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BETHANIA CHAPEL.-As usual on the com- mencement of the year, a series of prayer meetings have been held at this chapel each night through- out this week. APPOINTMENT.—At a meeting of the Board of Guardians, at Pontypridd, on Wednesday last, Mr. D. S. Davies, clerk to Messrs. Spickett & Price, and son of Mr. William Davies, tailor, Eben's Lane, in this town, was appointed Relieving Officer for Ystradyfodwg, at a salary of £ 100 a year. There were 44 candidates for the office. NEGLECTING TO MAINTAIN.—At a special petty sessions, held at the Fishguard Arms, Bridge End, on the 16th inst. before Mr. Thomas Davies, Mr. D. R. Baynes, relieving officer, charged James Evans, smith, Bridell, with neglecting to maintain his wife and child, who had become chargeable to the common fund of the Union. An order was made for the payment of lis. 6d., the amount due, or in default one month's hard labour. THE EISTEDDFOD.-We are authorised to state that the sixth competition, viz., the elegy to the unfortunate victims of the boat accident at the Cardigan Bar, has been withdrawn from the pro- gramme by request. We may also mention that the energetic committee have secured the services of Miss Martha Harris, the new rising contralto of the Crystal Palace and other concerts, for the Eisteddfod; and are also in communication with several other eminent artistes, whose services they intend to secure, so that we anticipate a grand, musical treat in connection with the Eisteddfod. AGAIN and again, as the months come round, we have pleasure in directing the attention of our readers to The Young Ladies' Journal. The Part for February is as full as ever of novelties for the work-table. The Coloured Panorama of Paris Fashions is very elegant. The Coloured Berlin Design of Birds and Flowers for mantel-piece drapes, portiers, &c., is charming. The gigantic Supplement gives a multiplicity of dresses for ladies and children, and as usual an excellent full- size pattern. Then there are cookery recipes, music, poetry, &c. A continuous new story, well illustrated, is commenced in this Part, and it pro- mises to be very interesting. Holloway's Ointment and Pills.-None except the uncommonly hardy can hope to escape contin- ued, unsettled, and unusually wet weather with- out some bodily discomfort or actual disease. Holloway's remedies have won a name and fame previously unknown in medical science for their ability of successfully contesting with colds, coughs, quinseys, rheumatism, and neuralgia. This formid- able list of dangerous and painful affections is com- pletely under the control of these inestimable spec- incs which, used according to their accompanying directions, will soon mitigate the tortures, suppress all inflammatory tendencies, and secure the sound- est health. The very moderate price charged for these never-failing remedies places them within the reach of the most humble sufferer, whose ill-health by producing poverty exaggerates his personal pangs.



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