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KAy's COMPOUND ESSENCE or LINSEED, a demulcent expec. torant, for Coughs & Colds. Sold everywhere, 9$d., is. lid. MTTRDEH BY A MAD FANATIC.-At the York- shire Winter Assizes, held in the Leeds Town Hall, before Mr. Justice Grove, Willows William Good- year, 28, grocer, was indicted for the wilful murder of John Windross, at Hull, on the 5th November, 1877. The prisoner pleaded guilty. In November, 1876, the prisoner married the sister of the deceased man. It appeared that owing to the strong religious views held by the prisener he was not living on terms of intimate friendship wich his wife's relations. On the 5th November—although the prisoner bad not seen the deceased nor had any communication with him for a fortnight—when Windross came into his shop, he drew a revolver from his. pocket, and nhot him dead. He then went upstairs and spoke to his wife, and afterwards gave himself into custody^ and admitted that he had committed the deed. During the hearing of the case the prisoner exclaimed, I am a prophet from God, that's who I am-a prophet from Gad, come to stand here before any one." His Lordship: The question The Pri- soner (excitedly): "That is the question; I am a Propbet from God." Several witnesses were then called, who expressed their ODinion that the prisoner was suffering from a religious mania. The jury, ou after a short consultation, expressed their opinion that the prisoner was in such a mental condition that he was unable to realise the responsibilities of his plea of guilty. His lordship endorsed that opinion, and re- marked that religion had got such a hold over the prisoner s feelingg.a8 to deprive him of the reason of a rational man. He ordered him to be confined during her Majesty's pleasure. THE only black crapes which really will not spot with rain are stamped rain-proof, and a guarantee is attached to every piece. The black does not come off when wet. ILLNESS Of MB. 'SPX)BUBON;—A letter has been read to the congregation, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle from Mr. Spurgeon, who has been com- pelled to go to the South of France owing to con- tinued ill-health. Before he left London he was greatly exhausted, and, besides other ailments, com- plained very much of pains in the head, the result of overwork and study. In his letter he stated that, though he has only been a few days abroad, he has already benefited by the change and the sleeplessness from which he had suffered for several weeks has dis appeared. He felt, however, that he had not sought rest a moment too soon. IAMPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE.—" Havo it in your houses, and use no other," for it is the only safe anti- dote in Fevers, eruptive ASections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, and Headache, having peculiar and exclu- sive merits. The Master of the Bolls has granted a perpetual injunction against others using the name and trademark. Sold bv all Chemists. 1 OT™ ^ASBA OT1 HYDROPHOBIA.—On the 12fch of last September a mad dog bit three persons and a horse at Tarporley, Cheshire, and was then pursued and killed. Three weeks afterwards the horse showed all the symptoms of rabies and was shot. Sub- sequently two of the persons bitten succumbed to the dreadful disease, and last Monday morning the third -a woman-died after fearful agony. Mr. Churton, the coroner for the county, has communicated with the Lord-Lieutenant, pointing out the prevalence of rabies, and asking in pursuance of a recemmeedation of the jury at the last inquest, whether some steps cannot be taken to allay the excitement naturally felt oy the public by placing dogs under strict supervision. KKATING'S COUGH LOZKNGKS contain no Opium, Morphia, nor any violent drug. It is the most effective remedy known to the Medical Pro- fession in the cure of Oceans, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS -one Lozenge alone relieves. Sold by all Ohexnia in Boxes, la, lid. and 2a. 9d. each.




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