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LADIES' COLUMN. II THE FASHIONS. The Venetian hood, the Spanish carrick-mantilla, and the opera cap, are novelties which undergo many different shapes, to say nothing of the Pretender- collars and cuffs, the Queen Anne rlijff is menteur fichus, chatelaine bags, medieval belts and snaps, nielli buttons, &c. A return to plain robings down the sidew of full-dress velvets, moires, satins, and mixed failles, prognosticates tho maintenance of flat- ness about the knees, but mention must be made of an attempt to revive the hideous roll, worn during the Medicis period, round the waists of peaked bodies. The menteur fichu is no longer worn on high bodices, but on low, round evening dress. They are either very becoming or- have a clumsy, heavy ap- pearance, and in general should be draped round the shoulders. Ordpe lisse, worked organdi, moss gauze, and brocaded mousseline-de-soie arc the prettiest. Sometimes tha fichu menteur has its accompanying head-dress, which is a kind of turban tried on the hair, with two ends on one side. A filet of cold runs round the hem, and that is all. Ripe corn is a favourite colour for this neglig6, but dead leaf, with a filet of roae-sa+in, is as pretty. Two new toilettes have been much admired one is the Bourgeoise de Paris, a well-to-do dress, whilst the 11 other is called Bemember." The Bourgeoise is a mixed dress, half cashmere and half Genoa velvet and satin. The cashmere is bronze, the satin vieil or, while Genoa velvet is "stamped in both shades for quilles and revers. In some cases vieil or is re- placed by crimson, but then only as lining to the cashmere. The Remember" is supposed to be half- mourning. It is a dead white, very tight fitting poult, entirely plain the headings to a marabout fringe are a deep galoon of pansies and violets. With regard toiJaalf mourning, silver ornaments are preferred to jet4 but they are of a very elaborate description, being percé, and imitative of ancient models of a very remote period. Some of the snaps now in fashion are copies of old locks, and the most expensive are reproductions of the plated designs seen on medieval coffers. Nickel is the metal employed. Brooches are made for the wpist, and for maintaining chatelaiae-bags to the skirts of dresses. These square or oval ornaments are sometimes initials or corenets and sometimes monograms and mottoes. White Seville blonde enjoys the same vogue as Oas- tillian fringe. The former is often worked with rain- bow-coloured beads, but is in better taste with white jet. Oastillian fringe is chenille on deep silk network, each chenille strand ending with vieil or grelois of covered wood. The novelty in the floral line is a phosphorescent or thisfle. The colours for this season are—Morning toilette Otter, bottle-green, bronze, t6te de negre. Afternoon: Prune, olive, caroubier, moss. Evening: Orême, Indian sky, tilleul, bl6, and ochre. TURKEY, STUFFED WITH CHESTNUTS.—The turkey's crop may be filled with Veal or other stuffing. Take a few more chestnuts than will completely fill the body of your bird, in case any of them should turn out bad. Oook them enough, but not too much, either by roast- ing over a brazier, or by boiling; peel off both the outer and the inner skin; look closely to see that there are no decayed or mouldy parts, and, with the chestnuts and the liver, stuff the turkey as full as it will hold, sewing it up with needle and thread. Then put. it down to roust as before, allowing plenty of butter to make the gra\<y. As a. good deal of this,.will be absorbed by tbo and retained in the belly ef the bird (which ijill be all the better for it), you syill do wrll to make a .^ros"^ gravy to send up with it, by stewing the "e^t and gizzard with a little minced beef, thickening the stock so obtained, witjh-.flour browaed in better, ana seasoning with pepper, sal* ketchup, and A chestnutted turkey is none the worst for bread sauce, or onion sauce, or both.—Caaeeli'a Household Guide. t


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