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LADIES' COLUMN. -+-- THE FASHIONS. Some few novelties fer the early spring are an- nounced, and among those I have seen are shot silks of eccentric and original shades, writes the Paris cor- respondent of the Queen. There is one called "Apres la Pluie," exceptionally pretty. For the present Oriental fabrics are sought after, and those sold at the Union des Indes, Rue Auber, are very characteristic, notably those called "Rayons des Astres and "Le Firmament." The first material, of Chinese manufacture, takes its name from the raised silk stripes of contrasting colour covering its woollen surface, and branching out in all directions, in imitation of the sun's rays. The effect is very striking, particularly in the three most fashionable combinations of corn colour and blue, black and blue, silvery white md dust colour. Le Firmament has even greater brilliancy. Upon its I twilled ground of azure, indigo, &c., are interwoven dazzling br:ght patches of star-like form. Hence the appellation of the fabric. It is specially appropriate for evening wear, with trimmings of satin in harmony with the foundation, and silk fringe repeating the two shades. Foremost in the mixed materials of the bourrette class is the Mousse de l'lnde, shown in eight different hues. The ground of a plain dark tint, such as bronze, myrtle, or prune, is ornamented with raised self coloured dashes, interspersed with snowflakes composed of knotted woollen threads; the whole enlivened by lines of turquoise- blue, cardinal, or sulphur-coloured silk woven in and out of the irregular patterns. Bourrette de l'lnde, a fabric expressly for outdoor toilettes, presents a honeycombed surface, dusted or speckled with two or three light shades of silk, as orange red, moss green, and tilleul; the threads are introduced perpendicularly into the pure cashmere ground, two of each colour forming a stripe. In plain materials the cachemire de l'lnde still holds the pre-eminence; next to it in point of durability ranks the Thibet Victoria, a serge like texture of pure wool, and the reps d'Arabie. in fourteen dark colours. These make up into very pretty cloaks and walking cos- tumes. Patterns, with faille to match, are forwarded by M. Le Houssel, of l'Union des Indes, to all parts of the world. The latest Parisian novelty in bonnets is either a black velvet or a grey satin, bordered with a richly curled feather, which has been dipped in a bath of silver. The effect of the loose silvery down about the face is extremely soft and pretty. Bonnets are also trimmed with gold feathers; but they are more ambi- tious and less pretty. Very stylish sealskin bonnets trimmed with humming birds, and grebe bonnets, similarly ernamented, were seen en New Year's Day; likewise drawn satin bonnets, with soft crowns, and a humming bird on the curtain and another in frent. The form is that called B6b4, with flat crown, a some- what wide brim and a tiny curtain, an which there is a ruche of coloured Valenciennes lace, which is sometimes surrounded with beads. Occasionally the edge of the bonnet is ornamented with either gold, silver, or pearl beads. There are Marie Stuart bonnets describing a heart in the centre the row of beads or pearls on these is double. For demi-toilettes there are felt bonnets to match the costume worn at the time. These have all a round crown, with a feather encircling it, interrupted in the centre with a satin rosette, all of the same tope of colour, and satin strings also to match. Some of the newest bonnets are of satin, stretched quite plain over the foundation; they are not pretty, but they are fashionable. White felt bonnets, with a profusion of feathers, are also worn, and for such gay resorts as Nice and Pau the most fantastic head- gear is prepared, so fanciful that it would not be wearable in Paris. Such, for example, is the Arme- nian cap, made of astrachan, and trimmsd with hawks' feathers steeped in gold, and in light astrachan, hawks' feathers steeped in gold, and in light astrachan, trimmed with silver feathers; the bonnet de police" likewise, in sealskin tbe Henri III. toque, in black velvet, sparkling with jet, and a pouf of feathers at the side; the Brigand hat, made in felt, and with a foulard scarf round it; the Hernani hat, with a foulard handkerchief of bright colours twisted round it. These are all seen at gay winter resorts. Lace and the shawl are said to be returning to favour with the leaders of fashion in the French capital.


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