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THE WAR. \i1 m a



WAR ITEMS. According to a telegram in the PresK from Tiflis of the 30th of December, Mukhtar P^ha escaped from Erzeroum in disguise as one of th suite of a European Consul there. A troop of 9osafcks stopped the party, but on the Consul producing lis creden- tials they were allowed to pass. The refugees from Bosnia and Herz«$v;na who have arrived in Servia now number ^000 600 families have been counted from Nova *yog alone They come in the most miserable plight, "stitute of everything. They have been directed to he south- western districts, which are sterile and m(tntainous. Their distress is great. Fifteen thousand rqblei, have been promised from Russia for their suppm but this is quite inadequate to meet the case. H<p is also promised from England. The special correspondent of the 'Pi' dating Bucharest, January 2nd, says: All the ^?ish pri- soners have not yet crossed the Danu e. £ ose that have passed the river are arriving in det-N-ents at Bucharest. The preportion of prisoners detined to remain in the hands of the Routnamanswill be quartered in Tirgovisht and Kimpolung. T\i others will be sent on by rail to Russia. General Oertat, the commander of the Romanian army in Bulgaria, has arrived in Bucharest. Several other Roumanian generals are also in th town. Their presence here argues a cessation, for aime at least, of active operations by the Roumaniaitroops on the other side of the Danube. Captain Coope, who was taken prisoner at 9]js> is at present under arrest in Novgorod. His e-% is a somewhat difficult one, for though he wore th$adge of the Red Orescent Society, he admitted that I, held a commission in the Turkish Gendarmerie. Lord Augustus Loftus is making strenuous efforts his behalf. Mr. Egerton, Secretary of the Embassy has gone to Novgorod, with the consent of the RUgian authorities, to have a personal interview with OataiD Ooope and make inquiries. Two branches of the Red Cross Society have een established at Shabatz for the purpose of organ^„g and distributing ambulances, which are much neem, and they emmestly solicit money and stores. )le appeal has been heartily responded to by people ofjl -classes-merchants, fishmongers, chandlers, groct8) and tailors; but help is also needed from abroad. The Bosnian newspapers report that the insure. tion there is reviving and gaining ground, the insy. gents even attacking fortifications, as at Rakovita and Blatana. At Orlovatz a detachment of the Frontier Guaq has had an engagement with a large body of insui gents. At Potok 300 insurgents have been defeate by a force of Turkish regulars, Mulazim Salil Effendi being wounded in the fight. The losses of tbt insurgents in the latter engagement were twenty-five killed and fifty wounded. At Serajevo the Turks have organised eight new third-class Redif Tabors, the outfit of each costing about 400 piastres (caiin6). It is now officially announced that the Turks at Pirot lost 800 killed, while the losses on the Servian side were 700 killed and wounded. The Grand Duke Nicholas has congratulated the Prince en this victory, and sent 150 St. George decorations to be distributed among those who displayed the greatest courage, asking also for the names of the officers who specially distinguished themselves in the engagements. According to the latest news, the Servians had not yet passed the Zaribrod defile, the snow having pre- vented their advance. The bombardment of Nish had been suspended for several days, while negotia- tions were going on for the surrender of the place. The garrison asked for a free retreat, which could not be granted, and the bombardment has been again resumed. Forage for horses is very scarce in 1 Bulgaria, according to a contractor who has just arrived from Brestovatz, the head-quarters. This gentleman is one of the firm who have the contract of the Bul- garian railways, and he says that M. Poliakoff, the contractor of the Fratesti-Simnitza railway, will have a ferry line established across the Danube within a short time. This ferry will carry horses and supplies, a large quantity of the latter being on the banks of the river awaiting the restoration of communica- tions. The occupation ef the olain of Sofia is at this moment of great advantage to the Russians, as it gives them a base of operations in Roumelia, while opening out the resources of all the country round about, and thus makes them to a certain extent independent of supplies from Roumania and Russia. General Kataley, formerly Chef des Oommunications Militaires Russes at Bucharest, was killed in the action immediately preceding the Russian occupation of Sofia.




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