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THE MARRIAGE OF THE KING OF SPAM. The Earl of Rosslyn has been selected to attend as her Majesty's Representative the approaching marriage at Madrid of the King of Spain. The following suite will accompany his lordship: Mr. Percy Anderson, of the Foreign Office, Secretary to the Special Mission; Mr. J. Seymour Wynne Finch, Royal Horse Guards; Viscount Lascellfs; Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. Francis Charles BrIdgeman, Scots Guards; Lieutenant-Oolcnel Sir Arthur P. Halkett, of Pit- ferran; Lord Alexander Paget; Mr. Robert Horace Walpole; and Dr. Patrick Heron Watson, M.D., Edinburgh, Attaches to the Special Mission. The mission is expected to arrive at Madrid about the 20th inst. A t rdade his ESCAPE OF A CONVICT, A convict made his escape from Knagshill Convict Prison on Sunday night, by removing a portion or the iron bar from the window of his cell. The convict, who is a desperate character, on one occasion escaped from Xork Outie. BURIED AuvE.—Ehjah Warn and another man, named Marshall, were engaged in digging a well on the tenant premises of J• «■ Uray> on Academy street, Cambridge, N.Y. They had reached a depth of about sixteen feet. Warn being in the bottom of the well throwing the earth upon a platform part of the way up, and Marshall throwing it out. About twelve o'clock a partial caving of the earth took place, sur- rounding Warn up to the arms and molding him fast in the bottom of the we 1. Marshall secured the services of another man and commenced the work of liberating Warn, but before he had succeeded another caving of the earth took place, burying Warn about seven feet under ground. A crowd was soon collected, seven feet under ground. A crowd was soon collected, and a number of men went vigorously to work to rescue him alive if possible. Ine head of the buried man was reached about hair-past one, when it was found that life was extinct, and at two o'clock the remains wore lifted out by means of a rope. Warn was about 45 years of age, and leaves a wife and several children. SUDDEN DlCA TH OF AN KOCENTRIC CHARACTER —Whilst Mr. William Cobbett was in Westminster Hall on Saturday, prepared to go on with some of those legal proceedings in the interest of the Tich- borne claimant with which his name has so often been associated, he was seized with a sudden attack of ill. ness, and immediately expired, ^he deceased srentle- man was tbe eldest son of the lamous William Cobbett. His brother, the late member tor Oldham died about twelve months ago, at the age of 77. HORNIMAN'S TEA, 40 years has been preferre d. HOONIMAN'S TEA, T to the PUBLIC. UOBJUMAH'S TKA» sold oftly Packets.


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