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.iLonboii jHarfeets. ^


iLonboii jHarfeets. COEN, LONDON.—The jrrain trade at Mark-lane has r dull. English wheat was in short supply, but better dition. Sales progressed slowly, and prices had a droopy 8 tlle tendency. There was a fair show of foreign wheat on ,ey stands. The trade was dull, and prices were weak. was in moderate supply. The trade was quiet, at late rates. English malting1, 52s to "■ 4s Saale, 45s to W Danish and Swedish, 39s to 44s; grinding, 29s fid to Oats were a dull market, and lower to sell—Riga, lfs; ? j Petersburgh, 19s 6d to 22s; Swedish, 19s to 2:s. MaJ was very quiet, at about late rates American, 29s to &>' Beans and peas were quiet and unaltered. The flour was dull, at about late prices. a CATTLE (METROPOLITAN).—^The supply of beasts WOS short but the general quality good. There was a attendance of buyers, and more life was noticed in tn trade, the tendency of prices being against the buy/?* Quotations :—Coarse and inferior oeasts, 4s 6d to 5s caS jei;ond quality ditto, 5s 0-1 to /is 6d; prime large oxen, 5s lOd to 6s 2d; prime Scots, &c. 6s 2d to 6s 4d; coarse and inferior sheep, is fid to 6s od; second quality do., 68 Od to 6s Sd; pruno coarse woolledt 6s 10d to 7s 2d; prime Southdown, 7s Od to 7s 4d; lambs. 0s Od to OsOd; large coarse calves, Ss 6J to 6 s Od; small ditto, 6s 2d to 6s 8d; largo hogs, 3s 6d to 4s Od; real small porkers, 4s 2d to 43 8d per Rib. to sink the offal. MEAT (METROPOLITAN).—Under the influence of milder weather the trade was slower, and prices were not so well supported. The supply of meat was moderate. Inferior beet, 2s 8d to 3s Od; middling ditto, 3-3 4d to 4s 4d; prime large ditto, 4s 8d to 5s 2d prime sma'J ditto, 5s Od to 5s 4d veal, 5s 4d to 6s Od inferior mutton, 3s 4d to 4s Cd; midd- ling ditto, 4s Od to 4s 8d prime ditto, 5s 4d to 6s Od large pork, 3s 4d to 3s Sd small ditto, 4s Od to 4s 4d; and lamb 011 Od to Os Od per Rib by the carcass. GAME AND POULTRY.-Widgeon, Is 9d to 2s Od; weodcock, 3s 3d to 4s 6d; wild ducks, 2s Od to 2s 3d; leverets, 2s 9d to 3s 3d; conies, Is Od to Is 9d ducklings, 3s Od to Is 6d; ducks, 2s Od to 3s Od teal, 9d to Is Od; plovers, 9d to la golden ditto, is Od to Is 3d; pheasants. 3s 9d to 5s Od; capons, 6s Od to 8s Od; chickens, 2s Od to 2s 9d; pullets, 3s 3d to 5s 9d; haunches of venison, 12s 0d to 20s Od each; fore-quarter of ditto, od to 9d per lb.

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