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We do not deem ourselves responsible for the opinions expressed by our Correspondents. THE ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE" ENTER. TAINMENT." To the Editor of the CARDIGAN OBSERVER. Dear Friend,—A somewhat lengthy account of the Entertainment" given by the Naval Reserve Force appear in the Tivy-side Advertiser of the 18th inst, in which my friend the Collector of Cus- toms, is reported to have said:— "I think the tradesmen do not support and wish us 'God speed' as they ought. Then, again, the religious bodies do not patronise us, and there is one branch of the church more especially who set their faces against us, and I say we should have had several more here to-night if they had not been frightened from coming. When you hear the deacons of a chapel enunciating anathemas against the meetings, one would naturally think something was not quite right, and you would try to stop your daughters and sisters from attending; but these entertainments are got up for rational amuse- ment only. There is one gentleman how. ever, who deserves to be mentioned, and if our local papers had room for long letters, I should like to show that one minister at least is not ashamed to be amongst us, and that is the Rev. Mr. Beynon, of the little Hope Chapel, who comes year after year to take tea with us." I should like to known by what system of social ethics does my friend expect the tradesmen of the town to wish "God speed" to the Naval Reserve ? and by what portion of Scripture can he blame the "religious bodies" for withholding their patron- age, and the deacons of the chapels for speak- ing against such sports and diversions as what he styles "rational amusements ? I should also like to know what induced the "minister" referred to above to attend ? Evidently he sympathises with the cause, otherwise he would not "come year after year to take tea" with the company. Of course, I am prepared to admit that it is quite proper for clergymen of the Established Church to be present on such occasions, because they are state officers, and there is nothing inconsistent with their calling for them to attend foot-ball clubs, dancing classes, and especially meetings connected with the Naval Reserve; but I cannot see what business has a minister of the gospel of Christ to attend a Naval Reserve gathering. Perhaps the minister of the little Hope Chapel will kindly enlighten me, through the columns of the OB- SERVER, and state his reasons for patronising, "year after year," such an establishment as the Naval Reserve ? STEEL PEN,

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