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KAY'sTic PILLS, for Neuralgia,Faceaohe, Ac., gid., Is. lid ostage Id. Sold by all Chemists. Kay Bros., Stockport. GREAT MEETING AT BIRMINGHAM.—Mr. > Bright addressed his constituents in the Town Hall, Birmingham, confining his observations to the Eastern 1 Question. He remarked that the early summoning » of Parliament, which in ordinary circumstance: 1 would be viewed with indifference, was now regarded with anxiety and alarm. There was no doubt that I the country, during the recess had been stronelj agitated, and that the question upon which it had been disturbed was that of peace or war. r Mr. Bright believed it would be criminal for tht Ministry to involve this country in war. Expe- t rience had taught us that for the past two centuries all our wars and the bloodshed and loss of > life they had entailed had been undertaken for the 5 pursuit of some ghastly phantom or. some cunning • phrase. He trusted that the nation would not allow itself to embark again in war for a mere phrase, such 1 as British interests," and he held with Lord Derby, that the greatest of British interests was that of peace. L The right hon. gentleman pointed out that everything we obtained by the Crimean war was given up the moment the next European complication arose. Mr. Muntz and Mr. Chamberlain also spoke, and votes of I I confidence were passed. BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK.— The above are Imperted direct by M. LEADER, 9, NEW INS-YARD, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, E.G., from whocr i price lists are sent, on application, of every descrip ■ tion of fancy wools, canvas, filoselle, etc. ON SATURDAY the East Middlesex coroner held I an inquiry at Poplar as to the death of Williarc I Scotney Waite, 47, a pensioned policeman. The de- r. ceased had been unable through ill-health to obtain any work for some time, and had nothing to keep himself and six children upon but his pension of £ 25 i per annum, and a few shillings which one of his sons [ earned. This so preyed upon his mind that he went > to a beer-house in Penny-fields, Poplar, and banged r I himself to a beam in the skittle-alley. He was quits dead when the landlord found him. It appeared during the inquiry that some of the deceased's rela- tions had died insane, and that his eldest daughter, 21 years of age, and a boy of 12, were not in their right mind. A verdict of Suicide while of unsound mind was recorded. SUCCESS CAUSES IMITATION. — When purchns'.nS ask plainly for and see that every cake is stamped Spratt's Patent," or a spurious and highly dangerous imitation, same size and shape, may be served to you. BRIG LOST WITH SEVEN LivEs.-George Fogelstrom, sole surviving seaman belonging to the brig Brierly Hill, of North Shields, has arrived at the Sailors' Home, North Shields, bringing particulars or the wreck of the vessel, and the drowning of Captain Duncan and six of the crew. The vessel was caught in a heavy gale off Flusted, and drove on the rocks. A high sea was running, and six of the crew were washed overboard, one after another, and drowned, leaving only Captain Duncan and Fogelstorm, when the latter jumped into the sea, and made for the shore. He was picked up, greatly exhausted, by a boat- Shortly afterwards the vessel broke up, and Oaptaln Duncan fell into the sea, and was drowned. DYEING AT HOME..—Judson's Dyes are most useful and effectual. Ribbons, silks, feathers, scsrfe, lace, braid, veils, handkerchiefs, clouds, bernouses, Shetland shawls, or any small article of dress can easily be dyed in a few minutes without soiling the hands. Violet, magenta, crimson, mauve, purple, ponceau, claret, Ac. Ask for Judson's Dyes. Sold by chemists and stationers. Sixpence per bottle. PRESENTATION TO MR. H. M. STANLEY AT ROME.—Mr. Stanley was presented at Rome the Victor Emmanuel Gold Medal of Merit-inscribed, To Enrico Stanley, the intrepid African Explorer" -by Signor Correnti, President of the Italian Geo. graphical Society. It was accompanied by a sealed letter from the late King Victor Emmanuel, which whtn opened was found to contain flattering appre- ciations of the many geographical discoveries and services rendered to humanity and civilisation by Mr. Stanley. Baron Telfener entertained the traveller at a private banquet in his magnificent mansion. Kind welcomes to Italy were received from Turin, Milan, and Naples. WEIGHT'S COAL TAB SOAP (Sapo Carbonis Det&rgensh Antiseptic, Detergent .Disinfectant. The most healtliful» agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. By its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured the complexion improved; pimples, blotches and roughness removed and the skin made clear, smooth, and lustrouS; In our hands it has proved most effective in skin diseases.' —The Lancet; "It is wie only true antiseptic soap."—British I Medical Journal. In Tablets, 6d. aDd is. each of all Chemists. W. V. WRIGHT and Co,. Southwark-street. London. MALICIOUS W OUNDING.-Mr. Bamford, a farmory living near Malvern, has been committed by the Mal- vern magistrates (Mr. G. W. Hastings in the chair) on a charge of maliciously wounding Mr. T, H. Baldwin, a publican, of Sberrard's-green, near Malvern. affair arose from jealousy excited in the mind Baldwin by the conduct of the accused towards his wife. The complainant on the 13th ult. ordered the accused out of his house, and afterwards finding a paper supposed to have been written "y the wife to the accused making an appointment to meet, he chal" lenged the defendant to fight. They afterwards voe^ attheM»lver° words again arising the accusedstruckBaldwin a violent blow on the head witb a knobbed stick, striking him with both hands, and knocking him down insensible. When told that he had killed the man, be exclaimed, "Let him die." The complainant received a concussion of the brain, and was in a dangerous condition for some time. The magistrates committed the accused for trial. MUNIFICENT DONATION.—The British Medici Journal says The directors of the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, have been informed that, by the will of Mr. John Freeland, who died at Nice on the 25th of last month, a sum of £ 40,000 has been bequeathed to the institution. Since the opening of the Western Infif" naary, a year or two ago, there has been a constat struggle to raise sufficient funds to carry on the insti- tution, and at the present time the income has fallen short of the expenditure by .flOOO. By the terms of the deceased gentleman'sr will the £4.0,000 has been left exclusively fo.* building purposes. The nt-cessit-Yo therefore, for increased funds is very great, as a larger number 0 patients than can be accommodated At present will forwards have to be treated. Mr. Free- land, who has resided for several years at Nice, on account of his health, was a well-known Glasgow cotton merchant. INDIOESTIU^ winger, in combination -with Brandy, is ever | an in k'oroaeiric. Messrs. Kenry Brett and Co. "scele- I Invited' Ne?'"0 s Head' Liqueur Ginger Brandy i3 most agroc" able, and adapted ai&e to lavalid, Sportsman at Travelled [

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