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FOREIGN AND COLONIAL. I The Republican party in New Hampshire have 3-nominated Mr. Prescott as their candidate for the Lovernorship of the State. The resolutions adopted n this occasion acknowledge the difference of opinion risting with regard to President Hayes' past acts, 'hey approve his patriotic and sincere efforts to secure just,honest,and efficient Bepublican Administration, f nd denounce as factious and mischievous all attempts j > reopen the Presidential controversy or the question I f President Hayes' title. They further strongly 1 ondemn the Anti-resumption and Silver Bills and •' t irge the President to veto them. 1 The Governor of South Australia is engaged on an < inspection of the coast, with a view to its defences lis Excellency will leave for New Zealand in Dec. to eport upon the defences of that colony after the losing of Parliament. A policy of extensive emigra- ion is adhered to by South Australia, and a vote of 680,000 for this purpose has passed the Assembly. Che prospects of the Northern Territory are im- iroving owing to the discovery of some splendid and. Cholera is reported to have broken out at Jeddah I ind Mecca. The news has not yet been confirmed, I >ut unfortunately there is great probability of its aC- ;uracy. Since 1875 epidemiologists in this country aave had an uneasy feeling that we were about to witness another diffusion of the malady beyond the witness another diffusion of the malady beyond the Doundariea of India. This feeling seemed to receive I x>nfirmation from the ascertained spread of the Jisease eastwards into the districts of China, and pro- bably also into parts or the Eastern Archipelago, and t aorthwards into Belooebiatan and Afghanistan to the Frontier of Persia. Although no facts were known of extension to the countries westwards, yet it was to be inferred that what had been observed to the north and east of India might also be taking place at the west, and the recent carriage of the dis- ease by a French transport from Saigon into the Red Sea gave some countenance to this view. This happened when the tide of the Mecca pilgrimage flow- ing from India and the Eastern Archipelago was in full now. Hence there is a great probability that the reported appearance of cholera at Mecca and its sea- port Jeddah will prove correct. Europe should stand in respect to this threatened calamity in a different position from that in which it has ever stood before under a similar prospect. The International Sanitary Conference, which sat at Vienna in 1874, came to a common understanding as to the principle of international hygiene which should govern the different nations of Europe in view of another threatened epidemic of cholera. It is incumbent upon the various European Governments to adopt these principles loyally and carry them out. These principles, while specially calculated to avert or greatly modify the vexatious and futile practices of quaran- tine, set forth clearly the conditions, as tested by es- perience, which would afford the greatest protection against the introduction of the pestilence into 9 country from without. That it would be possible to exclude the disease wholly from Europe by any means of quarantine when it becomes epidemically diffusive is the merest figment of the imagination. Measure* to prevent the needless introduction of cases into country have their value, but the only true protection rests in internal measures of precaution.—Lancet. Despatches from Washington state that the TrW sury has trustworthy advices that the Nevada Silver Mine owners-notably, Flood and O'Brien—with their t associates controlling the chief silver mines, object to the Bland Bill, being opposed to unlimited silver re- j monetieation. They wish a moderate coinage of silvB' dollars, of a weight approximating in value to dollars. They also declare that the Government vrat | debt should be paid in gold. It is stated that King Victor Emmanuel made hiS confession to Mgr. Marinelli, Sacristan of the ApOll'" tolic Palaces, who was sent to him by the Pope. go was also visited by Mgr. OenBi, the Pope's domestic r prelate, and he received the Communion from the hands of Canon Anzino, chaplain to his Majesty' Baron von Haymerle, the Austrian Ambassador having just arrived at the Quirinal, was present wff Prince Humbert, Princess Marguerite, and the digØl' taries of State, when the King received the Sacrj^ ments of Communion and Extreme Unction. Towa* 2.30 p.m. the oppression under which & Majesty laboured increased, and he was made to inb9*_ oxygen, which seemed to give him a little strengt His Majesty saluted those present, bending his he*r three times, and then, with a deep sigh, expii^J Baron Uxkull, the Ambassador of Eussia, entered chamber at this moment with a telegram from Czar to his Majesty, whereupon those present points to the dead body of the King. w The Chief of the United States Bureau of Equily, ment and Becruiting says in his annual report: » again respectfully ask the attention of the departing to the restricted space allotted to the crews of °. 9 ships of war. As a matter of eiliciency alone, i. health of the men is of primary imporo ance. A ship loses her significance as a 10 it of war unless manned by a vigorous crew. t is simply impossible to expect men to retain to j health if compelled to berth and^ mess in ► j dense and mephitic atmosphere which is the natu result of their crowded quarters. Ventilation of oj ships has never received the attention it imperative*? demands. I respectfully urge upon the departed the propriety of appointing a Board of medical 1 to report upon this subject and to devise a whereby the object may be assured." As an instan_ y. ( the bad effect of crowding men on shipboard, it tioned thatduringthe trouble between the United O and Spain, on account of the Virginius affair, ø 3000 additional even were enlisted for the navy> ° 25 per cent, of them were incap acitated for 6 within a few weeks by reason of crowding then* u. vessels. It is said in a Press desnatch from ington that on the berth deck of the Swatar»» t part of the ship occupied by the officers, there space of 133 cubic feet per man, and in that par cupied by seamen there is a space of but 58 feet per man. On the Richmond the allotted 0 for officers is 273 cubic ftet per man. On the M tonomoh the allotted space for officers is 1158 e feet per man, and for seamen 81 cubic feet per <jf Under the laws of Great Britain, 300 cubic space are allotted to each person in the enli ships, and in the barracks system of that country cubic feet are allowed to each man." Melbourne advices state that there is every ance of an impending deadlock between the Houses of the Legislature, owing to the action 0 Government in forcing upon the estimates the tiOØ v for the payment of members. The Appropr*9 Bill, containing the objectionable item, passed I Assembly by a majority of seventeen. Its rejfl*' j„, ( by the Legislative Council is looked upon as cer and a crisis will then be inevitable. The c°1 tions of Victoria to the Indian Famine Fund reached £ 23,255, and more are still coming in. Australian cricketing team which is about to England is playicg a series of preparatory ma' { in the different Australian Colonies. The which is composed of six New South Welshmen# J Victorians, and one Tasmanian, starts in March a.if travelling vid America. The 50,000 Califor salmon ova imported by Sir Samuel Wilson g-^ been successfully hatched. The services of .jjJi John Coode, C.E., are to be secured by c*' Harbour Trust Commissioners for the purpof0 reporting upon the improvements to be effected in port. The Executive Commissioner of Victoria at the Paris Exhibition leaves by the outgoing mail. ■* f estimated expenditure of the colony of Victoria the year is £ 5,022,145, against an estimated raven^ >. of £ 4,904,180, showing an apparent deficit £ 117,965. The gold-mining interest continues pressed, although some claims are paying splend1

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