sp^>^r ^dn^unces^h^t;;tj Government has there ordered forty-two small torped". boats nineteenihdts'Wnhour, to delivered at St. Petersburg on the 15th of April. 1 price is to b& over £ 200,000, the ..half, of whioh is 10 b^^aid hefgV^h^nd, ,» t r, A Sejcja^o„newapaper announces thai iuaurgen^! ] TSre Bwarining at Sanjaluka, Dervenfc Eadiluks, an« | Kostanitza, and that, flying Turkish corps are kep' j busy scouring the country in the ende&vauktoiuppre^ f the increasing insurrections. rr.' i-' | Colonel Duchich has occupied seventeen A an<Mtfsipfrys&it arm jg to effect' a junction with Montenegrin corps marching from Vasojevich, commmd^df (jayra^Mukoyich, jSec^eta'ry. to the Mo»* tenegnk' Senate, to m eet him; i" J ) After a severe fight of eight borers the gervisoo have recaptured Kurchumli. On re-entering th0 town they Tound the bodies of twenty-six Seman sol' diers, including two officers, with their heads cut off,; and stuck ob. high poles. The Servians have 480 prisoners, among them many Bashi Bazouks, a large number being wounded. I.


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