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THE WAR. \i1 m a





WILLS AND BEQUESTS. (From the Illustrated London iV«tca.") The will and four codicils (dated May 26, 1875 J June 16, 1876; and March 8 and 13 and April 2, 1867) or Mrs. Frances Harriet Miles, late of Firbeck Hall, Yorkshire, and of No. 11, Onslow crescent, Brompton, who died on October 20 last, were proved on the 20th ult. by John Joshua Jebb (the nephew), Charles Spencer Perceval, and John Hasaard, the acting exe-utors, the personal estate being swerr, under £ 350,000. The testatrix devises Firbeck ) all her other estates in Yorkshire, and all her estate, in Nottinghamshire, to the use of her nephew, the Rev. Henry Gladwyn Jebb, for life, with remainder to Sydney Gladwyn Jebb (the eldest son of her nephew, Joshua Gladwyn Jebb) for life, with re- mainder to his sons in strict settlement; the pictures, plate, works of art, furniture, &c., at Fir- beck Hall, are to go with the property. A sum of £ 225,000 is to beset aside, and thereout an annuity of £ 2500 is to be paid to the said Joshua Gladwyn Jebb for life, and at his decease S1000 per annum to any widow he may leave for her life or widow- hood a like sum of .£1000 per annum is to be paid thereout on the death of the Rev. Henry Gladwyn Jebb to any widow he may leave, and for the same term. Subject to these annuities the said capital sum of £225,000 is to be held upon trusts similar to the uses declared of the settled estates. There are some other devises and numerous bequests in favour of relatives, friends, and servants, the testatrix also bequeaths £ 200 each to the Society for Promoting Obristian Knowledge and Curates' Augmentation Fund, the Doncaster Infirmary, and the Sheffield Infirmary, and X100 to the Worksop Dispensary. The residue of the personalty is divided between the Rev. Henry Gladwyn Jebb and Joshua Gladwyn Jebb, in the proportion of two- thirds upon trust for the former and one-third to the latter. The will (dated December 12,1867) of Mrs. Anne Denison, late of Fairlawn, Fulham, who died on Oct. 8 last, was proved on the 17th ult. by Mrs. Emma. Pender (wife of John Pender), the personal estate being sworn under £ 50,000. Subject to a legacy of X1000 to Thomas Avisoc, the testatrix gives all her property to her daughter, Mrs. Pender. The will (dated Oct. 14, 1870) of Lieutenant- Colonel Claud Thomas Bourchier, of the Rifle Brigade, who died on Nov. 19 last, at Brighton, was proved on the 22nd ult. by Charles John Bourchier and James Johnes Bourchier, the brothers, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £ 40,000. The testator leaves to his nephew and godson, Claud Edward Stracey, £ 5000, and the rest of his property to his said brothers. The will and t NO codicils (dated March 9, 1868, Jan. 18, 1870, and April 25, 1877) of Mrs. Elizabeth England, formerly of Ellesborough, Bucks, and late of No. 7, Hyde-park-square, who died on the 1st ult., were proved on the 15th ult. by William Walford and the Rev. John Henry Cancellor, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £ 35,000. The tes- tatrix gives legacies to her executors and god- daughter the remaining dispositions of the will are restricted to testatrix's children. The will (dated Nov. 4, 1873) of Mrs. Mary Anne Virginia March (Virginia Gabriel), late of No. 58, Cadogan-place, who died on Aug. 7 last, at St. George's Hospital, has been proved by her husband, George Edward March, the sole executor, the per- sonal estate being sworn under £ 12,COO. The testa- trix bequeaths legacies of £ 500 to several of her cousins and friends, and the residue of her property to her said husband. (Front the Ctty Press.") The will of Mr. Edmund Martin Beeton, late of 24, Coleman street, wool warehousekeeper, and of Walton-on-Thames, who died on November 18th last, at Cannes, in France, was proved on the 24th ult. by Mrs. Julia Beeten, the widow, and Mr. James Johnstone, jun., the acting executor, the personal estate being sworn under £ 40,000. The testator, besides a pecuniary legacy, leaves to bis wife all his household furniture and effects; to Mr. Johnstone and his brother, Mr. H. O. Beeton, legacies of S100 each: and the residue of his property upon trust for his wife for life, and at her death for all his children in equal shares. The will and codicil of Mr. Richard Davis, late of St. Helen's place, Bishopsgate-street, who died on November 13th last at Roselle, Tunbridge Wells, was proved on the 31st ult. by Mrs. Margaret Davis, the widow and surviving executrix, the personal estate being sworn under £ 35.000. The testator bequeaths to his wife his furniture, plate, pictures, and house- hold effects, and £1000, and legacies to his sisters and other relatives, to friends, to each of his clerks, and to some of his servants. All his real estate and the residue of the personalty is given upon trust for his wife for life, and then for his children. The will of Mr. William Oatley, late of 28, Alder- manbury, plumber and house decorator, who died cu» the 15th of November last, at the Finsbury-pffc*n b Station of the Great Northern Railway, was proved e on the 24th ult., by Mr. W. Oatley, the son, and Mr. E. Sellers, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £2000. The only person interested under the will are the members of the testator's family. The will and codicil of Mr. Francis Rivaz, lr 1 Lloyd's, and of 19, Cowley-street, Westminster metho died on the 12th ult., were proved on the 22ad UIWr of by Mr. J. V. C. Rivaz, the son, the acting executor, the personal estate being sworn under £ 10,000. The testator leaves his property to each of his daughters as shall be unmarried at the time of his decease.


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