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;?4^TI-YACOINATION AGITATION.—Proceedings under "the Vaccination Act were taken against a ppmhar pf members of the Anti-Vaccination League .Hving in BHghton. The defendants were summoned a month ago, when some extraordinary scenes of dis- order took place in court, and it was now stated by the solicitor to the Board of Guardians, who con- ducted the prosecutions, that they had all disre- garded the order then made upon them to have their children vaccinated within fourteen days, and that, therefore, the present proceedings had been instituted to recover a fine. On the first case being heard, he added that as these defendants had pertinaciously and contumaciously resisted the law, he should ask for the full pecuniary penalty in each case. The defendant said he would willingly undergo imprison- ment if thj Bench would send him to gaol; and, on the'OouTt informing him that imprisonment would only be resorted to if it were found l'e had no goods wherewith to meet the flue, he asked that they would take into consideration the fact that he had been fined the full penalty before. Mr. Bigge (stipendiary magistrate), who had been informed that the authori- tiesmeant to prosecute until the law was complied with, • taid he saw no reason for reducing the penalty. As far as he could see, these cases were analogous to the prosecutions taken against parents for refusing toaead their children to school, who wera sum- moned over and over again until they did obey the law. He did not know that there was any difference between one class of offences and the other, and as the Lord Chief Justice had laid it down that such per- sons were not allowed to be a nuisance to their neigh- bours, Hie full penalty of 20s. would be inflicted, with the alternative of seven days' imprisonment if the money were not forthcoming after distraint. The other cases, six in number, were dealt with in a similar wav, with the exception of one in which the Child wae certified as unfit, and another in which the full penalty was not pressed for. A WAIL FROM GAOL.—A committee has been formed by the Tower Hamlets Radical Association to obtain the release of Mr. John de Morgan from prison. Writing to this body from Holloway Gaol, Mr. de Morgan complains that he is worse treated than Colonel Baker was, although accused of no crime. He says: "I was committed to this prison few coatempt, or breach, of agreement, no limit being mentioned, so that, to all intents and purposes, Mr. Peaeh and myself are here for life. Is it not monstrous that without trial by a jury any one ahoald be committed indefinitely to pruon ? I have not been charged with any crime, but only one cell is allotted to me. Stone floor, whitewashed walls, a hard three-legged stool to sit on, cocoa fibre bed and pillow as hard as the floor itself. There is no fire in the cell, and while Siting this my hands are so cold that I can scarcely hold she pen. I have had rheumatic pains ever siiice I have been here. I •hall not live through the winter unless I get more warmth in my cell. The warders and matrons are kindness personified, and hard would be my lot if it '■'mere not for their kindness. We purchase our own food, and the matron cooks it for qL I am not de- spondent, and, although imprisoned, will not make *r way apologies. I wantyou to agitate for the follow- ing *efbrtas: 1; That aH cases of alleged contempt be tried by jury; 2. That no one be imprisoned longer than three months for contempt, and taat in all cases the duration of imprisonment be stated- on the war ra&t. "3. That oa notice of appeal being given, the order of commitment be stayed until after the appeal Is heard* ACTIOIT AGADfSf DB. KENEALY.—AT the Hanlej. Folice-court Dr. Kenealy, Ahmed Kenealy, Charlemagne Kenealy, and Maurice Kenealy, were summoned by two reporters of the StoflvrteMte Nw* for salary due — one claim- lng £ 4 and the other .£2. The paper was started bv Ahmed Kenealy, and worked by him for some months. A short time ago he left the district, and the journal has since beeu managed by the doctor personally, the nominal proprietor being Maurice, who has not been in the town. The two com- plainants had contributed to the paper since it had started button the doctor coming down to manage .mattery he summarily dismissed theta both, but offered to keep them on at 40 per cent, reduction. They de- clined to accept this, or to work by lineage. Dr. Kenealy told them he had plaeed a large balance at bis banker's when the periodica] had been commenced, but that it had gone, and th$t there was nothing to BHow for it. The doctor appeared in court, and aDeged that Ahmed was solely responsible. The stipendiary made a joint order against Dr. Kenealy and his sen Ahmed, with costs. CATTLE PLAGUE.—The cattle piagtie in Derby- shire is becoming serious. Samuel Woodward, of Trusley, has seven attacked, fifty-six in contact, and one has been killed, and Elizabeth Gibson, of Little- over, baa one attacked, eleven in contact, and one has bean killed. DBUNKENNES 3 IN WORCBSTKRSH IRE.—Drunk- enness seems to be considerably on the increase in Worcestershire. At the last quarter sessions the chief constable of the county, in his quarterly report, stated that the number of persons proceeded against for drunkenness in the past quarter was 500, against 452 in the corresponding period of 1876. Of this number 467 had been convicted, against 413 in 1876. The number of convictions obtained against licensed persons for offences against the Licensing Act was 14, against 13- in 1876. On this statement two magistrates, Mr. Bartteetand the Ac v. M. Am- phlett, contended that, inasmuch as the connection between crime and drink was eo common, it was the duty of the Bench to use their utmost endeavours to suppress the latter. The fact that drunkenness should have increased at a time when trade was notoriously tfcbresgoi} was a serious consideration. Undoubtedly it it." v



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