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KA.Y'S COMPOUND ESSENCE OF LINSEED, a demulcent expec- torant, for Coughs St Colds. Sold everywhere, 9td., Is. lid. ATTEMPTED MURDER AND SUICIDE. A tragedy of a shocking character has occurred in Wol- Terhampton. A young man named Griffiths, a bellows- maker by trade, attempted to murder a girl named Elizabeth Beeston, and, failing in the attempt, com- mitting suicide by cutting his throat. It seems the two had been formerly engaged to each other for a con- siderable time past with the full consent of their parents, who occupy a respectable position for their rank in) its. On the night in question Griffiths had called at the house of the girl's parents, and after a few minutes conversation, in the course of which nothing occurred to excite suspicion, he and the girl left for the purpose of taking an hour or two's stroll. The girl denies that there had been any quarrel between them, and states that nothing of moment oc- curred till all at once he put his hand on her shoulder and said, in a peculiar tone of voice, Bessy, stand still." She said, wonderingly, "What for?" Be made no reply, but immediately placed one hano across her mouth to prevent her screaming, and wi^ the other drew a sharp leather-cutting knife, wbicO he used in his trade, from his pocket, and deliberately commenced to cut her throat. She vigorously with him, and, being a powerful young woman, he was unable to master her. Her cries attracted assistance, and, Oll a young man named Lewis hastening to the spow the would-be murderer decamped. He was chaser for a short distance, but succeeded in eluding hiS pursuer, and was not discovered till about an houf afterwards, when the attention of some passers by ^a9 attracted by what they thought was a drunken lying in a gateway close to the road-side. On exam £ nation it turned out to be a dead body, and sub- sequently it was identified as the corpse of Griffiths* who had committed suicide by cutting his throat frouj ear to ear. The girl Beeston, though badly cut aboU^ the neck and arms, is expected to recover. Tbe de- ceased, Griffiths, was only 21 years of age, and thå a girl whom he assaulted, 19. Jealousy is presume to have been the motive, but nothing accurate is ye | known. n T A DANGEROUS RIDE ON A BUFFER.—"0 R- Saturday, at the Hertford Petty Stssions, WilliatØ Bates, 18, a labourer, of Ashbrooke, near Hitchiø, f was charged with travelling on the Great Norther" Eailway without having previously paid his fare. A appeared that on Thursday morning last, on the 1.1 p.m. fast train arriving at Welwyn Station, the defendant was seen on the buffer of tb hind break by a -porter. The train was imine- diately stopped, when the defendant jumped off, and was about running away, but the porter stoppfd him anii asked him what he w&s doing tberf' He replied that he wanted to find employment » Welwyn, and got on tha buffer to rido there. He w¡}6 asked to pay his fare, which he said he was unable to do, as he had no men- y he wns then given in'o cuS todv for defrauding the company. The defeudaut, lit answer to the charge, said that he got on the buffer Stevenage and rode to Welwyn for the purpose 0 getting work. His father was billed ny a macbiP and he had to work to support his mother and het 1 two other children. He was finecl 4s. and 6s. COpHI, or in default seven days' imprisonment. The dt>fe dant Wu3 locked up ia default.