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AGRICULTURAL LABOURERS" STRIKE.—Sixty labourers are now on strike at Witham, in North Essex, against a proposed reduction of wages from 13s. to lis. per week. The men are being sup- ported by theNatienal Agricultural Labourers'Union. BEER AND Buss.—A general impression (says the Medical Examiner) prevails that ignorance is bliss." This maaifestly depends on the nature of the ignorance and the nature of the bliss for example, it surely cannot be a blissful state to be acquainted with the following preparations that are advertised, and, we presume, used by town and country brewers: Bavarian bitter, lib. equals 64lb. of hops. For adding to copper, or when racked." "Bisulphite of lime, for the prevention of acetous fermentation of beer." "Double Humulin (aroma), for flavouring mild like pale ales, lib. equal to 321 b. of hops." Burton water crystals, especially recommended to brewers for rendering ales more preservative, im- proving attenuation, dropping clearer, paler in colour, more sparkling." The quotations we have given are from the advertisement sheet of a well-known and officially published class journal, and clearly show that ignorance produces, at any rate in the beer- drinker, headache and stomach-ache, rather than the bliss that poets write of. Now, if we could but restore the brewers of England to that condition of ignorance when they could only brew beer with malt and hops, we might fairly regard it as a case of ignorance being bliss. As it is, however, this age of science has pro- duced brewers that are chemists and wine merchants that are perfect masters in that mysterious depart- ment of knowledge which is euphemistically called blending." We can scarcely complain of the danger that has arisen from a little knowledge; our trouble has clearly come from our drink makers knowing too much. MR. C. S. READ, M.P., replying to a com- munication from the Thetford Working Men's Liberal Association, observes: I am glad that the past and present action of her Majesty's Government in pre- serving a strict neutrality in the Eastern war meets with your approval, and I believe that policy will con- tinue to guide the Crown unless the honour and inte- rests of Great Britain are assailed by either belli- gerent." EMIGRATION TO NEW ZEALAND.—The follow- ing vessels despatched by Sir Julius Vogel, the Agent- General for New Zealand, are reported to have arrived safely at their destination The Canterbury, which sailed from Glasgow on the 28th of September, arrived at Port Chalmers; the Opawa, which sailed frem Plymouth on the 27th of September, arrived at Lyttelton; the Renfrewshire, which sailed from Plymouth on the 29th of September, arrived at Napier.. = RITUALISTIC PRACTICES.—A monition issued by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol has been served upon the Rev. A. H. Ward, the warden of St. Raphael's, Bristol. It requires Mr. Ward at once to desist from the use of vestments, the use of lighted candles at the Holy Communion, unless when needed to give light; the ceremonial mixing of water with wine; and the administration of it when so mixed at the Holv Communion, the use of incense before Divine Service or during the Holy Communion, so as to be in any way subsidiary thereto, and from various other specified practices. SUCCESS CAUSES IMITATION. — When purchasing ask plainly for and see that every cake is stamped Spratt's Patent," or a spurious and highly dangerous imitation, same size and shape, may be served to vou. DESTRUCTION OP A VESSEL BY FIRE AT SEA. -Information received at Lloyd's by telegram from their agent at Valparaiso reports the destruction by fire at sea of the British barque Hampshire, bound from Swansea for Valparaiso the crew were saved. The Hampshire was the property of E. H. Castle and Co., of Swansea. She was an A I ship, twenty-five years old, having been built at Southampton in 1852. She left Swansea on the 20th of September last under the command of Oaptain Jones, and bad on board 677 tons of coal and sixty tons of bricks, shipped by Messrs. Joseph Ford and Co. A PREDICTED EARLY GENERAL ELECTION. -Speaking at a United Kingdom Alliance meeting at Burslem the other night, Mr. Sullivan, M.P. for Louth, said that the time had gone by when a class could legislate for the masses. In all probability the country would, during the ensuing summer, be called upon at a general election to express itself as to whether England should engage in a bloody war. If the people were appealed to in such a matter they ought also to have the power to say whether or not they should have public-houses in their districts. K..t.T's COMPOUND ESSENCE OF LINSEED, ademulcant expec torant, for Coughs k Colds. Sold everywhere, !}td.. Is. lid. DOG LICENSES.—The Commissioners of Inland Revenue have just issued a general order to every collector in England, Scotland, and Wales, calling upon them to recommend for each district a respect- able person whose veracity and character can be relied upon to ascertain and report on all cases in which persons are keeping dogs without licenses. Preference is to be given to superannuated police officers. They are to receive no salary, but in lieu thereof one-half of the amount of the fines recovered. The statement recently made that dogs under six months of age are liable for a license is incorrect; they are still exempt. THE OPENING OF PARLIAMENT.—We are in a position to state that the Queen will open Parliament in person, and that their Royal Bignesses the Prince 80M Princess of Wales will come to town for the occa- sion.—White tall fteview. KEATING's COUGH LOZENGES contain no Opium, Morphia, nor any violent drug. It is the most effective remedy known to the Medical Pro- fession in the cure of COUGHS, AaTHMA, BRONCHITIS -one Lozenge alone relieves. Sold by all Chemis in Boxes, Is. lid and 2s. 9d. each. SUICIDE OF A PRIVATE OF THE SCOTS GUARDS.—Mr. Bedford held an inquest at the Sessions House, Broad Sanctuary, on the body of Thomas Thompson, 21, a private in the 2nd Battalion of Scots Guards, who committed suicide on Tuesday last in his cell at Wellington Barracks. Sergeant W. Hoy stated that the deceased had a violent temper, and bore a bad character in the regiment. On the 29th ult. he absented himself from parade, for which he was sentenced to a certain amount of shot drill and twenty-four heurs' confinement in a cell. Before the deceased was arrested as a prisoner he was heard to say that he would not only do for himself, but also for some one else. After completing his shot drill he was placed in a dark cell, and there he sang, whistled, and danced for three hours. At seven o'clock on the following day Corporal Payne found the deceased suspended in the cell by means of some straps which were fastened te the ventilator. He was quite dead. The witness thought that the deceased must have stood on a stool and then kicked it away. The jury returned a verdict of Suicide while of unsound mind," and expressed their surprise that the straps should have been left in the cell. IKDIQESTIOK.—Ginger, in combination with Brandy, is ever an invaluable Stotuachic. Messrs. Henry Brett and Co.'s celt, brated I Negro's Head' Liqueur Ginger Brandy is most agree- able, and adapted alike to Invalid, Sportsman or Traveller. THE JAPANESE NAVY.—-The three Japanese ironclads which have been built under the superin- tendence of Mr. E. J. Reed, M.P., C.B., are about to proceed to Japan, where they will form a very power- ful squadron. The ships are net only beautifully fitted, but perfect in construction. Speed, economy of fuel, a very heavy armament, and the fact of their being safe ocean cruisers hive been fully realised. The two corvettes are about 231ft. long, 41ft. beam, and 1760 tons, with a displacement .of 2216 tons. They draw very little water, and require with their heavy armament but some 220 men. The quantity of coal supplied is sufficient for many days' steam- ing, and they have great sail power. The larger vessel, now lying at Milwall, is well worthy of a visit. She is fitted with twin screws, is 220ft. long, 48ft, beam, and is about 2340 tons. Her draught of water loaded is scarcely 18ft.-Army and Navy Gazette. BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK.- The above are imported direct by M. LEADER, 9, NEW IIW-VABD, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, E.G., from whoE: price lists are sent, on application, of every descrip lion of fancy wools, CMTM, alcteUe, te.



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