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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting of this board was held at the Workhouse, on Wednesday last, Mr. R. D. Jenkins in the chair. The following mem- bers were present :-Messrs. W. O. Brigstocke, B. Rees, T. Llewellyn, W. Thomas, D. Thomas, O. Thomas, J. James, S. Jenkins, Thomas Jenkins, W. George, and Rev. J. M. Davies. CASE OF REMOVAL. A letter was read from the Clerk of the Swansea Union asking the board would they accept, with- out an order, the maintenance of one Catherine Thomas, and her three children, who was deserted by her husband, and receiving relief. Her husband's settlement was in the parish of Llan- goedmore, and his father, John Thomas, who is a labourer, was now residing at Ebenezer Street, Newcastle-Emlyn. The Chairman This is a case that requires at- tention, as the Swansea Union has not supplied us with sufficient facts to justify us in accepting her without an order. The guardian of Llangoedmore parish did not know the person, but promised to make enquiries by the next board. MAINTAINING A FATHER. Two letters were received from James E. Sey- mour and W. W. Seymour, the children of a painter named Seymour, residing at Dinas, aged 80 years, who had become chargeable to the Union, owing to failing health and old age. The Clerk wrote to the children, and they signified their in- tention of contributing towards his maintenance. They had not been asked to contribute, neither were they aware that he was in want. The Clerk was requested to communicate with the children, and inform them that their father was receiving 5s. a week from the funds of the Union, and that they could remit their contribu- tions to the treasurer. DEATH OF A PAUPER. A letter was read from the Clerk of the Holy- head Union, announcing the death of a pauper named Jones, who was chargeable to this Union, and relieved at Holyhead. RETURN OF BIRTHS AND DEATHS. Mr. O. Williams, registrar of births and deaths, made the following returns for the quarter ending December 31st:—births, 27 deaths, 12. A FEAST FOR THE PAUPERS. Capt. Adams, Bryndu, attended personally at the board to lodge a complaint against three in- mates of the Workhouse for killing a hare and a rabbit on Wednesday, the 10th instant, on Y sgu b. orwen lands, which were preserved by him and further that he could prove that the said hare and rabbit were taken into the Workhouse, and cooked and eaten. The offenders were two boys named Thomas Morris and Jonathan Williams, and an able-bodied inmate named David Egan. The Master David Egan brought a rabbit into the house, which had been killed by a weasel in our garden. Joseph Smith, in service with Capt. Adams, said that the boy Jonathan told him that Tom Morris had caught a hare on Ysguborwen land. A weasel was after it, but David Egan ran after it, and killed it. Jonathan Williams said that Tom had caught a hare on Ysguborwen land. It was in the hedge. I did not see the hare being caught. Tom told me it was a hare. 0 Tom Morris said: I only told Jonathan that the rabbit was as big a hare. It was I that caught the rabbit; the weasel was sucking its blood. Egaa caught one rabbit, and I caught another. David Egan said I saw a weasel attacking a rabbit in the garden. 1 brought it into the house, and gave it to the master. One rabbit was caught about 11 a.m., and the other about I p.m. The Master: I only saw one rabbit. Tom Morris The rabbit I caught I gave to my mother, and she cooked and ate it (laughter.) It was caught by the hedge behind the stable. Jonathan Williams I split about them because I did not get a share of the rabbit. Mr. B. Rees: It appears that Capt. Adams most take proceedings against the weasel, and not com- plain of the boys' conduct. No case having been made out against them, the matter dropped, and Capt. Adams retired, thank- ingthe board for investigating the matter. The number of inmates in the house during the last fortnight was 104; corresponding fortnight of last year, 95. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE NEAR NEW- CASTLE-EMLYN. About a quarter to eight on Saturday evening last, a most alarming ana destructive fire broke out at Gelligatti Farm, situated a short distance from Newcastle-Emlyn. At half-past seven, the cow- man reported to Mr. Owen, the proprietor, that everything was quite right. Mr. Owen, about a quarter to eight prepared to accompany a friend to the town, when, on coming out of the house, his friend called his attention to some noise in the cow-house. The servant man immediately ran over, and found flames issuing from the chaff-house adjoining the cow-house and barn. An alarm was at once raised, and the assistance of the towns- people and others was promptly rendered. At about nine p.m. some thousands were on the spot, and although willing hands worked hard, they were unable to check the conflagration, which spread rapidly, owing to the roof of the chaff-house being covered with a kind of felt impregnated with pitch, beneath the tiles, until the bun, stable, chaff- house, all the sacks of com save two, and two ricks of hay, and everything else in the haggard were burnt down. The cow-house, a very large build- ing was saved, as was also the large and valuable stock of animals. The fire was not wholly subdued until seven o'clock on Sunday morning. The da- mage is considered to be heavy. The property was insured. Much might have been saved, had there been a fire engine, but there was not one to be had nearer than Carmarthen, a distance of about 20 miles. EXTRAORDINARY SUDDEN DEATH AT LLANILAR. The inhabitants of the quiet village of Llanilar were thrown into the direst consternation on Wed- nesday last, by the sudden and lamentable death of Mr. Roberts, Ty-issa, who was stricken down in the midst of his arduous work and labour of love. On that day, an influential gathering took place at the National Schoolroom, Llanilar, to pre- sent Mr. Lewis, the vicar, with an address and a purse of money, containing between forty and fifty pounds, on his leaving for another sphere of labour at Llanrhian, Pembrokeshire. The proceedings were commenced with a tea, after which the meet- was held, conducted by Mr. Roberts, who was one of the churchwardens. Having called upon Mr. Robert Jones, his fellow churchwarden, to read the address, Mr. Roberts, who was very much at. fected, addressed the meeting, and at the close presented Mr. Lewis with the address and purse, concluding his remarks amidst tears and oppres- sive emotion. Mr. Lewis then rose to return thanks, and whilst in the course of his remarks, Mr. Roberts, who was standing right opposite the speaker, with the large round tear drops fast fol- lowing each other down his placid cheek, fell, to rise no more. He was taken out to the school- room yard, and every means tried to restore ani- mation, but all to no avail. Evidently he died at once. Dr. Roberts, the deceased's brother, was in attendance as soon as time wouldpermit, but of course could render no assistance. The body was taken to Ty-issa as soon as the doctor had seen it, and was accompanied by many of the sorrowful friends and neighbours. Mr. Roberts was a bro- ther-in-law of Mrs. Levi James, St. Mary-street, in this town. POACHING AFFRAY IN CARMAR- THENSHIRE. At the Llandovery police-court, on Tuesday last, two men named Josiah Evans, of Llanddeusant, and John Lewis, of Gelly Gwynfe, Llangadock, a farmer's son, were charged with night poaching on the farm of Llwynmeredith, near Mothfy, the property of Mr. Gwynne Holford, M.P. On the previous night, Messrs. Maidment and Snooks Mr. Holford's gamekeepers, heard frequent shots' and on reaching the spot where the prisoners were the latter immediately pointed their guns at them, and one of them struck Maidment a fearful blow with the butt end, and also bit his upper lip. Both fell to the ground, and on getting up Maid- ment got hold of him and struck him on the head, while Snooks struggled with the other prisoner, who also fought savagely. The keepers eventually succeeded in taking them to the farm-house of Llwynmeredith, and from thence they were taken in a cart to Llandovery. The prisoners were re- manded.


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