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i 1 VOLUMES JUST COMMENCED I THE THREFMAGAZINES 1 ^OB 1878. "^e Quiver," for Sunday Reading I THE QUIVER For JANUARY, price 6d., x- Th CONTAINING— th^S-Places of our Saviour, and Scenes of His Seclusion. By the a- Serine' Preliendary CHADWICK, B.D. Bv Lessons for School and Home. 3- CharliT. R^v- J- W- GEDGE, M.A. 4-8 Revenge. By RUTH MITCHELL. 5-t^^Quiver" fiible Class. n t RJ\^s of the Books of God. By the Clxai»i« BOYD CARPENTER, M.A. 7* "Thn r! Sarah Wesley. I P w^o Once." New Hymn Tune, by !(> E9RGE J* ELVEY, MUS.D., Organist of St. Chapel Royal, Windsor. 9- Sottf/riins.—By the Rev. T. M. MORRIS. 10- Thft -I? ™ ork. A Short Story. th« f;arable8 of the Old Testament. By 1 Out Sv' ^anon BARRY, D.D. f Bvt? ke-Way Papers. Nervine Tonics. l2' A MlARev- ARTHUR BROWN. *3- 0 ^or Life. A Tale for the New Year. Prof'my God." New Hymn Tune, by *4, Goftrt'^1ACFaRREN, MUS.D. ? £ • ork at Home and Abroad. A Ch^T11* By W. POOLE BALFERN. L7- A I.IFCT1118-8 Oarol. By Julia GODDARD. i *8. "I^'APoem. J i9. Est" By the ReV' J' H- **• By the Rev. G. S. OUTRAM. AI" In th«y-b A POEM- By J. G. WATTS. l87 ae Bough, By G. WEATHERLY. *3' The pinl .DBy JANE c- SIMPSON. If ?he Chnr«i?fc,the Nifllt. A Poem. 5- l40RE rS$.8Pire- By SARAH DOUDNEY. ofi s'or7 CONQUEBOB. Serial aS- A CSR^Wt f- SKENE. ^SCALEi OF BARHAM. Stria, ■ .THE QWVF?™KNSB"CK"E- the very best of iu" widely known as one ot mended it as rj^g^ines. We have often com- subjects are well and attractive. The and good. "A- ned > the illustrations are many thoroughly serin tin-!T»tl0nal or expository papers are —p ra*- —Record. Cassell's Family Magazine. assell's Family Magazine For JANUARY, price 7d., i. Ji: CONTAINING- t I Se F"SS House and Table Linen. -Sands anf trw London Poor. 4. jj^Cc'nifort. their Care and I' **»• A^«f:with MUSIC. 9. ^ottsS}1018^688 at Skeme Dun. A XI. Chit tn.8.rine Telegraph Service. 3 GSGGLS —' xll Ba&^fn Were Drilled. ( ?e Gatherer—a ofa YounS Mother. l; Uu0tati°n—A S,,w^ mpJoved Stove-A Hidden I !&ht-A New StUte for S«k-A Novel Night- *9. TTi^^oUinp BridsrB gfe2er^tor—Safety at Sea— 5' 20. Srr £ SHAT i gm^tSt. Malo. I „T ^-EUSlJ a^ «X-. New Serial Story. FAMnt no hesfuLS° MARKKD and decided that «\t> ,cass*l.l's Sdinh, the MnnJtu first position -Coura^lU^s for the people."— —7~" T T^le Folt^" for All Children. LITTLE FOLKS Farnu, Ifc rn,?' f>rice e<t- i "I' '»<• M:n fdutiful Co7#i*. » and contains a titled HUrr hreJ? Frontispiece, en- c°**l*n<encenient nf nnXrthe • t1he STORIES, and ° Kew seriJlL f of attraction. nuiny new features v.TTLE folks • hildren's magazine b °Ut of s'ght the best kno^- —BritisA Quarterly k. Critics as the FOLKS is among all P young."— Glasgow Mail °f a maSazine for the Casseil Petter r*t*' r *lft$London and all Booksellers. NEW SERIALS. Ta1!; NEW POPULAR SERIAL WORK ON SCIENCE. O ClT?^T~™menCed' in Parts, price 7d. ^sowk m a ALL. Edited by ROBERI StaffofFm F.R.G.S., assisted by a • tj -inent Writers. ABUNDANTLY ILLUSTRATED. *ePi'ititeti ? SCIENCE FOR AL.L. has been twice Cos Can now fay order, from all Booksellers. Petter Galptn, London; and all Booksellers. J«st commenced, in Monthly Parts, price 7d. Hypr-, CASSELL'S HISTORY OF j. &!„ SP'SSQ-TUBKMH WAR. Uni- and Germa .?ss^l s History of the War between France Thi n^" PROFUSELY ILI.USTRATED. Large Edition of rnrt 1 now ready (induJing Cl :Map), price 8%d., at a11 Booksellers'. etter & Galpin, London and all Bookse< lers. rUTT-^ COmmenced> *H Monthly Parts^price 7d. T venture^Feril Story of Ad- ORIGINAL' lfLUSTRATmNSaer01am- »UME~US D FOURTH EDITION OF PART I /• ■ J* Presentation Plate), price Td^noX ready g° Cassell Petter & Galpin, London and alt'Booksellrs. I MONTHLYLLpART^Rpric?Ydm«^K«/°rtl/Publish in CRA^^SPSSKSAI gheat •»* Prospectuses of this Tmnorta,, t tf » ready at a 11 Jio oh tell,r h «-re now application toihef7*»itS-1 I »'*st PETTER £ 'OALP,N. ua^HH,a.<y88^ N<w ready, coloured boards. 3S. M do,h edges, Ss. 6 "little Folks" Christmas VOIUMSJ Forming the MOST CHARMING GIFT-Rnnv r the SEASON for children of all ages, containing n, .? FIVE HUNDRED PICTURES and beautiful Cof<>i FRONTISPIECE. lkhl) The Volume also contains a complete Serial Storv WN H. G. KINGSTON, entitled THE YOUNG HERRINGTONS, or the Boy Explorers and a complete I Serial Story by one of the Authors of Poems written for a Child," entitled POOR NELLY. Cassell Petter <5h Galpin, London; and all Boollse ters. THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE DICTIONARY OF COOKERY EVER PRODUCED. Now ready, 1,280 pages, royal 8vo, cloth, 15s. CASSELL'S DICTIONARY OF ^OOKEJEtY. With numerous ENGRAVINGS and Full- T„„. PAGE COLOURED /PLATES. Containing about NINE thousand RECIPES. •horou^8 'Dictionary of Cookery' is one of the most 0u ;ts ,ant* comprehensive works of the kind. To expatiate »a«„„a,bundant contents would demand pages rather than Paragraphs.Times. WiK?,r of ,the most handsome, practical, and comprehensive j cookery."—at 11 rday Rez'iew. be—that- I15 that tlus book is absolutely what it claims to ever Drnrli^ !!eiar,gest and most complete collection of the kind Pr°auced xt this country .The Christian World. assell Petter &■= Galpin, Londoll; and all Booksellers. '-==- CAPSS petteh & QALPIM'S COM S.v«R^Ho°t^v?GDE' • L!" z ■ RELIGIOUS WORKS r ^Mus' consisting <7/BIBLES an CHRIST MMNU DR. FARRAR'S LIFE ok CHILDREN'S Rm & 0 Volume;.}, FINE ART VOLUMES, HISTORY, NATURAL H«T°NAR!RS' EducAT,0NAL W0R^' ] Trbatis^ S • HOUSEHOLD WDomesi « ( &c- &c. 'torrih 00Kfa«^ GUIDES, SCIENCE. TRAVELS. ILLUSTRATED SEWATP Synojisls <* thetr n""lL'r" application to CA%hvt1BLICATI0ns. *ent lost UUTZNIT.™1 "M GWS^^S°^^AFFWA|m^' | ISwyddfa'r 0^r, BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, 42, St. Mary Street, Cardigan. 0 T=?.-F1 A -n^-M-Apg~B^TS & SHOES. DANIEL DAVIES, FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, BEGS to solicit an inspection of his N e'tly-reoeived Stock of Ladies, Gentlemen, and J) Children's Ready-made -VTI: -L.* Trx:El-R BOOTS, in all the latest designs, from the most noted Manufacturers, the whole of which are marked at the Lowest Remunerative Prices. Gentlemen's Fishing andKM Button Boots. THE BESP°la3J DEPARTMENT 8tmcontinne.to^ei^D^jff^»aoygg|^g| NEATLY 0E^ECP^DMployeJ- ESTABLISBJDD trpWABDS OF 30 YEARS. HENRY DANIEL DA VIES, MANUFACTURER OF WOOL^]SR CLOTHS, flails, blanketings, 3 Welsh Plaids and Stripes, Hosiery and other Yarns, Priory Street, CARDIGAN. These Goods are manufa^re^ fw puBE Wools, and WARRANTED to be unadulterated WlthThe YamI S/in and Qualities, made up in different size Balls, C°11VpATTERNStand WHOLESA^pItIcEgjoi-warded, Post Free, to Shopkeepers ONLY. PRINTING I PRINTING I IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, EXECUTED AT THE "OARDIGAN OBSERVER" GENERAL PRINTING & BOOKBINDING -:[3f,:ESIEIl -EXT, \JE 1, EEE:N":JS O^RiDia-^icq-. JOHN c,. ROBERTS by postm,teS81,611 <OT eVety »f W°rk' and Pr°mPt a'tenti0n 40 forwarded MEM^XL CXRDS In V Newest Designs, at moderate prices. Every description the shortest /Jof/eg ARQ4 AFFTT A LLYFR-RWYMO. «-Gw»eirpob math o wain Swyddfa'r Cardigan Observer, 1, L«n Eben, AberteiB. Old Soresand^ The seeds of these disorder,. *»kin plSeaSO»« penetrating TJngnent, not only- Ss _ellcd t>y thii from the internal tissues UkeiiA^iectuallj^?^ parts, but yews' standing, speedily yields .the gupg°°r ^tww case, evc" A Certain Curt" Diplitlieria, Bronchitis, AsthiL Throat, For coring sore throat, di A. of the chest, and pain •tone prevents degenerating 2^, bronchitis, Uintment has the same poweiv^ ^e-jgh Instantwwy fought round newta alter every other mejS^m the use of tmsv sufferers Sad Legs, Bad v^ sgnaiiy^ and feists 0^ Sores, F^t T^eb^mtt-g 4^ the ^tolerable, the matter thU^ w^^lron1. tbe dise^ Jong-standing ca^es, P^1 > fl Rite urn a. Qoot, Hheunv 4,pn" saff Jolnts- suffering parts; when ^^l]^ adopt a ^T^d morning, mationanddepj^oa^ay'sPiUso^^y into the enlargement of the joinK^^nally ^arive allinflam- and uncontracted. iA rneon^' £ and remove all Both the Otntment\. Bad Legs should U used in the Points — Kns SjS 'iSVoa* Chilblains ffl diseases Chapped Hands Contracted and Stiff jS^agQ Swellings g^re Heads Joiafcs pL Tumours Ulcers The Ointment and w't-\c Wounds Establishment, 533, rjl Bvery respectable VenrtC^ TT-" „ ,„conr 'S0^^°yrx-,Z World, in Pots and BrM R+°ld at Professor by neariy and 33s. each. The ^^hout tbeClY1^ ounce; andth5*i?^ cme o? A'i 6d.» 11.s"' 1 Full printed direetioJ^t '0f S'ointment OT »n be had in any 1^^ ?iUs four dozen-^ No. 16-8; ——————— > or Chinese. [F you want Pk y — ie G of any osite theBI^}^ «d | — Hotel), Cardigan- ALLAN LINE Shortest Ocean Passage to MBRICA, Halifax, Canadian, & United States Mail. Composed of Twenty First-clas* <a+ Leaving LIVERPOOL, every THUR^ LONDONDERRY every FRIDAY for h'at"! FAX, QUEBEC, PORTLAND I t. MORE. Threugh Tickets to BOSTONr^ YORK, PHILADELPHIA, ai,d i! S EW CANADA, and the STATES. P°mts in Low Fares and excellent Accom^ • Passengers who secure their T^w* leaving home, are met at the Rail-wn ^c^ore Liverpool by an appointed Agent of 7, ati°n in who takes charge of them until ti,0„ Company, the Steamer. 3° on hoard The Canadian Government wmr.+ Passages by the Allan Line. Assisted e&~ Write for the Pamphlet T.rmr-, RIN IN MANITOBIA. UKD DUFFE- For Rates of Freight or Passam. ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Livem^FI' ASP^Y to derry or to the Local Agent, London- J. C. Roberts, Observer Office The Printing Trade. ANPRENSCE tISSTabo^aTrad &S AP" opportunity offered to learn the differ' i. goo(* thoroughly.—Apply, Office of this P^er nches GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS; Patronised by teveral eminent Physic^ and UNIVJE hsallt held in Won*, safe and speedy for you at a »i^aii ro is stOl a /-lEOBGE'S PILE ANjr^y.,1"°« VJT PILLS, which are now RECOGNISO^ ^^AVEL the best Medicine vet discovered FOR being OBAVBL, as well as for the FOLLOW^PLLE AND in Ninety-nine Cases out of every which by these painful Maladies^ HUADRED, are CAUSED PAIN IN THE BACK, FLATULENCY od.„ A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE BAnir fINQ» C0L,0» DARTING PAINS IN THE REGION r £ ~ND "-OINS, LIVER, AND KIDNEYS, CON^rr,THE HEART, PAINS IN THE THIGHS, SOMETl^ePAT,on. DOWN TO THE CALF OF THE lpa ShOOTINQ SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION nc.AN° FOOT, IN-THESTOMACH, AND ALLLlVFPr, Rll^E' pAINS Thonsandi have been cur*d by the«e P»7—LAINT8. pionounead ONB BOX WILX. CONVINCE THE MnB„ THEIR KFFICA^r081 SCEPTICAL OV In order to suit all uho may be —-— thete Maladiet, the Pr°V™tor pr^ar^jfo0* OlfB „ BOTH of _"M!/o"OK"n<7/omi:~ VeB"oble Remedy in Wo.' g-OEORGE'l^R A PTT.T g NO. 3-GEOKQE:spi^ILLS™ Important Tettimonialt from~nZT, Invalid* from aU parU of the coun°rv°?' nChe'*i*t*, and to any addres, on receipt of a rtampea^H he forvardtd Sold in Boxes, Is. lid. and 2« —: Chemists; bYPost,lS.4d.andSs,INBPY0 WEPECUME BVEBY BOX IS PROTECTED BY THE 8tamPs- NOTICE.—The title PILlt ANT) /an STAMP. ♦ Copyright, and entered at Propnerar.XETOTORSE- M„PS HIRWAIN, GLAMORGANSH,^ .°- .J I D. R. WILLIAMS, SCtJLFTOR, Marble Works, LLANELLY. Monuments, Tombs, Headstones, Crosses the executed in Granite, Marble, and Stone. Designs forwarded on application. I -r MATHIAS' Boot and Shoe Warehouse, CARDIGAN. ENTIRE NEW STOCK OF WINTER BOOTSI 10,000 Pairs of Boots to choose from. mHIS Estabhshment is now replete with an entire 1 New Stock of all kinds of Boots and Shoes, and will be found equal to any House in Wales A very large stock of Summer and last v*»ar's Boots will be sold at a GREAT SACRIFICE to make room for the new stock. to Clumped or Treble-soled Boots In Gentlemen's, Ladies', & Children's. Shooting, Hunting, and Sea Boots. Navvies' and Farmers' Nailed Boots Leggings, Goloshes, Cork Soles, &c. A large assortment of SERVANTS' TRUNKS. BENSON'S WATCHES. WateTl^TT^: Maker to the Queen and Royal Familv anH v.. appointment to the Prince of Wales and Emnprm- by special Old Bond-street, and (Steam Factory) Ludgate-hill°T BENSON'S WATCHES "of suitable for all climates, from £ 2 to 20oiuinM= /V graphs, Chronometers, Keyless, Levers, Pre»«r,+\^Chrono- BENSON'S ARTISTIC ENGLISITTmw^" decorated with Wedgwood and other wares.^ £ • j suit any style of architecture or furniture alsn „ lgne,T.to for presents. Made solely by Benson. From £ 5 ^Apvelties BENSON'S PAMPHLETS~T^ CLOCKS, Watches, aocks, Plate, and Jewsll A r,, trated, sent post free each for 2 stamps. Watches «,VV8" post. Benson's new Work, Time and Time T«lw — — 14crsr 2s. 6d. IMPORTANT MEDICAL WORKS. 122nd Thousand, Free by Post, in Envelope Two St GUIDE TO HEALTH; or, Advice and Instructing A15! cure of Nervous Diseases. Gives Instructions Sr »^,e vice, the result of twenty-eight years' special 4d" cure of all diseases of the Nervous System, Nervont -I0r Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Imnaivf^ ^2a vi and Memory, Indigestion, Loss of Energy, Pains^ Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria, Timidity Self rj? Back. Dizziness, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxatinr. i8 Sleep, Faulty Nutrition, Loss of Flesh, Weakness DJ0SSI Diffidence, &c., resulting from Loss of Nerve POWBITTK trated with Cases and Testimonials, with means nsJ 1" case. Important Rules to be observed by Patients. ln eac Also by the same Author Seventeenth Thousand. Fifty-seven Engravings on Wood, post free for 7 stam PHYSICAL EDUCATION; or. The People's Guide tAr!^ X On the culture of the healthful and beautiful in hnrA^l Fifty-seven Engravings.. humanity. Subjects:—Physical Education, Laws of life, Howtn«mj weak muscles strong, .Gymnastics, Prevention of F Cure of disease, Air, Light, Skin, Diet, Bath, Ac. fii A^f6' structions for developing and strengthening the humHT, in" How to regain lost health resulting from loss of nerve the effect of overtaxed energies—Over-work, City Iife £ ?. Brain toil, and Intemperance. How to secure loni? ],-<■„ "Zj avoid the infirmities of old age, &c. » DR. HENRY SMITH, No. 8, Burton Crescent, London, vr.c. J. R. DANIEL, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer. PAPER HANGER, House and Ornamental Painter, UNDERTAKER, &c., 12, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIGAN. PIANOFORTES For Sale or Hire on the Three-Years System. "iJ' m. ALMANAC Y MILOEDD A Llawlyfr 0 Wybodaeth Fudd/ol AM 1878, Yr ail ar ol blwyddyn Naid, a'r 42 o deyrnasiad v Frenhines V ictoria. J CYNWYSIAD. v Tywydd am bob dydd Sut i gadw heddweh yn v t-fr Calendar llawn I wybod pellder taran 7 ty Godiad a machludiad yr haul Pytatws rhewedig Codiad a machludiad y lleuad Bnai o gynghorloix Mr. Hum- Newidiadau, diffygiadau, oed phreys, Dyffryn y Lleuad Gwerthu y Gymraeg gtampiau llythyrdy Siencyn Penhydd a'r ewair Ajriryw Dablaudefnyddiol gWair Rbanu y caws nordd 1 bawb gael di»on o pros 300 o Ddiarhebion ar^n. Boxer, y ceffyl blaen Nadolig. pethau hynod Modrwyau priodas Cynghorion buddiol yn danedd Prynu pethau diangenrhaid, ^ydd rhadlon a myn'd i ddyled Weather-glass y dyn tlawd. Cyfarwyddiadau i'r rhai sydd Jiowch 1 gael peint am fod yn gyfoethog 8l>ectol mam Cynghorion y meddyg Cyfreithiwr y teulu Diodydd i gleifion Tabl gwartheg a lloi Coginio pytatws Canu yn y teulu Gwneyd eich Ewyllys Cwsg yr adferydd goreu y ddanodd a'r danedd dulad yn anlosgadwv y newyn du Whitewash da 8 Wy FFEIRIAU CYMRU A'R CYFFINIAU. Wrexham: Cyhoeddedig gan Hughes and Son; AC AR WERTH GAN Mrs. Williams, Bookseller, Aberteifi. SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS are INSERTED in the CARDIGAN OBSERVER at the following CLASS I.—Prospectuses of Public Companies, Parliamentary Addresses, Government Notices, &c., 6d. per Line per Insertion. CLASS II —Notices of Municipal and School Board Elections, Legal Advertisements, Public Notices, &c., 4d. per Line per Insertion. CLASS III.—Sales by Auction, 3d. per Line per Insertion. CLASS IY. Announcements of Religious and Charitable Institutions, Literary and Competitive Meetings, Lectures, Entertainments, Dinners, Anniversaries, &c., 2d. per Line per Insertion. CLASS V —PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS, Such as Situations Wanted or Vacant, Apartments aI1d Houses Wanted or To Let, Sales by Private Contract, Businesses to be Sold, Partnerships or Money Wanted, Articles Lost or Found,, and Mis. cellaneous Sales and Wants, are inserted at the following rates :-Four lines, one msertIOn, ls.; three insertions, 2s.; six insertions 3s. Every additional line in proportion to the above scale. CLASS VL -BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS Inserted at very Moderate Rates when ordered for Quarter or more. I FOR SALE, A PORTABLE STEAM CRANE, withprovec Chain for working it. Guaranteed to raise a1 least Three Tons weight. Apply to Mr. Thomas Edwards, Cardigan. Yn awr yn barod, 144.tudalen, Pris Swllt, WEDROSI A: SEF GWEITHIAU Barddonol a Rhyddiaethol y diw. GWEITHIAU Barddonol a Rhyddiaethol y diw- eddar Mr. T. WEDROS EVANS, Ysgolfeistr. Yn mhlith ereill ceir y bryddest fuddugol ar y Ffurfafen yn Eisteddfod Crymych, 1876. Ar werth gan ei fam, Mrs. Evans, Rhydanfacli, Ceinewydd, ac yn Swyddfa'r Observer, Aberteifi. TIMBER SALE. PEN'RALLT, ABERPORTH. MR. R. M. ROBERTS has been favoured with instructions from COLONEL JENKINS to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on TUESDAY, the 22nd day of January, 1878, 200 LOTS of very fine Ash, Larch, and Beech Trees Of well growth; also, a large quantity of FIREWOOD. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock p.m. sharp. Credit snbject to conditions. 8, St. Mary-street, Cardigan. THE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, CARDIGAN. Head Master: Reu. D. H. DA VIES, B.A. SCHOOL re-opens MONDAY, January 21st 1878. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOLT CARDIGAN. Head Master: D. M. PALMER, B.A. THIS School will REASSEMBLE Monday January 14th, 1878.




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