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WAR ITEMS. The Russian Government has issued an order for the whole of the Baltic defences to be supplied with guns of the heaviest calibre before the opening of the navigation in the spring. A large number of 12-incb 38-ton guns are being mounted on the batteries at Sveabor r. It having come to the ear of the Russian Govern- ment that the Tartars in the province of Taurida con- templated the sale of th-ir estates with the view to migrating to Turkey, an ukase has been issued for" bidding the sale of landed property in the province until the conclusion of the war. The day after Christmas (N.S.) a body of Turk"i from Novi Bazar attacked the Servian camp at Giur- gevo Stubovi, when a fight ensued which lasted hours, and resulted in the assailants being driveflj back to the town they had issued from. The Ser-| vians are concentrating at the above mentioned place> | Giurgevo Stubovi. j As regards the capture of Sofia, the Servian* J marched thither in three columns, tbe first effecting^ a junction with the Russians on their way Konashtitza to the Glinzi defile, the second, consist'^ ing of three large detachments, pushing forward the direction of Radomir, while the 3rd, after passing | unmolested through the CtzarBkibrod defile j- arriving at Slivnitza, proceeded directly to Sofia. The j Turks in their retreat tried to take the positions 0»| Radomir and Kostendil. j| A telegram from Constantinople says that the Porwrf. on receiving the declaration of the Grand DUke Nicholas that the preliminaries of peape must bOl settled before the arrangement of an armistice, sent J. reply to the Russian head-quarters to ask what the Russian preliminary conditions of peace. A late*| telegram announces that the reply of Russia h arrived st Constahtirople. j An official despatch from Crete states that all tMg Mussulmans, influenced by local Beys, are intent ofg defeating the conciliatory measures of the Porte are taking refuge in tbe fortified towns, being c0,1'j veyed there even in Government transports. TbjJ government outside the towns of the Island is in tbffir hands of the Christians, who hesitate, however, to dffj. clare their independence. It is believed that tbWf Turkish agent has full powers, even to gra.J1 autonomy. Jr At Nish the Servians found 200 guns (25 of the Krupp's), with munitions and rations of the value £ 4000. # .J It is announced from Constantinople that tb 4 evacuation of Philippopolis has commenced. emptying of all the hospitals of Adrianople has aVj.'| been ordered. The Turks hav i destroyed all th | railway bridges between Yeni Saghra and Seisu»a»l/*| where the Philippopolis and Yamboli lire join. ':1 A telegram from Philippopolis announces that th Turks have burnt Tatar Bazardjik, and that the;: Russians entered Yeni Saghra. When the Montenegrins entered Antivari, they,| found 200 wounded in hospital in a dreadful state. They were at taken charge of by the Mo** 1 tenesrin Red Cross Society. The garrison number 1400, having lost 300 men during the siege. The population numbered 4000. Many hundreds were si^ The fortified city was all in ruins. The poDulation etf grated where they pleased, under rhe protection of Montenegrins, the Prince lending his own horses those of his staff to carry the sick and wounded t would not stay.

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